New Year's Yoga Retreat & Secret Ceremony

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8800 Tavira


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A very special retreat to see in the New Year with a sense of purpose and nourishment of the soul. You can join in sunrise yoga, vision building, walking and meditation, along with a ‘Secret Ceremony’, guided by Native American teachings, allowing us to connect to each other, the elements and the Earth herself, and move into the New Year with renewed strength and positivity.

This New Year we are inviting a special group of people to come together in the spirit of self-development and healing, for themselves and for the planet. We will provide the alchemy for us to see in the New Year with a sense of purpose that nourishes the heart and soul.

Why retreat for the New Year?

As the final dusks of 2017 reach across the sky we may be preparing for the coming of a New Year’s dawn with excitement and a certain amount of trepidation.

What does 2018 have in store for us as individuals and as a collective on this planet?

We are certainly experiencing interesting times. The last year seems to have given rise to confusing shifts in world events that appear to be leading us further towards a mind-frame that promotes separation.

Yet those of us that study the human experience understand that loneliness has a negative impact upon the human psyche and our biological systems.

We know that community and collaboration has many positive effects in the mind and body networks. We also know that particles behave in the way that we expect them to.

The next obvious question is: Can we use our intuition and intention to shape the New Year in the way that we want it?

We certainly think so, and invite you to join us on this journey.

What is the Secret Ceremony?

Oh Yes. Let us explain a little more.

Shaura and Neil have been attending Lakota Native American Ceremony in Oregon since 2004 and between them they have played various roles in the community.

Shaura loves building contemplative experiences that connect the seeker to their heart and soul.

Neil has been taught how to build and pray with ceremonial fire.

Their Adaptive Shamanism work draws from their experiences with the Native American Indians, and from teachings that have been passed through from their adoptive mother, to offer a respectful ceremony that connects the seeker to the hidden realms of consciousness.

Shaura and Neil do not claim to be Shamans of any description but they are well equipped to hold a ceremonial space.

In the Vedic (Indus Valley) ceremonial world a substance was used for prayer and connection that was referred to as the Soma or Amrita. The Soma ceremony was always paired with sacred fire – the Lord Agni – intercessor between humans and the Gods.

Shaura has been making a relationship with a particular spice that appears to reach out to the four directions (significant in Shamanic cultures) and thus tunes into the environment. Our ability to feel safe in the world often depends upon our capacity to adapt to the environment; which is constantly in flux.

The secret ceremony uses an ancient spice that has a very mild psychoactive effect if taken in the right dose. We make a tea out of the spice, which is not psychoactive; and offer participants the opportunity to take the spice sublingually – which may produce a very mild effect.

Either way we connect to the spirit of the spice and ask it to show us what we are ready to learn.

In addition, we invite one of our animal guides into the circle and ask it to be present with us through the ceremony. We request that it shows us what we are ready to see.

We will sing a mixture of Lakota and Yogic songs – in this way we bring the West and the East together in our prayer. We also invite you to share any songs that you carry in your heart.

There are two drums that assist us in the ceremony – they tell us how to beat them as we connect to our heartbeat and to the rhythm of the Earth.

We connect to each other, to the elements, to the beings in the world and the Earth herself. We work to promote environmental flexibility and vigor in preparation for a fabulous 2018.

Yoga and Vision Building?

Vision building is a practice that was taught to Shaura by William Bloom and includes: creating a vision, drawing it out, connecting to allies and archetypes, mediation and positive intention. It’s a wonderful thing to do on a New Year’s Eve.

Shaura has been trained in differing yogic, meditative and mindfulness practices. As a yoga therapist her approach is gentle and promotes a nourishing environment for all. All mind and body practices are created specifically for the group in response to how the energy feels at the time.

Thus, you may practice: hatha yoga, yin yoga, kundalini yoga, yoga nidra, mindfulness or loving kindness practices in those sessions.

Location + Dates

The dates for this retreat are: 29th December 2017 – 2nd January 2018

The accommodation is situated in the hills of the Algarve, surrounded by mature gardens and natural beauty. It is a spacious, private and peaceful home, set in almost two-hectares of land, with an outdoor swimming pool and terraces where you can relax and take in the sea and countryside views.

From the restorative fresh ocean breeze, to the scent of orange and fig trees, we think you will see why we believe the Algarvian hills have magic in them.

This time of year in the Algarve offers nearly 2 hours more sunlight than in the UK and temperatures can reach 16°C which may mean that some us may need to carry sun cream. The daytimes are certainly much warmer than in the UK but the nighttime temperature can drop to a little as 8°C. Therefore, you will need warm clothing and thick socks for New Year in the Algarve.

The venue has heated floors in the room that we occupy as a group so we will be warm in our yoga and contemplation. All rooms have a special heating system to ensure for your comfort.

Investment: £575

To include: 4 nights accommodation, all vegetarian food, transport to the beach and back.

A non-refundable deposit of £50 is payable now to secure your place on the retreat. Please note, a minimum payment of at least 50% of the full cost is due within two weeks of booking and the full cost due at least 4 weeks before the event.

Please note we need a minimum of 10 participants to run the event at this venue, otherwise the venue is subject to change but will be located within the same region.

For more information, or to get in touch, please visit http://theyogologist.co.uk/newyear/.

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8800 Tavira


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