Newcastle Crystal Reiki Gong Bath

Newcastle Crystal Reiki Gong Bath

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Michael Fothergill's Gong Bath, with Crystals & Reiki Healing, all skilfully blended together to give you an experience like no other

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Crystal Reiki Gong Bath

This is a Gong bath with a difference. One that provides not just sound healing, but also Crystal and Reiki healing also. Welcome to Michael Fothergill's Crystal Reiki Gong Bath.

A triune of three vibrational energies blended together provides exceptional levels of healing and benefits to give you an experience like no other. In addition each participant also receives a distant Crystal Reiki healing session every evening, starting from the following day right up to the following Sunday, which is all included with your £15 ticket price.

Gong Master Michael Fothergill

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Who Is This Gong Bath For?

  • Any one looking for some serious relaxation.
  • Any one who needs uplifting, mentally emotionally or physically.
  • Those who want to improve their vitality.
  • For those seeking to improve their mental and physical health.
  • For those seeking to escape life in the fast lane and chill out.
  • For those looking to lower their stress levels and improve their coping skills.
  • Those looking to heighten their state of consciousnesses and awareness.
  • For those who enjoy the many benefits of meditating, and for those who would like to meditate but find it either too difficult, or too time consuming.
  • For spiritualists and light workers who are looking to explore and deepen their connection with the universe.
  • For those who would like to deepen their internal practice of Yoga, Qigong or Tai Chi.
  • For those looking to establish a connection with the creator, or to deepen that connection further.
  • Those interested in releasing more creativity and healing abilities by slowing down their brainwaves and entering an alpha state.
  • For those searching for something meaningful to life, this could well be it.
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Please try to avoid any large meals, and alcohol prior to arriving. It is quite normal for your body temperature to drop during a Gong Bath, and warm loose fitting clothes are recommended. Although the room is carpeted a yoga mat is still recommended if you prefer to lye on the floor. Alternatively a sleeping bag with a blanket and cushion, to stay warm and comfy is also recommended. If your travelling by public transport and your restricted what you can carry, Michael has several Yoga Mats,blankets and cushions, eye covers and small towels-for your lower back- that you can use. Large high backed armchairs are available for those who prefer to sit, and you can request these before the event.

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Welcome To The Newcastle Quaker Meeting House

The venue for this Gong Bath is the Quaker Meeting House, 1 West Avenue, Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Doors open at 1.30 for a prompt 2 pm start. You will find us on the first floor. There is disabled access, and a lift plus toilets on both floors. Lying flat on the floor with your head facing the gongs will provide the best experience.

Car parking is available on site at the rear of the building with room for up to 8 cars (double parked).The outside streets are permit holders only, but there are several car parks close by, including; Regent Centre - Gosforth Centre - Salters Road - St Nicholas Avenue - and Asda Car park. Gosforth high street and the Regent centre interchange is a 3 minute walk away. Newcastle centre is only 6 minutes away by bus or metro.

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What to Expect

If you have not experienced a Gong Bath before don’t worry there is no clothes to remove, or ‘getting wet’. The term ‘bath’ relates to you being ‘bathed’ in sound waves. A Gong Bath is a very unique experience where it can feel different each time, and also different for everyone present. The Gong is played with a variety of mallets, and styles of play to avoid overly producing a monotonous rhythm.

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The Sequence of Events;

  • Settled on the floor on your yoga mat or in your sleeping bag, or in a chair. Wrapped up in a blanket to keep you cosy and warm. (its normal for your body temperature to drop)
  • Brief introduction from Micheal
  • Mobile phones turned off or on aeroplane mode
  • You will be offered some Crystals (these have been reikied) to hold
  • Close the eyes, and Belly breathing used to remove stale stagnant energy
  • Chi Kungs Inner Smile for the lungs & heart
  • Gong is played. Michael will be using a 32 inch Wind Gong for this session.
  • Approximately one hour later the Gong will fall silent.

"Slowing our breathing down is a free ticket to an altered state of consciousness" (New Scientist May 22 .2021 p. 37)

There is a short video of Michael playing the Gongs below.

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Your Healing Journey Begins Here.

  • The belly breathing will remove any stale stagnant energy that has been trapped in your body & help you relax, slow your heat rate and help reduce your blood pressure.
  • The eyes closed, and coupled to the breathing will help slow your brain waves from Beta, to Alpha.
  • The crystals you will be holding have been Reikied so you will receive both Crystal and Reiki healing energy together for as long as you hold them.
  • Micheal's guided meditation will be Chi Kungs Inner smile, and this will send healing energy directly into your lungs and heart initially but you are free to carry on using this for any other organs or areas of your body you want to concentrate on.
  • Now there is nothing for you to do, you can let your mind wander, or you can even allow yourself to fall asleep if you want, and you will still receive all the benefits.
  • Micheal will call upon his and your spirit guides to come forth and assist in your healing
  • As the Gong begins your brainwaves will slow further taking you beyond Alpha into Theta and possibly Delta.
  • Your bodies vibrational rate will begin to rise, to match the higher vibrations from the Crystals, Reiki, and Sound from the Gong. As this happens any harmful negative energy in your body will begin to collapse, and fall away and this will initiate your body to begin healing itself.
  • Your levels of calm and relaxation will increase, plus the soothing of your nervous system, strengthening your immune and energy systems and releasing a host of hormones to make you feel good.
  • During the Gong Bath you will be transported on a journey where you will feel the connection with the universe, and for some, the creator of all things.These connections produce profound levels of peace and calmness as well as unconditional absolute love.
  • The session eventually comes to an end, as the Gong falls silent. Your benefits however are just beginning. Included with the cost of your ticket, and starting from the following evening Micheal will send you a distant Reiki healing session each evening right up to the following Sunday.

Congratulations, You Have Been Gonged

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Is It Safe For Me?

Please read this section prior to ordering your tickets. Taking part in a combined Sound, Crystal and Reiki healing session is considered safe for most people, regardless of age or fitness level, and is open to anyone over 18 years of age.

As a precaution this session is not be recommended during pregnancy. For those diagnosed with epilepsy, or seizures, or have a pacemaker or other electrical device fitted please check with your G.P first. For those who wear a hearing aid it is recommended that these are turned down to avoid any discomfort.

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Gong Loyalty Rewards

It is a huge privilege and honour for me to be able to play my Gongs in a therapeutic setting to help improve the wellbeing of others. While I thoroughly enjoy every single session, it remains a very humbling and magical experience.

Backdated to start from January 2022, my Gong Loyalty Rewards scheme is a thank you to all my guests for attending and supporting my Gong Baths for the last several years. Once you have been Gonged 6 times, either at the Quaker Meeting House, Newcastle, or at my Gong Studio near Blyth you will be entitled to a free session. So if you attended in January then in April and then in May, you just need attend 3 more sessions to get your free Gong Bath.

Michael will monitor all the bookings and let you know when you can book your free Newcastle session. The scheme will be rolled over into 2023, so there is no time restrictions or limits as to how many free sessions you can have, plus the tickets dont have to be consecutive purchases. People who buy or receive my Gong gift vouchers from January 2022 are also counted towards a free session in Newcastle, or at my Gong Studio near Blyth.

If you have any questions please email Michael at;

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Experiencing Energies

During a Crystal Reiki Gong Bath it is very possible you will feel the connection with the universe, and even the creator of all things. This can be a very memorable and emotional experience for many, but in a truly good and positive way. While you are in the protection and safety of the Gong Space, many people will experience positive feelings of peace, bliss,contentment, happiness, joy, compassion and love throughout the session as your body begins resonating at a higher frequency from the combination of Crystals, Reiki and Sound Vibrations.

It is possible for some people to experience very brief moments of anxiety, grief or sadness while harmful negative energies are momentarily brought back into our consciousness, before they collapse, and fall away and this is perfectly normal and beneficial release to maintain our mental health.

Should this happen you can restart your deep belly breaths focusing on on breathing out stale stagnant negative energy, and breathing in vibrant positive energy into your body. You van also restart the simple Inner smile at any point, aiming the smile at the centre of the negative memory, image or trauma which has come into your awareness. This will help to re-ground you, and minimise any anxieties or other negative feelings associated with the event, should it happen. Micheal also incorporates periods of silence or "Sandhya" between the sounds, in order to help your mind process and release any negative experiences,and feelings. The 7 Crystal Reiki healing sessions you will receive afterwards, will also help greatly to completely re balance you and your energy.

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The Gongs

Gong sound therapy has been practiced for thousands of years, and Gongs are one of the first instruments to be used on the Earth. Micheal's Gongs are pre Reikied, to increase the vibrational rate further, and programmed with spiritual Intent to blend the Reiki and Crystal energy with the Sound to release this triune of energies as they are being played into everyone present in the room.

The Gongs are played with a variety of mallets, and styles of play to avoid overly producing a monotonous rhythm. the sounds of the gongs can be both magical and haunting, and help connect us to the universe, and the creator of all things. Gong baths offer a psycho-acoustic gateway to a heightened state of consciousnesses, and awareness as the sound frequencies surpass the intellectual part of the brain before travelling to the core of the bodies cellular system where the healing qualities can be fully absorbed.

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What Some Attendees Have Said

Quaker Meeting House 2022. "Total relaxation, in a very relaxing environment. The class enables you to switch off your mind completely (which is something not to be underestimated in these times). Immediately after the class my whole body felt invigorated, and my persona and general outlook on life was so much more sunny and bright for the weeks that followed. I felt that the class was a complete cleansing experience of my mind, body and soul and I would highly recommend it to everyone to give it a go." J.B. Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Quaker Meeting House 2022. What a total chill out. I wouldn't have believed I could have relaxed to this degree. N.S. Bedlington, Northumberland.

Blyth Gong Space 2022 My body felt as if was floating away, but in a nice way. Then my ear popped and it was if all my stress came out in one go, I felt great after that. D.C. South Shields. Tyne and Wear.

Blyth Gong Space 2022. What an experience, I have meditated and practised yoga for years, but I wasn't prepared for this. It totally blew me away. K.W. Morpeth, Northumberland.

Quaker Meeting House 2022. I came with my friend, and we were both a little sceptical at first, but as the session progressed my mind just drifted away to somewhere else. It certainly exceeded all my expectations. My friend said she has never felt so relaxed. We will both be back. H.T. Fenham, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Quaker Meeting House 2021 . Earlier this year I lost my connection and faith after my father passed away, and I hoped this session would somehow re-connect me, and restore my faith. It did, thank you so much Michael, I couldn't have asked for more. P.D. Felling, Gateshead.

I attended Michael’s gong bath session at Seaton Sluice. I’ve done gong and sound baths before but this was my best experience yet. If you’ve not tried it before I would definitely recommend, it’s very relaxing and hard to put into words how it makes you feel. Perfect start to a Saturday. A.S Newcastle

Michael is a great therapist. He is warm, friendly and above all, professional. I had a taste of my first ever Gong Bath yesterday. No water or nudity is involved! I lay on a couch feeling comfortable and secure while Michael created the most amazing healing sounds using a single Gong. I was transported to a place of bliss carried on the wings of the sound vibration. A very relaxing session came to an end and I needed some time to feel grounded again. Michael made me a cup of soothing herbal tea and I gradually returned to the land of living. I would highly recommend a session of Gong Bath therapy with Michael Fothergill R.S-A Newcastle Upon Tyne

Couldn’t agree more I too felt uplifted and energised following this session Would recommend this man without hesitation. His sound gong session was amazing and I can’t wait for the next one. C.W Stanley Co Durham

Its was lovely to see Michael today, had a gong bath treatment. I wasnt too sure what to expect, it was relaxing, through out the treatment. I suffer with slight back pain and has been on going for a while. I have found since having the gong bath my back feels so much better, i am so chilled. I would definitely recommend trying this. The experience is lovely and will be having more gong baths. Thank you Michael T.L Northumberland

The sound bath on Saturday was an amazing experience. So calming I was chilled out for the rest of the day. I will definitely be going again. L.F Northumberland

Your feedback and comments are important to me, and I would ask if you would take a few minutes to write a short review on your recent experience. On receipt, and with your permission, ill add it to my web site using your full unedited comments together with your initials and the town where you live. Thank you.

For more details on Gong Baths, Reiki Training, Qigong, and Crystal therapy and all my other therapies, plus testimonials, research and scientific papers, self help techniques and more please visit my web site at;

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Micheal has regular monthly Gong Baths at the Quaker Meeting House in Gosforth, Newcastle on the last Sunday of each month, and weekly events at his home near Blyth every Thursday evening at 7 pm. If you require a different evening these can be arranged by mutual agreement. See Blyth Crystal Reiki Gong Bath on Eventbrite for dates and tickets. He also teaches Reiki courses and has regular Qigong classes.He is available for talks and demonstrations on Gong Baths, Crystal therapy, Reiki and Qigong.

For companies looking to reward their staff with a corporate wellness session at their site Michael can arrange a bespoke session incorporating Sound and Gong meditation. He can also provide Gong Baths for health spas, hotels, and private groups and organisations. To find out more please use the contact us form from the main menu.

Heartfelt Blessings

In peace, light and love to you all

Michael Fothergill Gong Master

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