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A Cutting-Edge Approach For Maximising Human Interaction

Take your people intelligence to an extraordinary level with the NEURO COMMUNICATION™ CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER course and learn how to become a people expert.

Learn how to recognise, understand and manage your own and other peoples verbal and nonverbal behaviours in order to enhance your ability to communicate at an extraordinary level.

If you're a coach, consultant or trainer who wants to learn how to understand human behaviour on a deeper level in order to increase your confidence and ability to influence, negotiate and communicate at the highest level, help your clients reach their goals by seeing and hearing what most people can't and respond accordingly or if you would like to add a cutting-edge communication framework to your offering by coaching, consulting and teaching individuals and groups such as lawyers, senior leaders, sales executives and entrepreneurs how to increase their people intelligence, then this course is for you.

Course Overview

The certified Neuro Communication Practitioner Course is our flagship course and your first real step to becoming a people expert. This course promises to change the way you see yourself and the world around you and will equip you with the necessary skills, abilities and confidence required to be able to enhance every human interaction.

INVESTMENT: £1,900.00


CERTIFICATE: Certified Practitioner of Neuro Communication.

You will be required to pass the (BACT) Behaviour Analysis Comprehension Test before your certificate can be awarded.

Please Note - You Must Complete Our FREE Foundation Course before applying to become a Certified Practitioner.


  • Discover your own communication style.

  • Learn how to identify other peoples communication styles and how to adapt yours in order to influence and build relationships.

  • Learn how to recognise and manage your own emotions and enhance your ability to identify emotions in others.

  • Learn how to follow and master the 5 core principles of Neuro Communication.

  • Learn how to apply the P.R.E.M.I.E.R conversation model that will prevent you from leaving money on the table and increase your ability to maximise future meetings and conversations.

  • Take control of difficult situations by using power body language, overcome personal fear and self-doubt, and ultimately becoming a high performer.

  • Develop your ability to analyse the verbal and nonverbal behaviours of others via LIVE role play examples.

  • Learn how to read nonverbals of the:

  1. Feet and legs

  2. Chest, hips, torso, arms and shoulders

  3. Hands and fingers

  4. Face

  • Learn simple nonverbals that instantly establish trust.

  • Learn simple nonverbals that instantly communicate authority.

  • Emotional skills and competencies.

  • Learn the basics of evaluating truthfulness and credibility with a brief introduction to Deceptive D.E.C.O.D.E


  • Improve your ability to identify emotions in yourself and others and adopt appropriate strategies for building productive personal and business relationships.

  • Understand and manage your own verbal and nonverbal behaviours on a deeper level and learn how to recognise, understand and decipher other peoples.

  • Understand the importance of becoming aware of your own behavioural baseline (your normal) and other peoples, which will change the way you communicate forever, adding huge value to you and/or your business.

  • Know when you're getting what you want and when you're not, by hearing and seeing what's not being said.

  • Open up a world of opportunity by building rapport faster and maintaining relationships for longer.

  • Enhance your ability to recognise other peoples communication styles.

  • Increase your confidence by utilising your own verbal and nonverbal behaviours, to enhance presence and performance.

  • Implement your very own communication behavioural blueprint that promises to change the way you see yourself and others.

  • Understand the relevant science behind the course and the brain's role.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Neuro Communication™?

In order to become a high performing coach, trainer or consultant who helps their clients in achieving outstanding results, it is vital to be able to communicate at a higher level than most. Neuro Communication™ has been designed to help increase your emotional and interpersonal intelligence by teaching you how to utilise and apply our behavioural analysis tools, systems and techniques in the real world, giving you the ability to recognise, understand and manage your own verbal and nonverbal behaviours, while having the ability to recognise, understand and influence other peoples.

Who Is This Event For?

The Neuro Communication Certified Practitioner course is designed for Coaches, Trainers and Consultants who have already completed the Foundation Certificate and want to take their learnings further in order to implement their relevant skills and knowledge into their business. This will then allow them to be able to communicate at a high level in order to help their clients achieve maximum results.

What Will I Get Out Of The Event?

The course is designed to provide theory-based understanding along with interactive practical examples. By gaining knowledge and understanding, along with learning cutting-edge skills and proven techniques, you will be able to apply your new skills immediately.

Where and When Is It Taking Place?

Date: 14th/15th/16th October 2019 (3 Full Days)

City: Birmingham, UK - venue to be confirmed.

Price: £1900.00

Will I Receive A Certificate?

Yes, you will receive a Certified Practitioner Certificate in Neuro Communication after completing the whole course.

How Is This Certificate Different From The Other Certified Neuro Communication Programs?

This course provides a Practitioner level of learning and understanding of Neuro Communication, which allows you to take your knowledge and skills forward to use in your business, both personally and with your clients.

Can I Claim CPD?

Yes, you can claim CPD for this event if you consider it meets a training need you have.

How Do I Reserve My Place?

Book your place for the event in your preferred city (for other available dates and locations please see our other event pages) by ordering a ticket above. Lunch and refreshments will be provided during the days.

Please note that our free Foundation Course must be completed before you can apply for this Certified Practitioner course and all of our other Certified Neuro Communication courses including:

- Certified Deceptive Decode

- Licensed Neuro Communication Trainer

If you are unable to attend this course but are interested in finding out more about our FREE products, online programs and other certified courses, then please visit us at www.intercoachacademy.com.

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United Kingdom

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