NLP Master Practitioner

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Devonshire House Business Centre

29-31 Elmfield Road

Bromley, United Kingdom

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NLP Master Practitioner

Master: having or showing very great skill or proficiency

Once students have completed their NLP Practitioner course the primary question that we get asked is ‘what next?’ The answer is simple – NLP Master Practitioner. If you were impressed by the power of the skills, tools and techniques you learnt on your NLP Practitioner and you want to integrate these skills so they become unconscious, and also learn more, then this is the course for you. On the Master Practitioner we delve much deeper into the NLP models from practitioner, exploring their practical applications in the real world and also introduce additional content and material that will supplement your current knowledge.

In order to take up this unique opportunity and obtain the level of NLP Master Practitioner it is paramount to have completed NLP Practitioner as this course relies heavily on a strong base of NLP skills, although we will consider students that have studied with other training providers we will require them to pass competency tests as the course will be aimed at developing existing skills and there will be no time allocated to learn basic NLP concepts. Dependent on how recent your NLP practitioner course was we strongly recommend revising the practitioner content before attending this course, we will provide you with ample revision materials before your course, so be prepared! 

What does it take to become a master? Come along to our NLP Master Practitioner and discover how you can take you skills and more importantly life to the next level!

Content Covered:

  • Presentation skills

  • Sleight of mouth

  • CRAFT model

  • Advanced metaphors

  • Advanced anchors

    • o   Collapsing anchors

    • o   Chaining anchors

    • o   Changing anchors

  • Swish pattern

  • Timeline

  • Applying neurological levels

  • Hypnosis and hypnotic induction

  • Values alignment

  • Advanced modelling

    • o   Modelling someone

    • o   Modelling using strategy elicitation

  • Phobias

    • o   fast phobia technique

  • Family therapy model

  • Biology of human mind

    • o   Neurotransmitters – biology of a synapse

    • o   Emotion and hormones

    • o   Imbalances in the mind

    • o   Mind / body connection

  • Quantum Language

    • o   Understanding and applying quantum language

  • Introduction to philosophy

    • o   Introduction to logical reasoning and how we structure language

    • o   Life and death

    • o   Epistemology

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Date and Time

Devonshire House Business Centre

29-31 Elmfield Road

Bromley, United Kingdom

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