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One-To-One Start-Up Weekly Workshops

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Perspective Changers warmly welcomes and invites you to join in our interactive, friendly, informative and relaxed weekly business session.

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We understand that your time is valuable and in some cases you are simply searching for good and straightforward advice in order to start or grow an existing business. We also respect your privacy and data, so we will not record the session, which we hope will give you more confidence in expressing yourself in the way you want, in a comfortable environment.

Do you have a great idea but you are unsure where to begin or how to go about turning it into a viable & profitable business with the resources that you have available? Are you unsure if your skills and knowledge will be sufficient enough to be successful in your chosen niche in the business world?

Your search ended up right here & right now! We are here for you & your business!

No boring PowerPoint Presentations, no long talks about business, neither a pre-recorded session. Everything is live on the spot & we will get straight to the point. Our aim is to motivate & inspire all the participants to take their idea/business to the next level. We bring this very exciting session to you in a nice & relaxed atmosphere because we believe that you can become the entrepreneur that you desire for a long time if you have the right information & support.

Please note the number of tickets for this workshop is limited in order to give the opportunity to our participants to discuss their ideas & be able to respond to their questions! *Workshops will have a maximum of 3 participants.

We will provide practical advice for people who are in the beginning of their journey and for those who already created a business - wherever you are in your “adventure” we are here to offer assistance. This was specially created to enable people to succeed in the business field that they want to be in.

Our weekly sessions will be hosted by our team that is made up of international entrepreneurs who understand the challenges of starting and growing a businesses. We will share our own unique perspectives & years of experience in creating/developing businesses at an international level, by answering any questions pertaining to business that are representing high level of importance to you & creating an environment that is comfortable so you can have no extra-stresses added on.

When starting up a business, it is also important to understand & acknowledge what mistakes to avoid at your specific stage. We will also tackle the subject of why businesses fail whilst providing you clear insights of how to “navigate” in the business world, without making these typical mistakes that can cost you a substantial amount of money. Our objective is to assist people to fulfill their potential, using the resources that they have available.

All of our sessions aim to inspire, motivate and inform participants of how to take steps into business in an open & serious manner, using simplified business terms that everyone can understand regardless of what stage they are currently at, so you can make the right decision for developing your idea or growing your business potential.

Here is a snippet of just some of the areas that we will cover weekly:

> How to start a business with an affordable amount of money,

> What does it mean to be self-employed and how to smoothly transit from a 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. job to creating an adaptable schedule that is suitable for your lifestyle,

> Tips to improve your entrepreneurial/business skills,

> How to create and/or improve your business U.S.P. (unique selling point),

> How to differentiate your business from competitors,

> How to create a brand for your business and/or tips how to re-brand & how to position your business in the market,

> Tips to improve customer service for your business in order to ensure that your customers receive an exceptional experience & become customers,

> How to decide which business entity is best for your business idea i.e.: Self-employed, limited company, charity or association etc.,

> And other topics that participants may want to discuss, as well as bringing fresh new content weekly

If you have a business idea or you want to further develop your business, this session will be absolutely ideal for you. You can find more information, tips, ask questions that are important for your idea/business to grow and discover what steps are required to get you the desired outcomes..

Why to choose us?



→everyone is welcomed to join,

→comfortable environment (NO recording, NO prior business experience required),

→opened discussions about your idea/business (Q & A session, tips & more),

→clear & simple business language that everyone can understand,

→business workshops,

→essential information for start-ups & existing businesses,

→practical & personalized advice from our international entrepreneurs,

→support during your development,

→discover & overcome the fears that are stopping you from growing (such as fear of success),

→working with the resources available to you.

What are you waiting for? We are already here!

Book your ticket NOW and Let’s talk business!

We are so interested to find more about you!

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Organizer Perspective Changers

Organizer of One-To-One Start-Up Weekly Workshops

We’re here to provide inspiration, motivation & enthusiasm through our weekly workshops designed by perspective changers entrepreneurs.

These interactive workshops are designed to be informative, will encourage attendees to overcome fears of running their own businesses, provide motivation through real life experiences of our entrepreneurs' journeys, the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with other entrepreneurs and to participate in weekly meetings that are full of inspiring stories.

This is the perfect session if you are new to business, in need of motivation to get a business idea off the ground, searching for that creative spark inside you or simply want to network with friendly experienced entrepreneurs!

Attendees walk away with confidence that they have everything they need to take their idea to the next level & feel ready to create their own successful business ventures!

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