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United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

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Professional Negotiation Skills - Confident communication when it matters

One-day training event to boost your ability to negotiate

  • Learn how to use simple strategies to strengthen your position

  • Protect yourself from the tips, tricks, and manipulative approaches used by hard negotiators

  • Move problematic negotiations forward

  • Use hacks, apps, tools and techniques that increase competence and build confidence


Success is measured by accomplishing goals, and such goals are often met by reasoning, persuading, inspiring and crucially – negotiating.

Having amazing negotiation skills sets you apart in the workplace, whether you are buying, selling, or just trying to get things done.

There is a great deal of research that tells us how to get the best out of negotiation, as well as how people are persuaded and influenced. This course will show you how to apply this knowledge with confidence.

Benefits of attending

In this ground-breaking training event, you will gain a solid grounding in the art and science negotiation. You will:

1. Significantly improve your capabilities and confidence through effective deployment of resources and tasks

2. Eliminate the fear of negotiation by confidently using a variety of proven tools and techniques - and – having a solid understanding of the tactics used by the ‘other side’

3. Improve negotiation outcomes through thoughtful planning and consideration – including the need to consider when to walk away

4. Continually improve and maintain attention and vigilance through awareness of current technologies, systems, and applications

Topics and activities

1. Sales, Negotiation, Bargaining, Brokering, Trading, Deals and Positions

  • Understanding different terms
  • The negotiation ‘lifecycle’
  • Conflict – the heart of negotiation and the true meaning of ‘win-win'

2. The Skilled Professional Negotiator

  • Negotiation skills
  • The Johari Window
  • Fear of negotiation
  • Professionalism whilst negotiating

3. Negotiation and the Customer

  • Customer expectations
  • First impressions
  • SCARF model

4. Negotiation Tactics

  • Communication styles refresher
  • Body language in negotiation
  • Classic negotiation styles
  • Identifying and overcoming negotiation tactics and confidence ‘tricks

5. Multiple Party Negotiations

  • Understanding the customer chain
  • Identifying key players, influencers and stakeholders
  • Effective communication in multiple party negotiations
  • The importance of persuasion and influence

6. Fears, Obstacles, Blocks and Deadlocks

  • Identifying and understanding the nature of obstacles, blocks and deadlocks
  • The human fear factors
  • Overcoming your fear of negotiating
  • Positive negotiating mindset

7. Getting negotiations moving forward

  • Understanding emotional resistance
  • Problem solving approaches
  • Developing options and identifying opportunities
  • Prioritising and conceding needs, wants and nice to haves

8. Leaving the Negotiation Table

  • Planning the ‘walk away point’
  • Signalling your intent through words, tone and body language
  • Facing your fears and walking away anyway

9. Closing the deal

  • Gaining commitment
  • Trial closes
  • Closing the deal
  • Reducing remorse / concerns / mind changing
  • Following up after the negotiation

10. Applying negotiation skills to your own situation

  • Skills practice
  • Coaching and feedback from tutor

11. Hacks, apps and technological solutions

  • Life hacks to adopt
  • Current apps to try
  • Technological answers
  • Skills practice and support

12. Personal Action Planning for further improvement

  • Personal action plan
  • Embedding new skills at work
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Date and Time




United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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