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This online course is for physiotherapists who want to support and assess the practice learning of physiotherapy students on placement.

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Physiotherapy Practice Educator Training - Day 2

This is an online course - necessary social distancing due to COVID-19

This Physiotherapy Practice Educator Course would normally take place as face to face delivery at the university's Collegiate Campus. However, due to necessary social distancing for everyone's safety and to ensure that the training course will continue to be available for practising physiotherapists, the programme has been restructured so that it can continue to be delivered online.

The online course will continue to maintain its same high standard of delivery and the value of its completion certificate will be unchanged. The course is delivered by members of the Physiotherapy Academic Team at the College of health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences, Sheffield Hallam University.

Who should attend Day 2

This is Day 2 of the two days Practice Educator Course for physiotherapists.

Before you attend Day 2 you will need to have:

  1. Attended Day 1 of the Practice Educator Course for physiotherapists.
  2. Worked with, and supported, a physiotherapy student whilst they were on their practice learning experience placement.
  3. Completed your reflections of your student placement and recorded them in your electronic workbook. (Please contact Paul at if you need another copy of workbook and he will email you one).
  4. You have read the 'Preparation for Day 2' section in your electronic workbook.

On Day 2, there will be further materials (presented on the day) to complete the course. The reflections of the work you did, and support you gave, with your placement student - as recorded in your electronic workbook - will be shared online your physiotherapy peers as an integral part of your assessment.

Reminder of the Physiotherapy Practice Educator Course content

The course comprises an initial Day , and around six months later, a follow-up Day 2. During the intervening six months, candidates are expected to have worked with and supported a physiotherapy student while on their practice experience placement with you.

The course explores the roles and skills of the Practice Educator Physiotherapist; it is supported throughout by an electronic workbook.

An integral part of the electronic workbook is the physiotherapist's personal reflections of their work with the student. The heading of each reflection in the workbook will give you an idea of what is being looked for.

During your work with your student you should aim to keep in mind the reflections' headings in your electronic workbook and seek and observe opportunities to record activities that may match one or more of these. Doing this will help to draw the student out and will further enrich the placement both for them and for you.

Record your reflections while they are still fresh in your mind; these will form an important part of your peer assessment on Day 2, leading towards a successful and rewarding completion of the course.

How Day 2 of the online course will be delivered

The course will mainly be delivered via a Zoom online meeting. It is appreciated that you may have difficulty accessing the Zoom meeting due to any necessary Firewall restrictions in place by your employer. If this is the situation for you, we recommend you access the Zoom meeting via your laptop or other device. The ideal environment would be to attend the Zoom meeting at you home, but under present circumstances this may not be possible for you.

The university has been rolling out MS Teams across the Colleges and eventually this will be used instead of Zoom. There is a bit of a learning curve here but staff are becoming steadily more conversant with the MS Teams application.

On completion of the course

After attending Day 2 you will receive, by email, a certificate to acknowledge that you have successfully completed the Physiotherapy Practice Educator course.

Attending Physiotherapy Practice Educator Updates

As a qualified Physiotherapy Practice Educator, you will need to attend a two hours update session every two years to maintain your qualification. Do ensure that you make a note of the issue date of your course completion certificate and keep it somewhere that you can easily find it e.g., an electronic diary is a good place.

Dates for up and coming training courses and update sessions will be posted on the College's website for physiotherapists. You can also contact Paul at for the dates.

Continued self-directed learning

As a Practice Educator, it is always useful to keep up to date, when possible, with helpful, associated learning resources. For members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, there is a lot of very useful and practical information on their website under Members Resources. In addition, the Physiotherapy Academic Team at SHU will be able to give you guidance if there is something specific that you would like to expand your skills in.

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