MS Excel Data Analysis 1-Day Course,Webinar Virtual Classroom

MS Excel Data Analysis 1-Day Course,Webinar Virtual Classroom

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MS Excel Data Analysis 1-Day Course, Online, Instructor-led, Practical.

About this event

Excel Data Analysis

Excel Data Analysis Techniques required for manipulating sets of data stored in Excel, to analyse and obtain useful business insights from the data. This Excel Data Analytics course will help you to summarise your data, see trends and patterns by using easy Excel techniques.

Course Outline

Working with Excel sheets and files, calculating using multiple sheets or files, getting trends over sheets of files, linking files for auto-updating of values Working with Names and Ranges, to simplify cell-referencing and copying of form Working with Array Formulas getting a range of results (for each value in a range)

Working with Excel Tables/Database:

Working with Records and Fields Working with Filters Sorting Data Conditional Formatting Data Validation to maximise accurate user input Finding errors and formulae to clean data (Trim, Left, Right, Iferror, Ifblank, etc.), remove duplicates Custom lists and using drop lists in cells

Excel Data Analysis Tools:

Excel Subtotals, Group, Outline

Cross referencing data: Hlookup, Vlookup Match, Index

Excel function wizard for statistical functions:

If, Sumif(s), Averageif(s), Countif(s) Dsum, Daverage, Dcount

For large dataset, organising columns, remove or add columns, filter relevant records: Advanced Filter Setting up criteria Using Wildcards

Pivot Tables

Summarising and categorising data and finding trends

Insert, create and amend Pivot Tables

Custom Calculations Amending calculations

Working with dates, sorting pivots,

Create Pivot Charts

Charts and Spark lines: Overview of Excel Charts and Spark lines


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