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New Moon Meditation in Pisces

Toks Coker, Hands of Light

Multiple Dates

New Moon Meditation in Pisces

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07973 210107





NEW MOON DATES FOR 2011:  January 4, February 3, March 4, April 3, May 3, June 1, July 1 & 30, August 29, September 27, October 26, November 25, December  24 



The New Moon Meditations are held on the actual day of the new moon to invite in freshness into your life.  Toks has been holding these Meditations for over 10 years.  She channels healing insightful Blessings that inspire and encourage one’s own personal spiritual journey.  It is as if she is talking to you and only you directly in her blessings.  On these healing meditation days she sends out a lot of healing; which you can receive either remotely/distant healing or directly when you turn up for the meditation.  Both forms of healing are effective and intense; and a lot of people have had powerful insightful healing experiences that have lasted for days and many moons…..

MEDITATION:  Each meditation has a different theme working with the current energies so you are always ‘updating’ and ‘fine tuning’ yourself.  Turn up for the meditation and experience it for yourself… Many have been coming for years….These meditations are small intimate groups and not large crowds…..

LINK IN / DISTANT HEALING & BLESSING:  Many who cannot make the meditation or are abroad let her know they want to be included in the Blessing and Healing.  She then includes them: sending the blessings through a Portal Blessing Tube which is programmed only for the person it is sent to.  The healing is received when the person is ready for it or while asleep.  Her work is very very sacred and clean.  Her channel is of the purest order. 

TELEPHONE CALL BLESSING:  Some telephone her so she can read the blessing directly to them: Toks has a ‘big’ ‘powerful’ voice.   She has been known to shake energies with her voice.  The call is a maximum of 11 minutes and is geared towards the Blessing.  Sit in silence for 15-20 minutes to ‘digest’ it into your life.  If you cannot do that immediately then make sure you do so later on in the day….

Some Facts about the New Moon:  The new moon is the phase of the moon when the moon is not visible from Earth, because the side of the moon that is facing us is not being lit by the sun.  The new moon is between the sun and the earth:  it is 0-45 degrees in front of the sun.  The new moon is invisible to us on earth because it does not reflect the light of the sun (except during a solar eclipse).  The new moons un-illuminated side is facing earth.   At the time of the new moon, the moon rises at about the same time the sun rises, and it sets at about the same time the sun sets. Astrologically the sun and moon are in the same sign. The Moon is a satellite and the Sun is a star, neither are planets.  





 “Bless you – you facilitated an increase in power which was so universal.  I feel energized to go forth and conquer with love and intelligence.  Bless you.”

“Excellent, vibrant and joyful.”

“Support for the year ahead.”



Mary Ann McCabe:

“Thank you for the wonderful meditation! It means so much to me.  VERY BEAUTIFUL.  I bought a house in Somerset – very cute house – no mortgage.”


“I pray and invoke sacred space wherever I am, like you taught me, and it does make me feel more protected.”

 “I love it, the energy of your website is very YOU, the language about who you are and what you have  to give is real and true and powerful.”

 “I really enjoyed the whole ceremony this evening.  It was something very new to me.  There was a tremendous energy built up in the room which was a pleasure to be part of.  The most powerful moments for me were your greeting at the door and your direct connecting with me in the circle – very powerful and needed. Thank you.  You are very warm, welcoming, encouraging and witty.  Thank you.”



“I liked, as usual, the density of the meditation, the intensity and insights I had while in the chamber.  I loved also the dance as a phoenix first and then a dragon and drinking from the gold glass.”

 Thank you.  I feel like a real shift/change has happened and I am more comfortable in myself and my life right now.”

“Powerful wisdom from the ancient.  Thank you.”

“Love and enjoyed the variety of the meditation.”



 “I feel completely blessed and blessed.  I now feel that I can have and deserve everything I wish.  I love you and all the good you bring to my life.”

“Reunion with God and the Angels and Spirit Guide and power animals.  Forgiveness of myself.  A new beginning.  Relaxing into Divine Magic, feeling it touch me and permeate me.  My essence soaring.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  God bless you.”


 “Lovely, wonderful, reaffirming.  Powerful instantaneous healing took place – very noticeable.  Thank you.”

14.5.01  “Thank you for your kind words the last time we spoke and I have taken your advice and will NOT give up my studies.  In fact you will be pleased to know that I have confirmed my place at Lampeter Universtiy to study Anthropology & Australian Studies.  So come October I shall be heading to Wales.  Hooray!!”    update: she is fully qualified now.


“I liked meditating on the portal and the gateway.  After you said we should put all our problems in the basket with out everything started to pour out and now I feel cleared.”


 “You have excelled yourself yet again my dear friend and sage of mine…. You always make these NewMoon Meditations feel so very personal, like ti only applies to oneself.  You are very gifted and I love you very much… Hare Krishna my dear.”

 “Different from last time: nurturing, nourishing, comforting, took loneliness away as I have been lonely for a few days.”

“My first time in your home was the NewMoon in Gemini.  It was healing, crashing in with the truth and very very inspiring.  Could you please include me in your meditation so I can receive the healing and cleansing you mentioned?  I am in Spain as my father in law is ill.  May the strength, inspiration, love, peace and light keep always with you.  Such a great work you do. Sending love.” 


 Very powerful relaxing meditation.  I felt I was dealing with very important issues which are in my life at the moment.  The cards at the end confirm it 100%.  Thank you Toks.”

 “Felt calm and connected to Allah.  Felt very positive and grounded.”

 “Loved the meditation in my star sign.  Looking forward to reapplying what I have sown tonight.  Fabulous.”

“This was powerful – I could feel strongly the energy of my fear – and it shattered.  I felt the extremes of being pinned to the ground and lightness.  It has left me infused with courage and peace.  Thank you.”


 “These meditations are the most powerful sacred rituals full of alchemical wisdom and insight. Bless you Moon Lady – Mother Heart xxx”

 Exciting spiritual journey.  Invigorating for the soul.  Getting in touch with the light.”

“Thank you for allowing me to say my prayers here.  It was lovely.”

“It was wonderful and precise with all the things I have been thinking and worry about coming into the light and showing me what to do.  Thank you Toks.”


 “A lovely experience in your wonderful home.  Good energy – lovely to find an oasis of goodness in the busy city.”

“This is a temple.”

 “I find the direction and guidance I need always in the meditations so thank you.”


 “A wonderful journey.  Thank you for the love, light and joy you share and radiate.”

 “Receiving the emails from you has always made a difference.  They are always so inspiring and happy.”

 “I found the mediation worked on an unconscious level and helped me with my sexuality issues.”

“I received a lot of reassurance during the meditation.  I experience healing energy washing through me and angel beings tendering to me and felt nurtured and supported.”


 “Full of love, grace and powerful symbols.”

The sound healing in the meditation felt like it was really piercing my chakras.  I felt realigned.  I received lots of messages in the stillness which I will have to act on.”

“I asked for healing and I got it.  I was cleansed and my chakras were unclogged.”

 “The most powerful meditation I have ever been to.”

“I thought the meditation was very powerful and I felt very strong especially the galactic alignment.  Thank you.”

 “Toks, it is difficult to say what I really liked because frankly I loved everything.  It was powerful, positive and absolutely wonderful.  I love you Toks.”


“I felt blessed to be able to deepen my healing and transformation and awakening of my true self.  Thank you ‘mummy’.  I love you.”

“Even more powerful and uplifting – sacred is the opposite of sacred.  You are very beautiful ‘mother’.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.”

 “I am glad I came here tonight.”

“Energising, clarifying, grounding, purifying, simple yet profound.  Thank you.”





 Toks Beverley Coker 


07973210107 /

With over 20 years experience in energy work Toks has been teaching, holding monthly moon meditations, doing private 1:1 sessions, Starlight Tarot Readings, group rituals, cleansings and blessings.  Her work is multi-dimensional and inspirational.  She is everywhere all at once; yet centred and still.  A woman of passion, integrity and power she offers her hand with light that illumoinates the darkness for your safety and peace. She has been known to illuminate a Light in Your Life for the Light of Your Life.  Her work is intense, gentle and effective; enabling you to connect to who you truly are.  She is a portal of wisdom, a phenomenal CEO {Constantly Empowering Others} with the strength, purpose and drive of a White Eagle.  Within the mainstream: she has taught Personal Development to vulnerable children [14-19 year olds] who have fallen off the school system.


Have questions about New Moon Meditation in Pisces? Contact Toks Coker, Hands of Light


Flat 5
I Alexandra Place
St Johns Wood
NW8 0DY London
United Kingdom

Multiple Dates

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Toks Coker, Hands of Light

Toks Coker is a Teacher, Healer and Coach.

CLIENTS: Over the past 30 years Toks has been seeing her clients privately in St Johns Wood, either in person, over the phone or online via Skype or Zoom. Her sessions have enabled a lot of powerful personal transformations in the lives of her clients. Book yourself some private moments to release karmic wounds, suffering and pain and to really heal your relationships, finances and health etc.  

STUDENTS: Toks is always teaching, even a conversation with her can reveal a teaching or insight that you needed to hear. Her work has changed thousands of lives. She has been channelling and invoking at her New Moon and Full Moon Gatherings, for over 25 years now. Join in and experience for yourself.

TEACHING: Toks is a Certified PGCE Teacher, Crystal Healing Teacher, Universal Healing Tao Certified Instructor and Energy Trainer. Over the years, she has taught many healing and empowering classes. She is currently teaching her online course: 8-Weeks of Forgiveness, which is recorded, so you never miss a teaching. Her Intensive 8-Days Spiritual Practice is available to buy too. She teaches Indian Head Massage and Face Rejuvenation at Morley College.

SERVICES: Toks offers a variety of services, which enables her to tailor a package or session, specifically for your situation. This uniquely empowers you to more happiness, clarity and joy. You can always book a session or one of her packages. Because she is certified in various modalities she is able to offer many services such as: Taoist Microcosmic Orbit, Inner Smile and Healing Sound. She is a Crystal Healer, an Arcturus Quantum Healer, a Quantum Alchemy Crystal Bowl Practitioner, a Spiritual Healer, a Tao Hands Practitioner, an Angel Card Reader, an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, a Positive EFT Practitioner, an EMO Master Practitioner, an EMO Practitioner, a Pranic Healer, Reiki Healer and more. She is a certified Life Coach: Time Line Therapy Practitioner, Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Certified NLP Coach Practitioner and Practitioner of Hypnosis.

ADVISOR: Toks is a Senior Practitioner and an Advisor for the BRCP. 

SPEAKER: Please contact her if you would like her to speak at your event.

"If you Light a Lantern for another it will also Brighten Your Way." Gosho Zenshu, p.1598

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