Online 'Relax and Release' Class for You and Your Pet

Online 'Relax and Release' Class for You and Your Pet

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Online meditation and hypnotherapy group classes helping you and your pets release emotion, and feel calmer, safer, and more at peace.

About this event

What Are 'Relax and Release' Classes?

Monthly online class where you and your pets can relax and release emotions and stuck energy from the body. Any pet welcome - so far we have had chickens, hens, dogs, cats.

Every 3 months, there is an additional beginners class, where beginners will be taken through what Canine Flow is, and an explanation of the practical technique used before we proceed to the practical work. The 1st beginners class is 14th Jan 2022 and is listed separately for purchase.

The Body Keeps The Score (Bessel Van Der Kolk book)

It's about helping pets to release emotions like stress, fear, anxiety, grief, trauma, etc from the cells of their body. And you get to relax too with your own guided meditation from me, which can often bring insights and awareness to your own healing journey.

Pets, especially cats and dogs as we live with them, often take energy (emotion is energy in motion) from us to process it and clear it for us, so the less we have to clear the better too. The classes will therefore help owners relax and gain help with their own stress, fear, anxiety and grief right now too!

Even if you don't have a pet, or have a kitty instead of a doggie, this class can help, as you as owners will be involved with the meditation and the practical technique I can offer you.

Your pets will enjoy relaxation with Canine Hypnotherapy too, all part of Canine Flow., helping them to release emotion and begin to feel calmer, safer and less reactive, and the best bit of all is this works with all pets, not just dogs!!

Other resources from my People and Pet Therapy trainings may be given depending on what comes up in each class.

The Technical Bit!

We use an online platform called Zoom, and if you don't already have Zoom on your PC you will be guided to install it when you click the Zoom link to join the meeting. It will then ask you to select your audio preference, may ask you to enter the password (supplied), and then bob's your uncle, you'll be online. You will be in a waiting room for me to admit you.

Eventbrite send a confirmation email and reminder about the class (please check your spam folder as it often can go in there).

What You Will Need:

Mobile phone with internet, or PC, to access Zoom

Quiet space with minimal possibility of distractions from people, technology, doorbells, etc

Your pets' bed or somewhere comfy they can lie (if they want to)

Somewhere comfy for you to rest during the class

Video is preferable to be on, so we can meet you and also see what your pet is doing during the session, but it is not compulsory.

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