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Native and Web with ionic - Wien

Michael Hladky

Donnerstag, 7. März 2019, 09:00 Uhr-Samstag, 9. März 2019, 16:30 Uhr (MEZ)

Native and Web with ionic - Wien


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PWA-Event (1 Day 09.03) Earlybird 28.12.2018 447,33 € 0,00 € 89,47 €
Core-Event (2 Days 07-08.03) Earlybird 28.12.2018 894,66 € 0,00 € 178,93 €
Super-Earlybird All 3 Days   mehr Info Beendet 1.342,00 € 0,00 € 268,40 €
Regular All 3 Days Nicht gestartet 1.442,00 € 0,00 € 288,40 €

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Native and Web with ionic

Got an idea for an app but don't want to build the app once for Android, once for iOS, and then once for the Web? Enter Ionic, the cross platform for building apps with web technologies. Join Google Developer Expert and Ionic core team member Mike Hartington and Michael Hladky, Google Developer Expert and international trainer and consultant, as they taking you through the very beginnings of Ionic to building and deploying an app to your native device.

People with basic as well as advanced knowledge will definitely enjoy this event!

Coffee or tea, breakfast, lunch and snacks included for all days!

Build for Native just by using Web Technologies

Building apps these days is often challenging, especially for experienced developers. WIth multiple platforms to target, and different technologies to use, what is the most effective way to build an app that can run on multiple platforms? Ionic utilizes a Web-based technology stack that allows developers to build their app with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and deploy to iOS, Android, and the Web, with 100% code reuse. We’ll also dive into using Native APIs and how to better take advantage of device features like Geolocation or the Camera.


Day 1 (07.03.2019): Ionic essentials

  • Setting up the Ionic CLI
  • Going over the core components
  • Demoing the basics on stackblitz
  • Interactive lists
  • Tools in the CLI
  • Where Ionic differs from Angular concepts
  • Navigation inside of Ionic
  • Overlays: Modals, alerts, popovers
  • Lazy loading data on demand
  • Lazy loading routes

Day 2 (08.03.2019): Native functionality

  • Cordova introduction
  • Setting up Native SDK
  • Plugin overview
  • Introducing Ionic Native
  • Basic concepts/installation
  • Adding native functionality, Camera plugin
  • Deploying to Ionic DevApp
  • Building and packaging the app

Day 3 (09.03.2019): PWA, Deployment, HTTP2

  • Introduction into Progressive Web Apps
  • Adding the basic requirements for a PWA
  • When and when not to PWA
  • Customizing Service Workers to fit our needs
  • Modifying the a manifest file for Add to Home Screen
  • Looking at H2 Push
  • Deployment/Hosting options
  • Wrapping up and parting discussion


This workshop is open for beginners and advanced user, but does assume basic knowledge of:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Basic Angular
  • Node and NPM setup (yarn is also ok)

Your Trainers

Mike Hartington / @mhartington GDE, Developer Advocate for @Ionicframework, USA

Part of Ionic core team, Mike helps developers while they are building their apps and also frequently speaks and writes about Ionic. In his spare time, he’s a hybrid app maker, occasional musician, and craft beer lover.

Michael Hladky / @Michael_Hladky GDE, Consultant/Trainer Frontend technologies, Austria

He is a certified GoogleDeveloperExpert, Trainer, Consultant and Developer in the field of Angular and Ionic. As an active part of the community, he is the organizer and founder of Angular Vienna and Angular Austria.

Wenn Sie Fragen zu "Native and Web with ionic - Wien" haben, wenden Sie sich an Michael Hladky.

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Zeit und Ort

Austria Trend Hotel Ananas
93-95 Rechte Wienzeile
1050 Wien

Donnerstag, 7. März 2019, 09:00 Uhr-Samstag, 9. März 2019, 16:30 Uhr (MEZ)

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