£1,497 – £2,397

Ninja Investor Programme...master how to Recycle Your Cash

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Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa  

1150 Century Way


LS15 8ZB

United Kingdom

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Get the empowering Cash Buyer Mind-set - without the massive bank balance

What difference would it make to you if you had plenty of cash in your bank account and still grow your property portfolio faster – without trapping more and more capital in each property you buy? You could minimise the deposit you need to put down and maximise the speed at which you get it back out again.

Whether you want to buy to sell or buy to hold, the amount of cash you need to do that is the biggest barrier to playing a bigger game in property.

If you’re trying to build your Buy to Let portfolio you know that this takes time. Once your spare cash is invested in a property it’s tied up – at least for 6 months. Learn how to make your cash stretch much, much further by using creative and totally legal strategies for buying property.

Transform yourself into a Ninja Investor by buying properties the way a cash buyer does, even if you don’t have a massive bank balance (or would rather keep your money for other things).

If cash buyers get the best deals – and most investors seem to believe they do – why aren’t we all buying properties that way? Do they really negotiate harder, complete faster, buy properties you cannot buy with a mortgage and make bigger profits?

The answer is ‘yes’, they do all of those things – AND they have cash available to make purchase decisions in a moment, so they’re much more flexible than those people who are reliant on mortgages.

But what if you didn’t need a massive six figure bank balance to operate as a cash buyer? What if you could mimic exactly how cash buyers operate with much smaller amounts of available cash?

You can!

The three day Ninja Investor programme will show you:

  • Which types of property have few competing buyers – and vendors willing to accept below asking price offers
  • How to buy like a cash buyer, fast and often at a much lower price – without a big bank balance
  • Why unmortgageable properties can be an absolute goldmine
  • How to make creative finance pay for itself by negotiating lower prices so the finance costs you zero
  • How to find the right type of properties where you can borrow 90% or more of the purchase price
  • How to calculate how much cash you’ll be trapping in the deal before you sign the contract
  • How to get the maximum valuation price when you refinance
  • The right words to encourage the vendor to sell at your price and get agents ready to give you those ‘juicy’ deals
  • How to develop your property investment career without giving half your profit away.

During the workshop you’ll drill down into the detail of each strategy, step-by-step, so you leave with a clear understanding of how to work these strategies for yourself. Plus you will get post workshop support to combat your inevitable knowledge fade.

You’ll learn to focus on what you CAN do and stop wasting time on what you can’t.

The Ninja Guarantee

As we’re in the business of helping people to get more for less we’re putting our money where our mouth is!

(1) If you decide this isn’t your ‘thing’, or you don’t think you’re getting great value for money, talk to me before we go into lunch on the first day and I will arrange a full refund of your workshop fee. No quibble - no fuss

(2) When you buy property and finance it exactly as you learn on the workshop - then use our brokerage to arrange the bridging finance – when your deal completes we will refund £500 directly into your bank account. Complete 3 deals like this, earning a £500 refund each time, and you qill have a full reimbursement of your investment in the training. So, not only will you discover how to use less money to trade property or build your property portfolio, but it will cost you nothing for your workshop.

You probably won’t see any other UK property training programme make an offer like that!

What to expect
The Programme will take place over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Registration begins at 9.30am and we will be starting promptly at 10.00am on Friday morning so please arrive in plenty of time to be ready for action. You will get a complete itinerary for the weekend when you arrive but the modules covered will be

Day One

Fast Funding Formula TM

Day Two

Negotiation Transformer TM

Ninja Investor Strategy TM – 50% BMV

Day Three

Ninja Investor Strategy TM – 90% Flip

JV Pro-Fit Retainer TM

Ninja Investor Strategy TM – 100% Refurb

Rapid Cash Recycler TM

What's included:

  • Free all day parking
  • Buffet style lunch
  • Course workbook
  • Post-workshop mentoring by Kevin to analyse deals that you find
  • Teas/coffees/sundries on arrival plus mid-morning/afternoon
  • Networking with other workshop delegates – of course!

If you’re serious about property put your property investment on the fast track and become a Ninja Investor.

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Date and Time


Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa  

1150 Century Way


LS15 8ZB

United Kingdom

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