NOW Later: there is no place that cannot be home*

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NOW Gallery

NOW Gallery

The Gateway Pavillions


SE10 0SQ

United Kingdom

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NOW Gallery and present there is no place that cannot be home*

About this Event

[*from ‘School Note’ by Audre Lorde]

NOW Gallery’s ongoing celebration of the heterogeneous Black experience continues this October with there is no place that cannot be home. The curatorial collective have been commissioned to explore facets of contemporary African diasporic identity through performance. The event coincides with Black History Month this October and NOW recognises the exigency of creating spaces for free expression and interrogative practice.

What is built into an experience of blackness that offers us new horizons for thinking about this world and its possibilities? Deeping the ting and engaging the breath, poetry and movement of the black body, this evening asks us what is needed to create a shared language of liberation. What can we learn from blackness as it expands, ruptures and questions the structures that have historically negated it? Through performance and film, we invite you to vision a new world and interrogate what it will take to arrive there.

As capacity for this event is extremely limited, tickets are restricted to one booking per person (allowing entry for x2 people).

Each ticket allows entry for 2 people of the same household. There will be a waiting list once the event is fully booked, so if you can no longer attend please return your ticket using the ‘Cancel Order’ function on the Tickets page of your Eventbrite account. This will allow someone else to experience the performance in your place.

Please note that the tickets are for the performance programme only. The outdoor film programme is 36 minutes and will be showing 4x over the course of the evening. This will be drop-in, so does not require a ticket.


Afternoon Performance – 17.00

Welcoming –

Come Home – Ffion Campbell-Davies

breathe. – Shawanda Corbett

Balance – Rowdy SS

Calling all the Prophets – Harold Offeh

Evening Performance – 19.30

Welcoming –

Come Home – Ffion Campbell-Davies

breathe. – Shawanda Corbett

Balance – Rowdy SS

Calling all the Prophets – Harold Offeh

Outdoor Film Programme – 18.00, 19.00, 20.00, 21.00

BLK Soap – Darryl Daley

Godspeed – Sade Abidun

In Hot Time – Jesus Hilario-Reyes and Leah Solomon

where did we land – Rabz Lansiquot

In Praise of Still Boys – Julianknxx

Please note that photographs and video footage will be taken throughout this event. In addition, some performances will be live-streamed (more information to come). These will be used by the gallery for marketing and publicity in our publications, on our website and in social media or in any third party publication. Please contact the event organiser if you have any concerns or if you wish to be exempted from this activity.

Ffion Campbell-Davies

Main exhibition space

Ffion Campbell-Davies, Photograph by Richard Moore

Come Home

“It’s centring, it’s summoning and quivering, it’s trauma releasing…

Please tell me it’s trauma releasing, for the sake of many lives drowning far beyond the tides.

As ancestors cry, I rise from sleepless nights and forgotten shadows singing to the blind.

Let my feet be ready and my heart be steady for the hard work I embody…”

Ffion performs an invocation in devotion to the ancestors of time, inviting all those witnessing to go inward and ‘come home’ to the inner cradle of life that’s within us all. Embracing the wounded child of our diaspora that we collectively share in our consciousness. Rekindling the power of our alchemy to transform loss into abundance and remember where we come from.

IG: @ffioncampbelldavies

Shawanda Corbett


Blackbird in Mississippi, Courtesy of Shawanda Corbett


I. The beginning

This performance is from a series exploring the ways that we are all connected through breath. As we change the quality of our breath changes, becoming more or less precious at different stages of our lives. By foregrounding the interconnectedness of breath, how might we think differently about the quality of black and brown people’s life? Our breath is always already political before birth; I.The beginning asks how we can capture and honour it before it is rendered less important, suffocated or taken away.

IG: @cyborg_artist

Rowdy SS

Main exhibition space

Rowdy SS, Balance, AGM, Somerset House, 2019


A solo dance/sound/visual improvisation, an ongoing work in research of uses of space; How are we using space? How is space using us?

Balance is Rowdy SS initiating happenings, performance, and installations as interjections to tour, entangle and/or simplify how we are using and have used spaces, the ‘things’ that do and do not exist in said spaces, the other ways, new ways we can use ourselves, technology and our physicality to communicate, connect/disconnect in and outside of these/those spaces, with live sound text performed by artist Rebecca Bellantoni.

IG: @rowdy_ss


Harold Offeh

Throughout the space

Harold Offeh, Selfie Choreography, Eastside Projects, 2020, Photograph by Ashley Carr

Calling all the Prophets

Artist Harold Offeh provides a series of playful and performative interventions designed to call forth and provide an opportunity for audiences to voice and share their ideas of black futurity. Offeh, provides the chance for participants to record their sounds or spoken words. Calling all the Prophets is connected to Offeh’s Hail the New Prophets project which builds on the Afrofuturist musician Sun Ra’s legacy by building a platform to present new prophecies.

IG: @harold_offeh

Short Films

BLK Soap by Darryl Daley

The debut short film by South London-based visual artist, graphic designer and art director, Darryl Daley; a three-minute, audio visual exploration of the black body and its movements across the Black Atlantic and a creative response to the current exposure of the black body; both dripped in imagination, yet still being anchored by reality.

Featuring a musical score and appearances from Tupac Shakur, Sampha, Jean Michel Basquiat and a triggering host of those killed at the hands of the police, it is a visual amalgamation of the continuous intertwining themes that bound the black body. Here, Daley places the music at the forefront, mobilising it as the narrator detailing the history, spirituality, suffering, excellence and resilience of blackness.

IG: @darryl_daley

Godspeed by Sade Abiodun

Godspeed is a meditative film that explores the notions of personhood, faith, and intergenerational community. Poetry, music, and visuals converge to lead us through the life of a Black girl as she becomes a Black woman. As she is forced to make sense of the dynamic tension between the child she was and the woman she will be, she draws strength from the one person who knows her best: her mother.

IG: @sade_abiodun

In Hot Time by Jesus Hilario-Reyes and Leah Solomon

Created by Jesus Hilario-Reyes and Leah Solomon, In Hot Time, is the convergence of black diasporic traditions, ritual, pasts, and reimagining utilizing the symbolic space of the whirlwind. An audio-visual coupling of electronic, industrial, and atmospheric sounds from across the diaspora, fusing elements of, dance, performance, text, and archival footage.

IG: @morenxx_x


where did we land by Rabz Lansiquot

where did we land is an ongoing experiment interrogating the effect of images of anti-black violence produced and reproduced in film and media. This iteration takes the form of a 30 minute moving image essay, presenting original images and texts that speak to the problems of the spectacular for Black subjects on screen.

IG: @rabzlan

In Praise of Still Boys by Julianknxx

In Praise of Still Boys is a visual poem created by poet and artist Julianknxx. The narrative tells the story of Julianknxx’s life through the figure of a young boy in Sierra Leone. Expressing local worldviews, the film meditates on change, fate and everyday magic. Visually anchored by the image of the Atlantic Ocean, the poem explores the relationship between Freetown, the Middle Passage, and the African diaspora.

IG: @julianknxx

About is the wayward/motile collaboration between rohan ayinde and yewande yoyo odunubi rooted in a politics of horizontality, blackness, liberation and the practice of radical honesty.

IG: @iasinwe_

Rohan Ayinde is a Chicago and London-based artist, writer and curator. His interdisciplinary work is centred around creating "otherwise" potentials (Ashon Crawley), and in so doing breaking down and simultaneously reconfiguring the ideological architectures that shape our daily and generational lives. The landscapes his work explores are formed through the lens of a black radical tradition committed to imagining freedom as a horizon of possibility. They are an archive of the journey there; maps under continuous construction; refusals to acquiesce to the dominant structures of thought that frame the world we live in. Oscillating between text, video, drawings, photography and collage, Ayinde’s work is in constant negotiation with itself, trying to understand the role it plays in building the worlds it is invested in imagining.

IG: @rohanayinde

Yewande YoYo Odunubi is a dyslexic dancer, curator and cultural producer invested in building environments across mediums that nurture and give space to meaningful and imaginative exchange. Centring her practice around the mantra “I’m not here for a version of me, I’m here for every part of me” she is interested in intersectional frameworks and interventions that seek to rupture the dominant narratives, enactments and occupation of the arts. Powered by a black expansive imagination, Yewande is exploring alternative approaches to traditional curatorial practice and art structures, rethinking and challenging what it means for cultural spaces to function through a communal ethos.

IG: @mama.yoyoreturns

*School note – Audre Lorde

My children play with skulls

for their classrooms are guarded by warlocks

who scream at the walls collapsing

into paper toilets

plump witches mouth ancient curses

in an untaught tongue

test children upon their meaning

assign grades

in a holocaust ranging

from fury down through contempt.

My children play with skulls

at school

they have already learned

to dream of dying

their playgrounds were graveyards

where nightmares of no

stand watch over rented earth

filled with the bones of tomorrow.

My children play with skulls

and remember

for the embattled

there is no place

that cannot be


nor is.

Staying Safe During Your Visit: TIER 2

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we've introduced additional safety measures to keep both visitors and staff safe. We operate a Covid Secure and ask that you familiarise yourself with the below guidelines before you arrive:

● If you are travelling via public transport, ensure that you wear a face mask on the journey, keep your distance from others and where possible avoid peak transport times.

● If you are travelling to the event from outside of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, ensure that you check the Tier status of the area you are travelling from at Unfortunately, if you are travelling from a Tier 3 area you will not be permitted to attend the exhibition.

● Timed tickets are required for entry to the exhibition, these tickets are available through Eventbrite only. Please ensure you arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled time slot, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee entry if you arrive late.

● Please follow the one-way routes and safe distancing measures both inside the space and when queuing for entry. You will need to maintain a distance of at least 2m from other people within the building unless they are part of your household or support bubble.

● You will be only be allowed entry to the gallery accompanied by members of your household only. In the interest of keeping everyone safe if you do arrive with a guest and are unable to provide proof of shared residency, we will be required by law to permit single entry in a socially distant manner.

● We can no longer offer storage for large bags, coats or other belongings therefore we urge visitors to only bring small bags or essentials.

● We've introduced screens, installed hand sanitisers, increased cleaning regimes and decreased touchpoints. Please ensure your hands are cleaned upon arrival, we will ask you to sanitise upon entry and exit.

● Face coverings are now mandatory within gallery spaces. Our gallery staff will be wearing a face covering and we ask that all visitors wear one too (unless exempt) when inside the space to help keep everyone safe.

● Before making your journey to the galley please make sure that you have not been requested to self-isolate and that you do not have any of the following; a high temperature; a new continuous cough; a loss, or change to, your sense of smell or taste. If you do have any of those symptoms do not travel and contact NHS Direct.

● In the event that you start to feel ill on site please keep your face covering on, maintain social distancing and notify a member of gallery staff who will take you outside and advise how to proceed.

We will brief all visitors on our COVID-19 protocols upon arrival and are really looking forward to welcoming you back to NOW Gallery.

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Date and Time


NOW Gallery

NOW Gallery

The Gateway Pavillions


SE10 0SQ

United Kingdom

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