Motion Potion feat Sam Garrett ✧ Cacao ✧ Ecstatic Dance ✧ Sound Journey  ✧

Motion Potion feat Sam Garrett ✧ Cacao ✧ Ecstatic Dance ✧ Sound Journey ✧

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The Shanti Space

no Estrada da Tapada


2665-418 Mafra


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We welcome all of you to The Shanti Space for an afternoon of ceremony & celebration featuring live music.

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Motion Potion feat Sam Garrett ✧ Cacao ✧ Ecstatic Dance ✧ Sound Journey  ✧ image


We welcome all of you to The Shanti Space for an afternoon of ceremony & celebration. With great care we invite you for an afternoon of Embodied feeling, with the spirit of Cacao accompanied by the epic Rhythmic Beats from Jack Weaver and live music, grounding with a sound journey to close (

Join us in this magical forest location.

Everything communicates, our bodies are transmitting frequencies through our postures, our expressions, our movements and thoughts conscious or unconscious. So the invitation is to come into your heart space, to attune to your heart's intent & let that guide your dance, aligning your vibration with possibilities ✨

We move without judgement, embody our intentions, prayers and truth as we flow together in the alchemy of music in the lap of Nature.


Cacao, or what modern man might call, raw chocolate, was revered by the ancient civilisations of South and Central America and used as a health elixir, medicine and aphrodisiac. Nicknamed 'Heart blood' by the Aztecs, it was believed to have a powerful heart healing capacity, signifying life and fertility.

Today, now labeled as a superfood, science has shown Cacao to have highly nutritious properties, countless vitamins and minerals such as magnesium (important for healthy blood pressure and heart function), a huge amount anti-oxidants (20x more than blueberries!) and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show Cacao to benefit the heart and cardiovascular system as a whole and how it activates neurotransmitters in the brain that bring about the feelings of bliss, love, pleasure and motivation.


Ecstatic Dance floor is a space of non-judgement, where you can be any version of your-self – so why not allow yourself to be the truest version of you!? Move experimentally. Move to mirror your internal state. Move to make a statement. Move for the sake of it. Move to play. Move to harmonize…or maybe don’t more. There are no rules. There is no right or wrong. There is only you, the space, the music and the vibration.

Guidelines for the dance floor

- No talking (honouring everyone with their individual experience)

- Barefoot dancing (connecting with earth and the vibration of the low frequencies of music)

- No phones or photography (fosters present moment awareness + supports others in not feeling watched)

- No substance (important to make this a most lucid human experience)


Location: The Shanti Space, Quinta Dos Lobos, Mafra

Find yourself held in the arms of nature; amongst ancient native corks and abundant fruit trees, swept up in the enchantment of a forest filled Portuguese valley.

The Shanti Space is a beautiful traditional Quinta set in the forest of a national park. Cocooned by nature, our neighbours are an Iberian Wolf Sanctuary, the Tapada de Mafra where many animals like deer, wild boar and owls also reside.

IMPORTANT Please find directions on our website. If its your first time, be aware that GPS takes people the wrong way. details here




We have limited spaces and we will likely sell out

* Please note cacao is not suitable if you are on antipsychotic medication.


Your Favourite cup to receive cacao, Water bottles & comfy clothing & a blanket for rest


Lovingly held in a co-creative space with ceremony guided by Jack & Jessica Weaver

Jessica & Jack Weaver are founders of The Shanti Space Nature Sanctuary in Portugal & together for the last 6 years have held beautiful Cacao Ceremonies around the world featuring at festivals Glastonbury Festival, Burning Man, Meadows in the Mountains.

Along with initiated in working with Cacao, Jessica has over 750 hours' training in Yoga, Meditation and Qi Gong.

She brings a grounded approach, spacious, fluid and intuitive, inviting greater awareness to the teachings of the breath, self-resourcing and resilience to enable the nervous system to rekindle trapped energy and flow.

Jack (Bsc.Lic.Ac.) brings an upbeat spirit and empathetic sensitivity to his work as a highly qualified space holder, an acupuncturist, biodynamic craniosacral therapist and vortex energy healer.

Jack's disciplines have supported many people on their healing journeys. He shares a refined Qi Gong and Yin Yoga practice maintaining a kind-hearted energy and authenticity with practitioners.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Namaste ☾

Refund policy:

Tickets are non-refundable. If you inform about your absence more than 48h in advance, you can receive a voucher for a future event. If you cancel with less notice, no refunds or ticket transfers can be offered however you may gift / offer your place to a friend.

Motion Potion feat Sam Garrett ✧ Cacao ✧ Ecstatic Dance ✧ Sound Journey  ✧ image

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