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Huckletree, Alphabeta Building

18 Finsbury Square



United Kingdom

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"I froze, I totally forgot my lines."
"I was shaking and I was sure everyone could see it."
"No one would find anything of interest in what I had to say."
"Other speakers are so much better than me."
"I waffled my words and it came out a mess."
"Everyone could see me sweating and it was obvious I was freaking out"
"I was petrified and rushed everything so I could get out of the situation as quickly as possible"

Countless people have cited the above as their experience of speaking in public.

But the reality is that it doesn't have to be this way - I've worked with oodles of people (see testimonails below) who have discovered that actually, we *all* have what it takes to speak in public. Period. Some people just need some help unlocking it.

I'll show you how to uncover your own:

_public speaking style

_storytelling style

_your own 'conditions for success'.

I'll also show you how to boost your own confidence, overcome any fears you have and give you an opportunity to put it into practise.

By the end of the day you will have a fully developed toolkit to take back out into the world.

Rather than try to ply you with the 'tactics' that everyone says you 'should do', the focus here will be on uncovering your own natural talents in this field and exposing them (everyone has them - we all speak all day long) and giving you the confidence to use them when you need them.

And there will definately be no slides. Definately no slides.

If you want to give me a shout prior to booking to clarify anything, drop me an email and i'll get back to you pronto.

Here's the more formal bit.

Public speaking is a skill that is crucial for people working in the fast paced modern world.

Whilst this does not mean you need to take centre stage at a conference, being confident in your ability to deliver a message, whether in a pitch, presenting work to a customer or simply at an internal meeting, is vital.

I've worked with many clients helped them overcome their fears and find their voice, helping them increase their effectiveness in communicating the messages that matter to them, their team and their business.

It doesn't have to be hard and I know that every individual has a voice, they sometimes just need some help unlocking it.

Based on a format I've honed over a number of years and after a succesful run of 7 sold out public workshops in Brighton, i'm super excited to bring the event to London at Huckletee's space. This is an open, public event to all who wish to come and develop a toolkit to find their voice - rather than as part of a programme of work for a private client which is how I usually work.

The workshop is priced at £95 per person + VAT.

Date: Tuesday 7th September 10am - 4.30pm

Participants in the workshop will:

  • Learn how everyone has the skills to speak in public

  • Identify and develop strategies to overcome your fears around speaking in public

  • Uncover the power of storytelling and identify your own unique storytelling tactics

  • Uncover your own voice and discover your own unique approach to public speaking

  • Embed new skills that you can take directly back into the workplace

  • Identify how to engage your audience through your own natural talents

By the end of the workshop you will have

  • Practised overcoming your fear successfully

  • Identified your own motivation factors and style for public speaking

  • Established your storytelling style and how to apply it

  • Delivered multiple talk to the group, in a series of formats

  • Received praise and feedback

  • Learnt how to deliver an effective message, in your own style, to whoever you need to

  • Created a set of actions to put your new learnings into practise at work

The workshop will take place in central Brighton, includes lunch and is priced to allow people with any training budget attend - less than £100.

This is the third date I'm running this workshop, the average score for the session from attendees has been 9/10.

Previous attendees testimonials and client quotes:

Jez Nicholson, Founder, Tapirtech

"This course is a welcome break from one-size-fits-all advice. Matt has a knack for setting the right environment and the right exercises for you to come up with your own personal solutions to your own personal situation."


Catrina Basset, Digital Business Manager, Dabapps

"Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and learnt so much I can put into practise, not just when presenting, but in meetings and everyday life. Everyone's voice was heard and the whole experience was positive, engaging and up-lifting. Matt facilitated the training brilliantly. Will be recommending highly!"


Anthony Prior, Founder, Bagelman

Matt managed to instantly put a diverse group of people at ease with each other which made the whole day easy going. I would recommend this day course to anyone who thinks they can't stand up and share some stories


Louise Childs, Bilddable Media Manager, Conversion Works

"Matt was awesome from the minute we walked into the room, right up to when we left. He instantly put us at ease and tapped into the things that make us most nervous to help overcome them. The group transitioned into a team, all rooting for each other to be the best that they could be and supporting each other through the challenges. We all left feeling excited and empowered for the next big event. Today I presented to the whole company and I felt like people were truly listening - super result! Thanks Matt :)"


Rachel Jordan, Lead Learning Designer at LEO

This course really took me out of my comfort zone - challenging me to reflect on what I considered an engaging speaker to be, and by encouraging me to reflect on what I need to do to embrace these elements into my own style. A truly inspirational day!


Al Power, Design Lead, Dabapps

"Matthew's expertise in and clear passion for effective communication shone through in his teaching - everyone left fired up and more confident in their natural speaking abilities. Highly recommended."


Jay Gooby, Head of Technology, Innovate UK

"I found knowing that other people had similar issues and that they didn't really show/matter the most valuable part - it was really enjoyable and has convinced me to apply to speak at more conferences"


Ollie Aplin, Roughtype & Mindjournal, Freelance digital brand professional

"Ever since I was around 14 years old I've had a crippling fear of public speaking. I've never stood up in a room and talked, purely out of fear. A personal project of mine made me want to conquer the fear and give a talk so I hire Matt to help teach me how to do it.

My sessions with Matt left my mind blown as not only did he teach me the tactics to talk but more importantly how to change how I felt about talking. Within 6 weeks Matt had me up in front of roughly 20 people, giving my first ever talk that lasted 20 minutes – with no slides. Something I still struggle to believe."


Katja Garood, Creative Director, Brandwatch UK

"I had 4 sessions of coaching with Matt a few weeks prior to my first public speaking event representing the company I work for Brandwatch. I was completely terrified at the prospect. Convinced I had nothing smart to say, that I would freeze on stage, stutter awkwardly or dribble inappropriately. I was basically self destructing before I'd even got there.

Well, anyone reading this should know, Matt's expertise, his kind disarming manner, his positive coaching style, absolutely helped me to not only deliver what I needed to, but also enjoy the build up to the event. I genuinely walked on that stage with a smile and there is no way I could have confidently done that without Matts help."


Benjamin Parry, UX and Research, Clearleft.com

Benjamin has written an extensive write up of the event on Clearlefts's website.


Sharon Tyas, freelance teacher

"I feel like a had such a break through after the 1 to 1 and the work shop with Matt. I feel determined once and for all to let go of some things and step into my grounded, confident, willing to feel nervous and not care, not prepare,over prepare f*ck it up- or not -shoes!

Matt is a lovely, genuine, person and that shines through his approach. He really listens and understands and facillitates the group so well that you quickly feel able to share anxieties with others and feel relaxed and in a non judgemental, supportive environment. He also role models being a very good public speaker with all the skills that that involves and you leave the day feeling positive and more confident ."


Amber Wilson, Freelancer UX professional

Amber Wilson has blogged about the day here: https://amberwilson.co.uk/blog/publicspeakingworkshop/

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Date and Time


Huckletree, Alphabeta Building

18 Finsbury Square



United Kingdom

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