Peer-to-peer Coaching in English: Weekly International Free Practice

Peer-to-peer Coaching in English: Weekly International Free Practice

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About this event

We are starting every Saturday at 3.00 pm London time zone.
Since the ECC invites coaches living from Los Angeles, NewYork, Madrid, London etc. in the west to Moscow, Ankara, Novosibirsk, Abu Dhabi, Delhi, Singapore in the east, each of the participants needs to know the time of our meeting in his time zone using

Dear coaches who are looking to develop their international careers!

Every pro knows good English builds the potential client's trust in your services, first impressions when meeting people and in the sales process.

Also good English skills exclude situations when you do not understand the client and are forced to ask again, thereby disrupting the client's contact and the natural course of the session.

This allows you to free your attention in the session from the language tools used, inconvenience, restrictions and unnecessary worries. To really be during the session in the field of coaching processes.

And after all well-developed English coaching skills create a confident foundation for your international career to develop and realize opportunities.

Well-developed skills in Coaching English is a foundation for development your international career

Fluency in the language of coaching and intercultural communication allows you to relieve anxiety when communicating with foreign clients and when you can act according to the situation, reformulate phrases or questions so that your client still understands you.

Having mastered the professional terminology, you can communicate with colleagues from different countries on professional topics, understand and be understood, read special literature.

Thereby you can improve qualifications around the world, keep abreast of professional trends and confidently pass qualification tests in various educational institutions. There are also great opportunities for cooperation with different international coaching federations and associations.

After all understanding shades of meanings with different formulations and word replacements lets you be free to use metaphors and stories in English. And create conditions for a safe and rewarding coaching presence giving your customers a real pleasure in the communication process.

How unique Club’s peer coaching meetings lets our members to learn and enjoy in action?

Peer coaching is a confidential process through which two or more colleagues work together to reflect on current practices; expand, refine, and build new skills; share ideas; teach one another; conduct classroom research; or solve problems in the workplace.

We can dissect several elements from this definition:

◉ peer coaching takes place between two or more colleagues who reflect on current practices, this looks a lot like giving feedback

◉ the second part is about building skills, which has a development element to it

◉ the third part is about sharing ideas and teaching one another which also has a learning and development element to it

◉ the last part is about solving problems in the workplace which reminds us of the importance of soft skills – and collaboration in particular – to solve (future) workplace challenges

Our meeting principles are based on coaching practices and proactivity - each of us is a source of our own learning and at the same time the whole group also learns and develops together in cooperation processes. We develop the formats of our meetings based on the following stages:

A) presentation in the elevator. + everyone tells what he came with, what he thinks lately, what he wrote, what he did and what he achieved, what task he is working on, how he understands his situation from a helicopter, that is, what focuses of attention

B) presentation of material on international careers (host or guest speaker), optional

C) Presentation on terminology in English, not linguistic aspects (presenter or guest speaker), optional

D) the tasks for the meeting to do something, to do something are announced. Each of the participants chooses a task for the meeting from the proposed ones or formulates his own.

E) coaching 2 or 3 each (working on an international career) + supervision / coaching on a career topic or other / linguistic OS. We divide the group into pairs in which the level of English is close.

F) Self-reflection, filling out reports, surveys, tests. Optional

G) Sharing, summing up. What we managed to do, notice, understand, thanks.

We invite you to enjoy new life and career journey with friends!

Feel and learn closer to people from different cultures, share and get support to keep focus on your way.

A career is realized through gaining an audience, if internally you render your clients the high quality services.

If the quality of your service do not satisfy your clients, you do not get repeated calls and coaching remains your hobby. It is the trust of your grateful clients that form periodic repeated calls and orders, and your coaching is truly in demand, it goes off with a bang! It doesn’t matter if you work in the open market or within a corporation.

They create and share their feedback from working with you, promote and voluntarily recommend your ideas, approaches, services, sites, presentations and channels to their friends, acquaintances and, of course, colleagues in their business.

If you don’t show up and make yourself public, clients will not know you as a professional as well.

Career is a project. In each career there is a period of investment, there is a harvesting stage. One of the profound investments is a regular practice in the supportive atmosphere of the people with the same values.

You can face barriers …

We invite you to join peer-to-peer coaching in ECC, if you encounter at least one of the situations:

It is difficult to practice coaching on a regular basis

You care about regular practice to maintain the quality of your work or lack hours for certification (ACC, PCC, etc.) and you are searching for long-term collaborations to exchange coach sessions to reach your desired certificate level as soon as possible to confirm externally your high level of qualification. From time to time your partner goes to annual leave or have some urgent events what makes you to reschedule appointments, disappoints you and delays the achievement of your goal. You want to have regular practice at Peer coaching meetings.

You do not have enough confidence to cope with working with international clients

Does the language barrier prevent you from communicating freely in a foreign language? Coaching can be a new professional field for you and you can lack specialized vocabulary. You may also be concerned about how to deal with intercultural characteristics and differences and so as not to offend your partner and maintain relationships.

Fear of mistake

You can feel uncertainty about the session due to lack of vocabulary and your English. Does the strong dissatisfaction with your results in achieving goals and the speed of it deprive you of strength and motivation?

You can enjoy …

the following advantages of the peer-to-peer meetings in ECC:


Peer-to-peer coaching meetings in EСC takes place regularly once a week at the same time — so you can ensure regularity of your practice and avoid time and efforts for organizational issues

Atmosphere to support your growth and enlarge experience

You will find yourself in the place of people with the same values of development, respect to each other, the right for mistake and high quality feedback to each other as one of the main principles of growth. Your clients will be people with different levels of English and with different accents as in real life, so you will have the opportunity to enrich your experience.


You can expand your own circle of acquaintances and communication, make friends in different countries and broaden your mindset and borders.

You have the opportunity to find partners for international projects, expanding the circle of international acquaintances from around the world and perform in international events with international speakers.

Introduce yourself to spark…

Moreover at the start of our meetings as a positive motivation to come in time you can enjoy the opportunity to get acquaintance with all other participants by applying and training the elevator speech.

Your elevator pitch is a way to share your expertise and credentials very quickly and effectively with people who don’t know you and spark the listener’s interest in your idea, services, organization or background.

The presentation with the description, structure and examples of application of elevator pitch will be sent to you after registration for the meeting.

How English Coaching Club project lets coaches to work all over the world?

A community in which an international coach career becomes a reality!

Do you want to expand your coaching private practice and start working with international clients from different countries?

We invite to the Club those who is interested in

◉ Become an international expert and work worldwide, offline or online

◉ Make more money, receive new clients and participate in new interesting projects

◉ Expand his own circle of acquaintances and communication, make friends in different countries. And travel more.

◉ Expand experience, horizons, mindset and borders

◉ Perform in international events with international speakers

Come to the Club with your friends and colleagues. After all, a supportive and friendly environment is half the success!

For someone, the Club’s programs, studies, and skills related to the improving the English language are more interesting. For someone related to the development of coaching his or her own models, perception and skills, for someone with promotion in their niche in foreign markets.

At subsequent meetings of the ECC you can participate in various programs, master-classes and discussions on topics related to coaching in English, conducted by experts in the field or take pleasure and practice by watching and discussing movies.

The meetings are free after registration.

For more profound development there is a set of paid opportunities:

◉ individual or group work

◉ groups for participants with different level of English (beginners, intermediate, advanced)

◉ depending on the declared speed of study- intensive and long-term with regular meetings once or two times a week

◉ focused on individual professional areas — English for coaches.

Come to the Club with your friends and colleagues. After all, a supportive and friendly environment is half the success!

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On our meeting we always warmly welcome and get to know each other. Traditionally, we start our meeting with such useful tool as Elevator pitch.

We invite you to our meeting of English Coaching Club!

Meeting leads:

Alexey Gonchar Nikolaenko

Founder of ECC. Business coach, co-founder of the Russian chapter of "The Inner Game Institute" of Timothy Gallwey, founder of "Data Driven Coaching" methodology.

Irina Sherstobitova

Leader of ECC. Professional Coach (ACC ICF), Master of Psychology, Gestalt Therapist.


Participation in the event is free, but registration in the form below is required to get a link to the Zoom room.

If you have difficulties to register for event, please feel free to write on Facebook business-page in direct message here

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