Parenting -  Stop the Frustration!

Parenting - Stop the Frustration!

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    Online event

    Join us to find out why your child struggles, what we can do to unlock their potential and make family life less stressful.

    About this event

    This one hour webinar seeks to answer the questions that you have been asking about your child's behaviour and/or academic ability. Many of us have been led to believe that it is due to a lack of parenting skills but this is simply not true!

    As parents, we can be forgiven for thinking that our children are badly behaved or lazy.

    You already know that your child is intelligent but are they having difficulty proving it in some areas?

    I'm going to explain why children behave the way they do and why so many of their senses appear to be switched the wrong way round. For instance; Letters and numbers , consequences, empathy, sensory processing etc.

    I will also :-

    • Outline the reasons behind a child's challenging behaviour from a neuroscience perspective.
    • Explain how through our balance and co-ordination exercise programme the traits of Dyslexia, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and ASD can be alleviated making life less stressful for the whole family.
    • Re-assure parents that their child's behaviour may be genetic and not a parenting issue.
    • Provide you with a unique insight and understanding into how and why a child reacts the way they do.
    • Explain the role of the Vestibular (balance sense) for the child who cannot sit still. (Based on NASA research).
    • Demonstrate how the under-development of each of our senses affect a child's ability to learn.
    • Introduce how Performance Breakthrough exercises develop the senses enabling these intelligent children to unlock their potential and simply be happy.
    • Give Top Tips for reducing frustration and nurturing positive progression for the whole family.

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