Neuropolitics Research Experiment: responding to video clips

Neuropolitics Research Experiment: responding to video clips

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    Neuropolitics Research Laboratory

    18 Buccleuch Place (Second Floor, 2F2)

    University of Edinburgh


    EH8 9LN

    United Kingdom

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    ****** APOLOGIES - this time slot is either fully booked or has passed its sell-by-date BUT OTHER TIMES ARE HOPEFULLY STILL AVAILABLE. Eventbrite should automatically hide expired and sold out times but it is currently misbehaving. PLEASE TRY ANOTHER TIME ******


    This is the booking system for participating in an experiment for the Neuropolitics Research Lab at the University of Edinburgh. The booking process is entirely free and lets you choose a suitable time to take part. Only times that are still currently available should be listed in the drop down box. However, Eventbrite currently seems to be misbehaving and sometimes displays expired and sold-out time as well. It will tell you this but only after you try and register for that particular time :-(

    If you have any questions or need to change/cancel your booking then please email as soon as possible. Similarly, please email to be put on a waiting list or to be informed of future opportunities.

    First, please note the following important criteria for taking part in this experiment:

    • You must currently be aged 30 or younger.
    • You think you will be eligible to vote in the upcoming EU Referendum on the UK remaining part of the EU.
    • You do not mind having a webcam recording you while you watch short documentary clips and political debates.
    • You have not taken part in a recent similar experiment based in the BLUE Lab (School of Economics).

    Environmental point: you do not need to print out and bring the ticket! No need to waste paper.

    Meeting place: the Neuropolitics Research Lab is on the second floor of 18 Buccleuch Place, which is behind the George Square Lecture Theatre and the University Main Library. Postcode EH8 9LN. Map below.

    Details of the experiment task:

    You will be asked to make judgements about a series of video clips related to contemporary European politics and issues. Your task is to watch each clip carefully before providing simple feedback on what you have just seen. There are also some standard demographic and personality questions to complete at the start and end of the experiment. Webcam images and your responses to questions will be recorded for later analysis.

    All data remains anonymous and confidential in accordance with British Psychological Society guidelines.

    Duration: the experiment lasts between 35 and 55 minutes.

    Payment: £10 upon completion of the experiment.

    Thanks for volunteering!