Nursing People Supportively Through Acute Viral Illness including COVID-19...

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The office is closed for the holidays until 6pm BST Sunday 12 April 2020. Joining instructions will be sent and questions answered after that time.

Looking at health beliefs and fears around acute child and adult viral illness and infections including COVID-19 and learning about:

Part One
how the Germ Theory of Disease and the Medical Model affect the treatment options you are offered.

the Holistic model of disease – using the healing power of your own or your or your child’s body

the Problems caused by Suppression of Fever

Part Two
the Basic strategies for coping with any acute viral illness or infection

a Simple Guide to Homoeopathy for Acute Fever

Presentation of clinical cases showing the invasive disease that occurs when the basic principles are ignored.

Quiz/ Plenary/ Questions

To ensure that participants:
+ Achieve a reinforced understanding of the logical reasons why children and adults contract infectious diseases, and the rationale for supportive treatment of such conditions with reference to COVID-19
+ Are confident implementing NICE Guidelines regarding paracetamol and ibuprofen use in fever.
+ Know that NICE Guidelines do not recommend paracetamol or ibuprofen for febrile convulsions.
+ Have knowledge of a range of simple practical measures that can be implemented by everyone to provide supportive management of child and adult acute viral illness and relief of distress.
+ Therapists can use these simple adjuncts to their standard care to increase therapeutic success and are able to easily explain the mechanisms of common conditions to parents/ carers, in simple terms, so that parents/ carers feel empowered and less anxious.
+ Are confident in practical adjuncts to management of specific conditions in addition to regular practice

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