Oracle SQL Fundamentals

Oracle SQL Fundamentals

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Oracle Fundamental - Advanced Queries, Including DDL and DML statments. 3-Consecutive days.
Oracle SQL Course Desciption

Session 1:Relational database concept

Session 2: Using SQL developer

Session 3: Retrieving and filtering data with the select statement,using filter operations

Session 4: Expression Queries

Session 5: Aggregate functions, having

Session 6: Enhanced grouping features

Session 7: Joining tables

Session 8: Numeric Functions, String Functions

Session 9: Date Functions

Session 10: Date, time and timezone support

Session 11: Conversion and miscellaneous

Session 12: SQL Parameters

Session 13: SQL Stored procedures

Session 14: Managing tables

Session 15: Managing indexes and views

Session 16: Managing sequences and synonyms

Session 17: Retrieve data using subqueries

Session 18: Hierarchical queries

Session 19: Manage large data sets, Using Sub-queries, Temp tables

Session 20: Flashback technology

Session 21: Regular expression support

Session 22: Manage objects with the data dictionary

Session 23: Manage Schema Objects

Session 24: Access control

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