Movement Exploration (ONLINE)

Movement Exploration (ONLINE)

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Movement Exploration (ONLINE)

About this event

Movement Exploration (ONLINE)

This is a online 1:1 zoom class


- Healthy creative self expression

- Keep fit

- Grow in confidence

- A space for healing and therapeutic release to gain emotional awareness

Why 1:1 private online classes?

- Feel seen

- Fast track learning to gain improvisation methods

- Work at your own pace with a Arts Facilitator who is committed to achieving your goals and needs

- Be able to ask questions or discuss anything that may be uncomfortable in front of a big group

- If you are a trained professional this can be an effective way to improve improvisation skills and develop as a performer by tapping into emotional states

Online class duration

1 hour

Dance class structure

A guided dance class

• Relaxation

Relaxation techniques that I have developed myself to get you into your body.

• Improvisation

What is improvisation?

Is a movement practice to discover spontaneous movements in the moment.


This practice will help you find your own authentic movement style, gestures, and eventually develop your own unique style of dancing.

- Combined Arts: Writing

(Bring notepad for a reflective process)

• Authentic Movement

What is Authentic Movement?

Authentic Movement is a expressive movement practice that promotes self exploration and improve mental health dancers are encouraged to focus their attention inwards and act out inner emotions through improvised movement.


Validate your internal experience and use dance as a practice of storytelling.


Tues: 09:00am - 10:00am (GMT)

Thurs: 11:00am - 12:00pm (GMT)

Fri: 18:00pm - 19:00pm (GMT)

London, United Kingdom time zone


Zoom (Online)


(Do not attend if you don’t want to be seen on zoom)


All donations are welcome you will be thanked on my social media.


Instagram: @Innersouldance

Youtube: Innersouldance

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