Photography 101---  A 12 week Photography Course for Beginners & Improvers....		  £66 for the course
Photography 101---  A 12 week Photography Course for Beginners & Improvers....		  £66 for the course

Photography 101--- A 12 week Photography Course for Beginners & Improvers....

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Union Chapel

2 Wellington Road



M14 6EQ

United Kingdom

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Want to create better pictures?

Want to find out what those scary looking buttons and dials do?

Frustrated that your photos don't turn out as you want?

Always thinking other people's images are better than yours?

This 12-week course will start from the very basics, looking at the different types of cameras that are available and which may be the most suitable for your needs.

Each week a voluntary photo assignment will be set as homework......

Bring in your images to show to the class...receive constructive feedback.

Each week we will look at the work of a famous photographer and discuss their images and how we may used their techniques to improve our own work.

At the end of the term, the best photographs will be printed and exhibited.

This is not your average photography course. As well as looking at the mechanics and science of photography we will be delving into the artistic side...

We will be examining composition, finding a variety of methods to help create better images, We will also be looking at the work of some amazing photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansell Adams and Robert Capa.

The history of photography will be discussed in order to appreciate the work of those that have gone before. We will also spend a little time looking at the law, post processing, tagging and storing images safely.

Who should come on this course?

Whilst this is advertised as a beginners and improvers course, anyone who is serious about their photography may benefit from attending.

I believe mastering the camera is the easy part....I am much more interested in photography as an art. The camera is merely the medium we use to create. Serious photographers craft their image using the raw material of photography:- light and time.

A significant part of this course will be devoted to looking at images from a wide variety of photographers (including photographs taken by the class) and trying to understand what the photographer was trying to convey and what makes an outstanding image. We will discover some of the methods employed and how we could incorporate them into our photography,


Why have you advertised this as a free course but there is a charge?

The course charge is £66 (£31, if you are on a means tested benefit) This represents truly outstanding value for a course of this quality. I use Eventbrite to publicise the course because it's a great way to advertise, unfortunately, there is no way to advertise it as a chargeable course without using Eventbrite to collect the payment.

The cost per session is just over £5 (£2.50 if you are on a means tested benefit) which is fantastic value.

The course is held under the auspices of Opportunites and Activites, a registered charity whose aims to provide adult classes that may no longer be provided by the Local authority.

The costs of the class are kept to the absolute minimum to make it affordable for all.

Reduced rates are available for people on means-tested benefits.

There are also a limited number of bursaries available.

Do I need to bring a camera?

There is no requirement to bring a camera to most sessions. However, there will be some practical sessions so you will need any sort of camera to get the most from the course.

Will I learn to use my camera during the course.

There are hundreds of different cameras and they all work slightly differently. Due to lack of time, I will be unable to give you individual tuition on your camera. What we learn on the course will be applicable to most cameras but it is your responsibility to learn to the controls of your own camera. To advance to the next level you will need to be able to operate most of the controls of the camera without hesitation...a bit like when you drive you concentrate on the road and not the accelerator, steering wheel etc,

What Level of Experience do I need for this course

The course starts from the very basics, dealing with basic principles and developing over the weeks.

Will there be an opportunity to attend other courses in the future?

I hope to carry on and develop the course over future terms building on what we cover.

Will there be a lot of technical stuff on the workshop?

My aim is to make this course as simple as possible. There will be some basic concepts that you will need to understand in order to be able to improve your photography but jargon and words like f-stop will be kept to the absolute minimum. As the course progresses more challenging concepts will be introduced

Is there any parking?

Parking isn't ideal but generally, it's quite easy to find a place to park on nearby roads.

What qualifies you to teach Photography?

I don't have any formal qualifications although I am working towards my Licentiate with the SWPP.

I have also had several of my images publicised in various magazines. I am not a professional photographer as this is purely a hobby for me but I like to think that the work I produce is of a very high standard.

I have attended numerous training course run by top photographers and I hope I can pass on some of the knowledge that I have learned over the years. I have also had some fantastic feedback from a previous course that I ran.

My main qualification is I love all things photographic! Love to discuss, teach and learn which I hope this course will allow,

Is the course suitable for children

Due to safeguarding issues, this course is only open to people 16 years and older.

Do I have to join in the practical session and show my images

There is no pressure to show your images. The aim of the course is to help you to improve your photography and you will only receive constructive comments about your images.

There is no obligation to share your images, but I would strongly encourage you to share as I believe this is by far the best way to improve. Only constructive feedback will be allowed on the course.

How Many people will be on the course?

To ensure that everyone can get enough time to give their opinion and show their images I will be limiting the course to a maximum of 10 people.

More questions?

I am very happy to talk to you about the course. You can contact me on 07817 324621 and I will try to answer any queries you have.

Contact Details

Tutor Philip Paulden 07817 324621 Course Admin/bookings 0161 225 4226

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Date and Time


Union Chapel

2 Wellington Road



M14 6EQ

United Kingdom

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