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Leas Cliff Hall

The Leas


CT20 2DZ

United Kingdom

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The UK's Largest Festival of Behavioural Science

For one day in June, a clifftop pavillion on the South Coast of England will play host to a festival of behavioural science. Thought-leading talks and behaviour change case studies will all be accompanied by drinks, mingling, ice creams stalls and revelry.

You can expect a wonderfully eclectic mix of the biggest thinkers and practitioners in behavioural science, marketing and advertising as well as business people, government, academics and members of the public interested in behavioural (and heterdox) economics, psychology, game theory, complexity theory and evolutionary biology.

Apart from our curiosity, we are united in our belief that between these disciplines we have the power to not only significantly improve peoples' quality of life but also greatly enhance the focus of businesses through a better understanding of people and behaviour. Unseen opportunities await!

What will I hear?

  • Stimulating insight from cutting edge behavioural research

  • Turning theory into action: leading practitioners in the field will share their experience of nudging in the real world.

  • The latest and greatest case studies from around the globe. We'll explain the science, the application and (most importantly) the results they achieved.

Who's Speaking?

Meik Wiking - The Dane with the secret to happiness.

CEO of the The Happiness Research Institute of Copenhagen, a think tank which explores global trends of life satisfaction. Meik is the author to the bestseller 'Little Book of Hygge'.

Dominic Cummings - Controversial Campaign Director of Vote Leave

Dominic is the former special advisor to Michael Gove and the man who directed the vote leave campaign. He is Mr. Marmite.

Ed Smith - The Sportsman of the behavioual science world.

Ed is an English author and journalist, former professional cricketer and in his book 'Luck: What it means and Why it Matters', he examines the concepts of luck, fortune, destiny and fate in sport and beyond.

Steve Colgan - MET Police 'Problem Solver'

Steve is a former police officer and author to a new book 'Why Did The Policeman Cross The Road'. He has spent 30 years trying to prevent and solve crimes through behavioural methods.

Julia Hobsbawm - The Professor of Networking

Julia Hobsbawm has defined modern knowledge networking and created a system to teach individuals and organisations how to successfully navigate the Age of Overload. Author of 'Fully Connected'.

Dr. Blay Whitby - Extreme User Experience. What can we learn from the cockpit design of aircraft?

Blay is a philosopher and technology ethicist concerned with the social impact of new and emerging technologies. He is a leading researcher in his field and the author of many books including 'On Computable Morality' and 'Reflections on Artificial Intelligence'.

Wing Commander Keith Dear - The Surviellance Specialist: For your eyes only.

Keith's research focuses on the effect of surveillance on behaviour. He has over twelve years of professional military experience analysing human behaviours and systems both in the UK, on exchange with the United States Air Force and on operations overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan Georgia, and Mali.

Dr Oliver Scott Curry - Expert in human cooperation

Oliver is a Senior Researcher and Director of the Oxford Morals Project at the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford. His research investigates the nature, content and structure of human morality.

Geoffrey Miller - Expert in Sexual Selection

Geoffrey is an evolutionary psychologist, serving as an associate professor of psychology at the University of New Mexico and known for his expertise in sexual selection in human evolution, and for his views on the evolution through sexual selection of the human brain as sexual ornamentation. Author to 'Spent: Sex, evolution, and Consumer Behavior'

Andrew Sheerin - Radical Boardgame Designer

Andrew is a designer and theoristof political games, Andrew founded TerrorBull Games to subvert real-world issues using traditional gameformats. His first game, 'War on Terror', is the only board game in history to be classified by the police as an offensive weapon.

Diana Fleischman - Evolutionary Psychologist Academic

Diana is a Senior Lecturer at The University of Portsmouth and part of the Centre for Comparative and Evolutionary psychology. My research is mainly on menstrual cycle influences on psychology and the Psychology of response to cues of disease, especially disgust.

How do I get there and back?

Trains: We recommend that you get the 08.37 from London St Pancras which arrives 09.30 Folkestone Central and the venue is a 10 mins walk from there. Return trains are at 18.11, 19.00 and later.

Cars: We're expecting another full auditorium at this year's event, so parking may be challenging. There are 171 spaces available opposite the theatre for £3 per day

What time do doors open for registration?

Doors will open at 9.30am for registration.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

Tickets are non refundable but are transferable until May 26th 2017

Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, speakers may change however we will always ensure have a varied agenda.

About the Leas Cliff Hall

The Grand hall was opened on 13th July 1927 by Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester. The opening concert was performed by the Folkestone Municipal Orchestra and over the years the hall has played host to The Rolling Stones, T Rex, Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, Paul Weller, Status Quo, Motorhead, Kings of Leo, Sterophonics and Kaiser Chiefs.

Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements for lunch.

Date and Time


Leas Cliff Hall

The Leas


CT20 2DZ

United Kingdom

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