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Nonviolent Communication Virtual Intensive Course 2020

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Join our ground-breaking way to engage in learning Nonviolent Communication - an 8 day Virtual Intensive Course (VIC)

About this Event

Peace Factory has taken the lead to design and build the virtual platform, and our team has become an exemplary example of using NVC to work well together. Even when deadlines have been tight, we took into account the humanity of each person before doing any task, and we only did tasks we loved to do! So you can rest assured there has been no coercion in the making of this course and during the VIC, we are proud to showcase the process we used to work together.

We are all delighted and passionate about exploring together with you the breadth and depth of Nonviolent Communication, and keen to grow as a community to extend well beyond the 8 days spent together.

This course is obviously about learning and practicing NVC skills and yet it's so much more than this.

Join us from 13th November to 22nd November, for the first Virtual Intensive Course (VIC), especially geared to support NVC learning for people living in African/European time zones.

If you are motivated and have a desire to integrate the spirit of NVC into all aspects of life, this is the course for you! All beginners are welcome too.


Frank Gaschler (DE), Irmtraud Kauschat (DE), Louise Romain (FR/GB), Magdalena Sendor (PO) and Godfrey Spencer (FR/GB) and yet-to-be-named guests!


Day 1 - November, 13th (Friday)

Day 2 - November 14th (Saturday)

Day 3 - November 15th (Sunday)

Rest Day - November 16th (Monday)

Day 4 - November 17th (Tuesday)

Day 5 - November 18th (Wednesday)

Rest Day - November 19th (Thursday)

Day 6 - November 20th (Friday)

Day 7 - November 21st (Saturday)

Day 8 - November 22nd (Sunday)

Full of NVC activities, each day has individual choices for your level of engagement according to your own learning needs. Our experience is that the following daily schedule supports group’s needs: Schedule.


Through a range of activities, the VIC aims to expand the reach and scope of technology-enabled people-to-people trainings sustained over a period of 8 days. Co-created with you to provide a safe container where everybody taps into the living energy of an emerging community, you can participate, experiment and facilitate learning with 10 experienced trainers, all certified with CNVC, to learn skills which are quickly transferred into daily life, making profound changes to how we live.

With a ratio of about ten people per trainer, the programme structure is intensive, with some participants who have NVC skills and awareness well beyond the early levels, whilst others are starting their NVC journey.

The course is designed to promote the integration and sustainability of work throughout the following year and in addition to the eight-day course in August, there is an option for small groups to stay in active contact once a fortnight and to enjoy monthly mentoring from one of the trainers.

Our programme includes deepening awareness of needs, integrating NVC skills, handling conflicts, basics of mediation, personal growth and spiritual aspects of NVC, deep self-empathy, transforming enemy images and the pain of unmet needs, so that we can:

● explore and identify personal core beliefs and create new cognitive structures that emanate directly from our living needs;

● reduce the level of pain carried in our systems so that we are able to generate lives of satisfaction and empowerment;

● honour power-with leadership models like Systemic Consensing[1] and Open Space Technology;

● shift from scarcity thinking (an inherent part of a domination system) to the consciousness of plenty;

● study the belief systems of money and practice how resources can flow from a perspective of abundance;

● move from chronic struggle and “busy-ness” to a sense of flow and ease in our lives.


English is used as our shared common language during community sessions and there is translation English/French/English for all community meetings (sessions one and four).

Two workshops a day are also translated from English into French: one every morning, one every afternoon (sessions two and three).

No other translation is envisaged by the organisers, although our experience is that many bilingual people are happy to jump in when necessary on an ad hoc basis. You can also buy a ticket for two and work side by side with your own interpreter.


You can have €50 reduction and 2 days of NVC more by registering to our Two days Virtual fundrising course 8-9 August 2020.

Significant energy is required to process each application, so please don't register until you're sure of your availability to participate in the course. Places are confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis and the number of places is limited. .

If you are interested in applying, please complete the Eventbrite application form here:

If, by the time you register, the course is full, you will be informed and added to a waiting list.

VIC cancellations and refunds policies

Peace Factory incurs significant expenses with every application processed, so we request that you refrain from applying for an VIC unless your plans are firm, and you are confident of your ability to attend.

In the event that the VIC 2020 does not take place, the VIC enrollee agrees that Peace Factory shall have no obligation to compensate the VIC enrollee above paid VIC tuition. (In such an event, Peace Factory may offer to reassign the payment to another VIC or Peace Factory workshop, if this is the VIC enrollee’s preference.)

In the event that you cancel your VIC application, Peace Factory will ask how you would like us to handle any monies you have already sent us for the VIC. At your request, prepaid TUITION fees (minus the nonrefundable part of your payment as described below) may be donated to Peace Factory to defray administrative expenses, refunded, or reassigned to a specific, later VIC.

The nonrefundable portion of the fee is €100.

VIC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To learn more about VIC, please consult our complete description.

Feel free to join our Facebook group with all updated information.

For any remaining question, please contact Louise : louise@peacefactory.fr

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