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Presenter: Dr Adrian West, Company of Mind Ltd

We regret that we have to cancel one day face-to-face workshop in line with the University’s response to COVID-19 to protect the wellbeing of our students and staff.

Company of Mind are providing an alternative set of 3 online workshops to cover this material, which will include a mixture of presentation and interaction.

Session 1: Wednesday, 8 April 10:00am - 12:00pm - Online workshop "Creative Thinking", and we will stay online until 12:30pm for questions/discussion.

Session 2: Thursday, 16th April 10:00am - 12:00pm - Online workshop "Constructive and Practical Thinking", and we will stay online until 12:30pm for questions/discussion. Please complete here a short registration form to register for this session!

Session 3: Friday, 24th April 10:00am - 11:30am - Online workshop "Critical Thinking" (within the context of the above) and we will stay online until 12:00pm for questions/discussion.

We appreciate some people are understandably having new difficulties and challenges that may take priority. Hence, our intention is that each event will stand alone, so you don't have to attend all three, although you are very welcome to.


"Many highly intelligent people are poor thinkers. Many people of average intelligence are skilled thinkers. The power of the car is separate from the way the car is driven.” Edward de Bono

Quality of thinking is central to doing research. Yet "how to think" is rarely part of our formal studies. What answers would would you give if someone asked "How should we go about our thinking here?". It's assumed that we pick up more effective thinking practices by infusion when we study for research degrees. But that is a passive approach to the general field of "thinking", and instead we can learn this topic directly: the vocabulary, tools and approaches. That is what we'll be doing on this one day workshop.

This event is about the craft of “thinking” and the different ways we can approach that systematically to be more effective thinkers. We will look at the different kinds of thinking we need to do and practical tools that develop our ability to think rigorously, progressively and creatively. To do this we will take a broad sweep touching on approaches that are valuable for your particular situation and for working in teams. There are four key areas we will draw from:
• Critical Thinking: logic, argument, analysis and the nature of proof - as in a thesis or research paper.
• Creative Thinking: tools for fresh thinking; creative solutions and original ideas.
• Constructive Thinking: identifying the different components of thinking, so we can work with them effectively.
• Practical Thinking: putting it together in practice, and gaining skill.

Facilitator: Dr Adrian West, Company of Mind

Dr. Adrian West co-founded the shared virtual reality research group at The University of Manchester. He has held UK and EU research grants, leading both Technology and Psychology contributions, and has also been an expert reviewer in technology for the European Commission. He went on to lead a team of engineers at a U.S. Venture capital funded technology company which was sold off to IBM in 2008. Adrian has been Research Director for The Edward de Bono Foundation which specialises in thinking as a skill and has inspired over 200 cross-discipline innovation teams in academia and industry. His research interest in perception and thinking developed into Company of Mind, which facilitates thinking skills for corporations, Government bodies, and Universities. He is routinely voted best Lecturer by technology students, and by business leaders when he presents on innovation and thinking skills.

That was fantastic and so enjoyable – I never realised there was so much to learn about thinking!”. Previous PhD participant, Liverpool University.

“Thank you for the great workshop. We covered some fascinating material in a super engaging, friendly and productive way. I find it hard to imagine someone topping you in terms of energy and provocativeness.” Petar Gerganov, PG Researcher, The University of Manchester.

"I felt there was such a tremendous amount from the workshop I could apply directly – in my research and my personal life. I also enjoyed the fact that aspects of the underlying psychology were interwoven in a way that actually enhanced the practical advice. Last, but not least, Dr West is a superbly engaging speaker and so I couldn't help but enjoy what might otherwise have been quite an overwhelming session". Mo Rahman, PhD Candidate, Chemistry, The University of Manchester.

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