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The Old Bakehouse

Commercial Road

St Mawes


United Kingdom

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Lieutenant Kelly is serving for the UN during the Bosnia War. After a ferocious battle with war criminals, he must now combat PTSD.

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I am a former Veteran who was diagnosed with PTSD after the Iraq war. This is our first feature film, and we had no funding to make this project over the last 6 years. The film is about Mental Health, which we believe it can bring hope and awareness to those that are suffering from this terrible condition.

Brief Synopsis

Lieutenant Kelly is serving for the UN during the Bosnia War. After a ferocious battle with war criminals, Kelly is court-martialled and goes back to civilian life haunted by the horrific memories.

"A very considerable piece of work, and most importantly an interesting twist on that terrible Bosnian war."

Tony Palmer Film Director

Full Synopsis

Lt. Kelly is on his first operational tour of duty with the United Nations in Bosnia. The year is 1995 and tensions are running high with millions of people being displaced and killed with the genocide inflicted by a brutal civil war. Lt. Kelly and his platoon are deployed to the Serbian Border after receiving orders from the United Nations Headquarters. Kelly and his men are warned to only show a UN presence and not to engage with the enemy. They Team unearth recently committed war crimes and Kelly dismisses the advice of his experienced crew and tries to carry out his orders but does not take into around the serious nature of the task ahead and a bloody battle opens up against the Militia led by General Berbatov. Lt. Kelly escapes the battle unscathed physically but is discharged immediately and mentally traumatized by what he has witnessed with the constant nightmares haunting him from the very second, he arrives home to process the horrors of war. With his mental health in tatters, the civilian life he left behind starts to collapse and the denial of what he did or did not do starts to creep up on him driving him to drink and suicidal thoughts. He meets several people along the way who challenge him, some are in his mind and some are of the physical world and lines blur between the madness of PTSD and how it plays with your subconscious mind. The characters force Lt. Kelly to look deep with his own soul and find the way out.

Wrestling with the ghosts of his past, he finds solace in a therapy group where he meets a woman suffering from the most horrendous domestic violence. As he lets go of his demons, he finds the path of healing his soul-spiritual. The unlikely couple find a common bond through therapy and forgiveness. The journey of revenge tempts Lt. Kelly back to war as he struggles to find a new purpose in his life.

The film is loosely based on true events and will push you mentally because you will ask yourself what would you do in Lt Kelly’s position?

Was he right or wrong?

The story will take you on an emotional roller coaster and show you where the subconscious and the reality of life itself are buried within the rubble and wreckage of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Written, produced, and directed by Martin Webster.

Martin Webster is a controversial figure who first became known out of the documentary Diary of a Disgraced Soldier 2009. He was a British Army Corporal who served for 12 years and had completed operational tours of Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone & Iraq. Author of the book, ‘Soldier of Consequence’, Webster takes a darker look at the moral implications of war which is not so vocal in many other war books.

"The Soldier takes the life, but the human being has to live the consequences." is a quote from this publication. The author has gone on to write the film, ‘Penitent’ about Bosnia. Combining his stories from Military service and years of working as a therapist he wrote the film ‘Penitent’.

Martin hopes that the film will test you when you watch it and hopefully will encourage those suffering from any mental health condition into asking for help as the first step to recovery.

The filmmaking process has been very emotional with lots of people helping to finish this project. It has received no funding and it has been made on the back of the efforts of the most amazing team.

If the film saves one life by someone asking for help, then we have achieved our aim.


Julian Seager, Mark Ryan, Steven Kelly, Jim Main, Ally Harrison, Tim Seyfert, Guillaume Rivaud.

Des Edwards, Emily Carding, Luke D'Silva , Jason Gerdes, Chris Barnicoat, Stuart Milliner, Dave Trowt, Sabina Casian, Jon Davey Donna Carole, Kelley Buckley, Liam Davies, Katrina Louise Darwentt, Josh Trowt, Dan Bisset, Rob Thurlow Chris Martin & Adrian Hodge

Written, produced & Screenplay by Martin Webster

Edited & CGI by: Jordan Cottingham

Music Score by: Lee Groves

Directed by: Martin Webster

Artwork by: Steven Woods

Assistant Director Jordan Cottingham

Cinematography by John O’Regan, Peter Doyle-Davidson & Kyle Richardson

Sound Engineers & Sound Design By Michael Tibbins, Sean Benny

1st Assistant Camera - Peter Doyle Davidson

2nd Assistant Camera - Mia Garfield, Mac Carr, Joshua Bransgrove & Sharon Broughton

Casting by: Martin Webster & Mark Ryan

Excustive Producer Richard Atkinson

Acociated Producers: Mark Ryan, Julian Seager, Chris Ryan & Martin Webster

Special Effects by: Jordan Cottingham Poster by Steven Woods & Stevie Donohue

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Date and time


The Old Bakehouse

Commercial Road

St Mawes


United Kingdom

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