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Murrayfield Stadium


EH11 2PU

United Kingdom

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Date: Thursday 22 February 2018

Venue: Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh

Theme: Making a difference through partnerships

Cost: £150+VAT (10% off for NGN members)


Tina Hendry - Reattach Parenting

Tina Hendry has been a kinship carer for the past eight years. Prior to this she was employed as a staff nurse, and also as a police officer for 13 years in Glasgow. She is also a restorative justice practitioner and a Reiki practitioner. Tina is passionate about raising awareness of attachment theory. In this keynote, Tina will discuss her journey as a kinship carer.

“I learned about attachment on the job, as they say, bouncing from one crisis to another, what am I doing wrong I wondered almost daily. Having grown up birth children, I couldn’t understand why my girls were so angry so distressed, so volatile. I was a police officer struggling to manage a three year old. I studied the work of experts to help me understand my girls’ behaviour. That’s when I realised that my girls required to be parented in a different way to my birth children. I studied more, introduced a peaceful approach to parenting, I realised that the crisis situations were becoming less and less.”

Dr. Florence Ruby - Transforming research in schools - building your evidence base

Florence joined The Nurture Group Network as a researcher in November 2016 after completing her PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of York. Over the last year, Florence has been leading the research as part of the Boxall Childhood Project: A pilot project empowering 40 schools in England to assess the social, emotional and mental health needs of every child in school, using the Boxall Profile. In this keynote, Florence will discuss how NGN established working partnerships with the pilot schools to support them in ensuring every child’s needs are understood and catered for. Florence will also discuss the first year’s research findings, giving an overview of the state of children’s social, emotional and mental health in schools today.

Kevin Kibble – The future of nurture – closing the attainment gap

Kevin Kibble is Chief Executive at the Nurture Group Network. Prior to joining NGN in January 2013, Kevin was Chief Executive at Caspari Foundation, a charity providing educational psychotherapy for children & young people who need help to overcome emotional barriers to learning & development. Kevin is a Fellow and founding trustee of The Chartered College of Teaching, an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Fundraising (IoF), and Chair of the IoF Nominations Committee. Kevin is passionate about the power of education in effecting societal change. In this keynote, Kevin will talk about the future of nurture and its role in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of pupils and closing the attainment gap in schools.

Dr. Val Corry - Building partnerships with parents

Val is an experienced Educational Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the education field. Val is a former secondary headteacher, adviser to Scottish Government and researcher, with a PhD in Education: gender and attainment. Val is skilled in leading, coaching, lecturing, strategic planning, and transformational change with an emphasis on raising attainment, leadership and parental engagement.


George Fisher & Daryl Bates -Dyadic developmental practice in a nurture setting

Aberlour Sycamore residential services are for children who are unable to live with their families. Often our children have suffered traumatic experiences at a young age, and this has affected the way they feel inside. We are there for those children, to help them to flourish. We believe that a positive and nurturing home is the basic right of every child. At Sycamore, we work to the principles of dyadic developmental practice and our interactions are based on a playful, accepting, curious and empathic approach (PACE). Our lifelong learning service combines this approach with nurture to provide a bespoke personalised service for all Sycamore children and young people who need our support. In this workshop, we will provide valuable insight into how we work and achieve success. We will all encounter young people with challenging behaviour and are all excited when we are able to learn about strategies that have been tried and tested.

Lorna McCallum - Philosophy for Children – A school’s nurturing approach to developing enquiry based thinking

Previously, it has been assumed that children below the age of 12 are generally not capable of philosophical thinking but recent research provides examples of younger children engaging in philosophical enquiry. Follow a school’s journey in bringing philosophy into the classroom context as a means of further developing the social and emotional skills of its learners. Looking at the Nurture Group Network’s publication; Philosophy for Children – The Man in the Moon, we will explore its impact on the most vulnerable children within the nurture room context and how this programme of work developed into nurturing the entire school!

Wendy Roden - 60 Motivational Minutes

Wendy has had a long career in teaching and in developing and supporting nurture groups. Wendy has worked with schools to develop innovative approaches and systemic change targeted towards addressing some of the barriers to learning experienced by children and young people. This workshop is a brief introduction to Dr. Tina Rae’s new resource ‘60 Motivational Minutes’ following on from the successful ‘60 Mindful Minutes’ and ‘60 Sensory Minutes’. The resource introduces students to the key insights of positive psychology; i.e. the importance of being connected to others, making and keeping friends, using and celebrating strengths and holding a thoughtful attitude rather than being reactive to whatever happens to us.

“The 60 Motivational Minutes activities aim to teach students the skills that are essential for building optimism and resilience, how to recognise and combat negative thoughts that bring about loss of self- esteem and even depression and to understand that there are certain ways of thinking that they can employ to make their lives go better.” (Rae, 2017)

Rae, T. (2017) 60 Motivational Minutes: Using Tools of Positive Psychology in the Nurture Group. London: NGN

Helen Love - Nurturing maths

Supporting numeracy has long been the underling to literacy interventions. It has become culturally acceptable to be negative about maths, with maths sometimes seen as the remit of the nerdy. Negative attitudes towards maths are damaging, leading to disengagement, increased anxiety, a lack of confidence, and a reluctance to try to improve skills. ‘I can’t do maths’, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Our children though, need maths, for everyday life, for work and to open opportunities, ‘good numeracy is the best protection against unemployment, low wages and poor health’ (Schleider, OECD, 2013).

This workshop is a practical guide to nurturing basic maths and restoring confidence, aimed at supporting primary learners. You will leave with strategies, resource suggestions and ideas to use in your own setting.

Liz Fitzpatrick - Playback ICE & SQA

Liz has a military and health background serving in army hospitals in the UK as well as Hong Kong and the NHS. Due to her son’s Cerebral Palsy she felt her skills and campaigning work were best suited to improving children’s awareness of themselves and others through their educational experiences. Liz believes that everyone has something to offer regardless of their starting point in life or levels of support they require. We all have the capacity to be the best that we can be and be motivated to lead a full, productive and meaningful life. Liz is a highly motivated campaigner, mother and business woman who has directed Playback ICE and the Playback Trust since their inception in 1998. Liz will present an overview of how schools have been using her health and wellbeing curricular model in Scottish schools. She will present a sample of flexible, progressive lesson plans that support pupils in their social and emotional wellbeing and skills development and will show how these lessons encourage pupils to be involved in learning about who they are, where they are going and who can support them. The presentation will demonstrate how appropriate inclusive materials can support children’s knowledge of themselves in the context of their family, class, school, their local and national communities and how they view the wider world as well as supporting their emotional wellbeing and skills development.

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Date and Time


Murrayfield Stadium


EH11 2PU

United Kingdom

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