Mordheim: The Drowned City

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Stormforge Hobbies and Games

Unit 6, Lineva House



United Kingdom

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- The campaign will run for 10 weeks beginning on the 1/3/18.

- In order to enter the campaign please post the name of your warband and your warbands race below.

- Starting warbands will be made following the normal rules explained within the main mordheim rulebook (PDF available here: https://gurth.home.xs4all.nl/mordheim/Mordheim%20Living%20Rulebook.pdf). Most warbands will start with 500 gold to create there warband with some exceptions such as marrienburgers.

- Players may use any warband released by games workshop including those within the town cryer issues (additional warbands in this PDF: https://gurth.home.xs4all.nl/mordheim/Warbands/). If there is a warband you wish to use that isn't in these please send a copy of the rules to the event organisers and we will confirm whether they may be used or not.

- Over the course of the campaign warbands will be battling it out for Renown.

Renown can be earnt in 3 ways:

- You gain 1 Renown for each game your warband wins

- You gain 1 Renown if your warbands leader took the enemies warband leader out of action in a game

- Bonus Renown can be earned during the 9th week of the campaign through modeling challenges (wich will be detailed later)

- At the end of the 9th week the four players with the most Renown will be entered into a four way final super mission to determine the winner.


For those of you new to the game the rulebook is available in the link above. If you have any questions please message the event organisers. There is also a copy of the original Mordheim rulebook in store. As this is obviously quite old and not easily replaced we ask anyone who wishes to use it to treat it with care.

Each week players will play two games. One will be a normal mission selected randomly from the Mordheim rulebook. The second will be a special scenario that will be posted on this event page each week. Players can play any other player in these games over the course of the campaign, but only their first game in each of the two weekly missions will count for campaign purposes. If your warband misses any games in one week feel free to find other players that missed the game and catch up in another week.

Over time some warbands will get stronger than other. Because of this it is important to keep track of your warbands rating so that you can calculate your underdog rating as detailed within the campaign rules of the rulebook.


As mordheim is an older game its rules do have some small imbalances and faults. In order to remedy some of these there are some amendments to the rules listed below. Any updates to this list will be posted separately during the course of the campaign.


Slings - change the range to 12” not 18”

Handguns - Change there strength to 5 and ignore the extra armour piercing rule.

Spears - Spears are treated as a two handed weapon but can be paired with a shield or buckler.

Mounts - we are not using the additional rules for mounts to keep things simple. No model may have a mount.


Falling and climbing down - When climbing down you are only required to make a single initiative check to see if you make it down. The same applies to diving charges. In addition should a model fall it will receive one hit at the strength that it fell in inches. (usually D3)

Simultaneous attacks - When two models would attack at the same moment, due to equal initiative or charging a model with a spear for example. The models will make attacks simultaneously instead of rolling off to see who may act first. The player whose turn it is rolls for their attacks, and once resolved (regardless of outcome) the other player makes their attacks. Any effects from either attack (knocked down etc.) are then applied.

Dramatis Personae - Your warbands may not include any Dramatis Personea.

Additional rule - Climbing charge. During the charge phase if a model is within base contact of a climbable object with an enemy within 1” of where the model would climb up to AND within the models normal charging distance it may attempt a climbing charge. To do so the model must pass an Initiative check to climb the obstacle. If the test is successful the model may climb the obstacle and charge those at the top. If the test fails the model fails the climb, does not move, and acts as tho they have failed a charge this turn.


At the end of the 9th week bonus renown can be earnt in the following ways:

Have a fully painted warband +3 renown

Have a warband whos weapons and armour are WYSIWYG +2 renown

Have the Hero with the most overall experience +2 renown

Warband with the most members +1 renown

Warband with the least members +1 renown

Best painted leader competition +2 renown

*WYSISYG = what you see is what you get. Ie. all weapons and armour are modeled accurately on the miniature. These can be reasonably interpretive for example hats or mask may count as helmets, your shamons bow could be the small magic missile he is throwing etc.

Please remember to keep track of your own renown as well as let us know the results of all your games in store.

Finally, this campaign is designed to be fun and narrative. The rules for mordheim are dated and at times flawed. Please use your best judgment and if there is an issue with a rule find a reasonable solution with your opponent. One of the organisers will be on hand to help you resolve any difficulties.

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Date and Time


Stormforge Hobbies and Games

Unit 6, Lineva House



United Kingdom

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