Peri/ Menopause - The Journey

Peri/ Menopause - The Journey

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    Gather in Circle for Menopause Wisdom, Soothing Forest Bathing sessions and Transformational Teachings on Menopause as a Rite of Passage

    About this event

    A closed group of 4 sessions over 4 months held on Tuesday daytimes, held in the Totnes area.

    Starting on 27th September (10am - 2.30pm, and meeting again on 11th October, 8th November & 6th December), aimed at building your menopasue resilience toolkit so that you can thrive and step into the transformative power that this rite of passage offers.

    We will look at:

    • The Map of Womanhood
    • Menopause as a Rite of Passage
    • The 4 Phases of Peri-menopause
    • The 5 Stages of Menopause
    • Nutrition for Menopause
    • Holistic Pelvic Care
    • Sex & Relationships in the Menopausal Transformation
    • The Importance of Vitamin S and Vitamin R
    • Regular Forest Bathing Sessions
    • A safely held space for Sharing
    • Listening Partnerships
    • A simple Rite of Passage Celebration
    • Held in a beautiful venue close to the River Dart

    Emma Capper (Creative Journeys in Nature) and Nisha Toppin (Period Health Matters) are joining forces again to bring their special combination of menopause wisdom, sacred circle time and forest bathing to support women going through this mid life change. All women at any stage of peri-menopause through to post-menopause are welcome (if you're wondering to yourself if you're in peri-menopause, you're ready to come!).

    Peri-menopause and menopause are times of immense change in women’s lives. It can be likened to going through puberty again, in reverse! Many women feel unprepared for the physical, emotional and spiritual changes that they undergo.

    These supportive circles will offer the sapce for you to drop into the presence of women going through a similar life stage, with time to share your experience of this time of great potency and change. The sensory practice of forest bathing, with guided invitations to help you relax and unwind offers the nervous system a deeply restorative space to recalibrate. We offer you a safe space and time to find support from each other and from the magnificence of the cycles of nature around us.

    Nisha Toppin is a Red School Menstruality Mentor, Yoga Teacher and Girl’s Mentor based in Devon. She runs workshops on period health, peri-menopause & menopause, leads mother-daughter groups and supports women 1-1 in her coaching practice. Forest Bathing with Emma have been an integral, nourishing and transformative part of her own menopause journey.

    Emma Capper is an Artist and Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide. She offers regular “Wanders for Wellbeing”and retreats around South Devon.

    "When women come together with collective intention, magic happens" (Phylicia Rashad)

    Testimonials from 'Forest Bathing for Menopause' Sessions

    “It was so nourishing to join with women in a similar life phase. To be held by Emma and Nisha and the woods was so soothing to a nervous system in transition. I left feeling seen, heard and having witnessed the beauty and potency of women in this stage of their lives and the possibilities ahead. Highly recommend taking a walk in the woods with these wise women.” Helen Jacoby - walk participant in February 2021

    “Forest bathing walk with Nisha and Emma is just what I needed in the midst of my peri-menopausal roller coaster. I felt deeply held by a combination of nature and human support. The session was gentle and powerful at the same time, leaving plenty of space for each of us to find what we needed, meander and just be. This was topped with an empowering vision of what menopause can be and simple, good company of women.” Agata Krakewska - walk participant in March 2021

    Feedback from Menopause Workshops with Nisha

    "What an amazing workshop on Sunday, beautifully delivered! I feel so much happier in my periomenopausal body!" - Justine Fitton, Green Heart Kitchen

    “I thought I was the only one slowly falling apart and going mad, but meeting others in the same menopausal boat was reassuring, heartening and humorous! Nisha's choice knowledge and graceful guidance helped me to chart a course to navigate through these challenging and tidal times. There was ample time for sharing experience, helpful information on the biochemistry of bodily changes and pointers on self care and support. Nisha is very knowledgeable and experienced and this resonates in her words. She holds a gentle, nurturing and grounded space, allowing to find your own way through.” - Vimmi Vatish - Bodyworker, Mother and Teacher

    "It truly was a beautiful space...Nurturing and informative...You have such a gift Nisha, holding space and all you are." - Kay Murphy, Steiner Waldorf Educator

    "After a fantastic workshop with Nisha Toppin on Menopause, I have realised what powerful time it can be if we really honour our process and care for ourselves. I thought I was in crisis and was ready to run for the hills and hide in a cave but now realise I am transitioning to a very powerful place!"

    "What an amazing workshop yesterday, beautifully delivered! I feel so much happier in my peri menopausal body. Well done you!"

    "Oh! It’s so exciting. Thank you thank you for sharing your wisdom and planting powerful seeds in our hearts and our wombs!!!!"

    "Women like me need to know this Essential Information! I think you have saved my marriage!"

    At Menarche, a woman meets her power for the first time

    During her Menstruating years, she practices her power

    At Menopause, she becomes her Power

    (Traditional native American saying)

    Your booking is for all 4 sessions (27th september, 11th October, 8th November & 6th December). The group is a closed group, so you can't drop in to individual days - this is so that we can build a sense of safety and committment in the group.

    We encourge you to pay the Supporter price if you can, to enable sisters with a low income to come. Thank you x

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