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Doubltree by Hilton Dunblane Hydro

Perth Rd


FK15 0HG

United Kingdom

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Pilates Festival Scotland is back by popular demand on the 26th of March 2017. We’re going bigger and better showcasing brand new classes and internationally renowned instructors! We're teaming up with amazing healthy companies such as Lululemon, Nairns, BonAccord, Neils Yard and many more to give you an amazing, mind-awakening and healthy day out!

Designed to develop your core strength and improve your posture through stretching, muscle toning and conditioning. Pilates is a versatile and adaptable method of movement to realign, rebalance, improve stability, flexibility and strength.

The Instructors

We have a first class line-up of instructors bringing innovative classes to the big day. Details of which are being released every week! Here is the line up so far:

Joakim Valsinger

Joakim is an Award Winning Fitness Instructor and a Lolita San Miguel disciple having graduated from her Pilates Master Mentor Program in 2015. He runs Bälans Pilates Studio and Treatment Rooms in Perth where he lives with his wife and baby daughter. Joakim was the first person in the UK to become an Educator for Lolita’s Legacy, Comprehensive Pilates teacher Training.
In 2014 Joakim received a Fitness Industry Award, the Spirit of Flame, in recognition for going the extra mile in getting more people exercising more often.

Joakim Trained as a Pilates Instructor with the Pilates Foundation, before qualifying as an Instructor with Body Control Pilates in 2004. He also has a Level 4 Lower Back Pain Specialist accreditation with REPs, the Register of Exercise Professionals.

A Swedish born Australian, Joakim came to the UK in 1998. He is a former Australian Army Reserve SF Commando, Bondi Beach Surf Life Saver and Territorial Army Physical Training Instructor. A Military background is relatively unusual in the Pilates industry and Joakim manages to combine the physical and mental fitness techniques used in the Military with the mind-body awareness and sensitivity that can be found in the Pilates Method. Many of the techniques and strategies used in training of Military personnel are very useful in the setting of a Pilates Studio and Joakim hopes to share as much as he can from his experiences and observations.

Joakim makes regular trips overseas as a Fitness Instructor and guest Pilates Instructor. He has lead the ‘Exercise Active Archipelago’ a Boot Camp style fitness challenge series on a remote island in Sweden, and taught at SunFit, a fitness retreat for British Military Fitness, as well as the beautiful Pilates & Yoga Retreat AzulFit, both on Fuerte Ventura.

Iain Dunn

Assistant Studio Manager The Pilates Hub,
Certified Master Teacher & Pelvic Health Coach.

Iain is Assistant Studio Manager at the The Pilates Hub, just off the popular shore area of Leith. The Pilates Hub is a fully equipped warehouse style studio, offering Scotland’s first Tower classes, a range of Reformer classes and many speciality workshops at weekends including small equipment, classic mat and mindfulness. In the past Iain has been based at other Edinburgh studios and venues, gaining great experience working closely alongside specialists in movement therapies, physical therapies and holistic practices. His area of special interest is in pelvic health providing personal coaching to men and women struggling with chronic pelvic pain or for new mums and mums to be, or anyone in need of pelvic or abdominal rehabilitation.

After certifying as a Teacher Iain’s final examiner advised him that he came across ‘too passionate about Pilates’ and that he ought to try and ‘tone it down a bit’. Today as a more seasoned apparatus teacher and classic mat Master Teacher Iain has generally ignored that advice and toned it down very little, if at all. His rambunctious enthusiasm is forgivable as he suffered greatly from chronic pelvic pain and it was finding Pilates that helped put him on the road to recovery.

Iain considers reading his teachers copy of Joseph Pilates’ ‘Return to Life’ as one of his lives great turning points. A practice that combined holistic philosophy with science, anatomy and methodology resonated so deeply with him at that time he set about embracing the method fully into his lifestyle.

He is one of those classic success stories of a total novice quitting their old job and transforming into an established teacher, in Iain’s case that seemed to occur almost overnight. His high level of focus on getting well again meant Iain spent so much time in the studio that he gained great experience very quickly.

Iain certified with Body Control Pilates, and progressed to Master level and was soon also supervising student teachers. He began his studio training there in the London style although thirsty for a broader view of Pilates he quickly branched out into other schools. Iain has now been influenced by a broad spectrum of approaches and styles from the US, and Europe.

Locally in Edinburgh Iain is best known for teaching classic mat with his own tailored style and variations. He is also known among teachers for developing his own unique exercises mostly from his experience working with his own chronic pain.

Iain is no stranger to transformation, he was unfit and obese for most of his young life and didn’t find a passion for fitness until he got the running bug at 23, running a marathon a few years later. A keen cyclist also Iain has made the journey from Lands’ End to John O’Groats on pedal power and completed many other combined events such as triathlon, obstacle races, even a solo sky dive!

Although these passions now take a back seat to Pilates that is largely because he seeks to inspire more men to practice Pilates and tries to present a more old school ‘Uncle Joe’ brand of teacher in his work and so often can be found exploring weight lifting, modern gym work and self-defence.

Above all Iain sees himself as a Pilates super geek and derives great joy from sharing his passion. He is at his happiest when indulging his fascination by finding new ways that healthy movement practice can improve how we live and feel within our own bodies.

Leone Shaw Tulloch

A passionate Pilates Instructor, Leone has been practicing Pilates for nearly 20 years. Having moved to Kintyre 5 years ago, she found there were no Pilates instructors in the area and decided to train with BodyControl to bring Pilates to this remote beautiful area of Scotland. Based in Campbeltown, Leone now delivers Mat classes and 1:1 consultations throughout Argyll and Kintyre. Her aim is to inspire more Pilates fans to help her spread the benefits of Pilates, throughout Argyll. Leone’s warm, friendly and open approach to teaching and her desire to encourage better body awareness and movement are the key features of her practice. Leones missionary zeal and high quality teaching in Argyll, is legendary. She is proof that desire and dedication with something you love,improves life and those you have contact with.

Cameron Angus

Cameron is a collector of great ways to get people well through movement and a positive mind set. He is a Clinical Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with 30 years experience. Including a career as a military physiotherapist. He has special interests in chronic pain, spinal, pelvic and shoulder problems, whiplash and headaches.

A renowned Pilates teacher and international lecturer he trained as a fully certified studio pilates teacher over 20 years ago, he now trains pilates and other movement related instructors himself. Cameron has extensive experience in bodywork, performance and rehabilitation. Uniquely, Cameron may have been the first to teach pilates in Iraq and Afghanistan!

​Cameron is a member of the Manipulative Association of Physiotherapists and has an MSc in Ergonomics. He has a passion in understanding peoples motivations and encouraging individuals to find their passion and enjoy movement and body awareness. His experience, knowledge and a positive approach create a unique blend, to help professionals and clients foster their health and education needs. Cameron also runs an initiative for wounded veterans called MOBILIZE.

Vanessa Smith

Vanessa is a Pilates teacher and Feldenkrais practitioner. She has been studying movement since childhood: ballet, contemporary dance, Laban movement analysis, choreography, Pilates and Feldenkrais. She studied contemporary dance at the Laban Centre in London, and subsequently performed and choreographed professionally.

Vanessa teaches Pilates and Feldenkrais from her studio in Glasgow. In 2014 she became the only Pilates teacher training provider in Scotland to offer a training accredited by the Pilates Foundation UK.

Vanessa has taught for the Pilates Foundation AGM, Dance UK, Harmony Taiso Method Association in Tokyo and Okinawa and is a part time lecturer on Modern Ballet degree course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

The Classes


Use your spine to power your centre and your body. Remove fear of movement, and explore the whole spine including the essential spirals.

This class wakes up the spine, raises awareness and then explores all spine moves including the essential spirals. Going on to link your limbs, creating whole body moves “driven” from the spine.

Viewing the spine as the essential kinetic energy storage and driver of the body, you will integrate the limbs with moves generated from the centre and encouraging big flowing controlled moves. Nourish your spine and free any thoughts of restrictions.

We use cues such as “coiled” and “spring” when describing the spine.

Suitable for all, this class always enlightens the body to what it can achieve and gives confidence in moving allwrapped up in the Pilates principles and shedding new light on some of the Pilates exercises.


Iain found that Pilates gave him a “road map” to better health and each repetition was a real and effective process of change with which he could take ownership of himself.

In this hour you can expect a fun and honest session where Iain will share his best tricks of the trade and dirty secrets from the rigorous and inventive self-practice that got him from a total beginner to a master of the mat. Iain will share how he overcame challenges in his hips and pelvis. How he released holding patterns to efficiently free his body for the Classic exercise repertoire. He will ensure all ability levels can “feel” and enjoy the exercises whilst seeing how they can progress.

A great deal of Iain’s inspiration came from trying to achieve the apparatus results he felt in the studio, but only working on the mat. In this class he will teach a few of his favourite apparatus-mat crossovers with the use of oppositional cues and smaller equipment.

This session will be in two parts:

1: Freeing the body for the classics

‘In order to flow through Classic work effectively the body must be free to move. Find and let go of your holding patterns:

2: Tailoring the classic exercises for your body.

We’ll have a more flowing second half featuring sections of the classic mat with variations and styles that have become part of the melting pot that is my ongoing classic mat obsession of making it accessible to all’

Joakim Valsinger - The Stretchy Band – A Pilates Studio In Your Pocket

The Stretchy Band is one of the most versatile pieces of hand held equipment in the Pilates Instructor’s arsenal. Similar in resistance to the springs of the Pilates Apparatus one can approximate some of the exercises we normally do only on the Reformer or Cadillac. This way the Matwork can blend into the apparatus repertoire. The Stretchy band is also brilliant at giving assistance to well known nemesis Matwork exercises like the Roll Up and Teaser. And just like all good Pilates Apparatus, the Stretchy Band offers a whole new range of movements, which cannot be replicated on any other piece of equipment.

Pilates festival Scotland will provide you with a stretchy band to use and then take home to practise the moves you experience and learn in Joakim’s session at the Pilates Festival Scotland.

Get ready to stretch body and imagination.

Leone-Shaw Tulloch - The Foam Roller for Pilates - A Stabilising Influence

Leone is sharing her foam roller moves that she uses on all levels of client.

The foam roller is a prop you can use to enhance your pilates practice. Add more intensity to your exercises, challenge your stabilisers, improve your body awareness and release muscular tension to facilitate better flowing movement.

Just lying along the length of the Roller engages your deep intrinsic muscles, Encouraging use your deep stabilisers to maintain balance, keep your spine in a great position and prevent unwanted movement. This session will further explore your stability, challenging your pelvis and spinal alignment whilst moving through a series of hip and shoulder exercises, gradually building up the demands on your core stabilisers.

As well as challenging your stability, the foam roller adds a different and exciting dimension to familiar Pilates exercises such as spine curls. As you articulate your spine, every nuance is felt as you become super aware of how your spine moves and using the feedback from the roller, you can encourage more efficient spinal movements.

For many years, Foam Rollers, have been used in physical therapy settings and many athletes understand the benefits of using the roller to release tight muscles. As we move through different exercises we will be also using the roller for myofascial release, allowing our bodies to re balance and free up, enabling us to reach optimum flexibility.

You will have lots of “take home” exercises and techniques after this session.


In this lesson Vanessa will take you through a series of movements that will sequentially take each of your joints through there full ranges of motion, flexion, extension, side flexion and rotation. Then the delicious combinations that we use in real life. Vanessa will lead participants using imagery, bodyweight, and other tools that she has accumulated over the years, in her extensive background of movement education, including her other specialty, Feldenkrais.

Vanessa creates a heighted sense of awareness that allows her to create length throughout the spine from the head to the pelvis, moving smoothly from move to the next to encourage a strong and efficient flow within the body.

You will take away a new awareness and skill set that you can use in every day life or use to enhance your regular Pilates Practice….. No wonder dancers love Pilates!

What does your ticket include?

  • Five unique classes catering to all levels and ability, making up five hours of Pilates.

  • Access to the countries leading instructors

  • Loads of Health and Pilates goodies available

  • A super healthy lunch

  • Refrshments throughout the day

  • A jam packed Pilates goody bag

  • The best Pilates atmosphere Scotland has to offer

  • Pilates equipment demonstartions including Air Control Pilates and expert reformer demonstartions


08:30 - 0 9:30 Registration/Tea and Coffee
09:30 - 10:00 Welcome/Warm-up
10:05 - 11:05 Class 1
11:10 - 12:10 Class 2
12:10 - 13:10 Lunch/Tea and Coffee/Demonstrations
13:10 - 14:10 Class 3
14:15 - 15:15 Class4
15:20 - 15:40 Tea and Coffee
15:40 - 16:40 Class 5
​16:45 - 17:00 Warm-down/Fairwells


“Thanks for a great day. So well organised and met some lovely people.” Janis McLellan

“Thanks so much for a fantastic event - can't wait till the next one already” Dave McAuley

“Really enjoyed the day, lots of learning & lovely people.” Debbie Parker


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Yes. You need to be 18 years or older to attend.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

All parking is free. Dunblane is very easy to get to. With road and rail links. You can find out more information on how to get to the venue here.

What can/can't I bring to the event?

Bring your own yoga mat if you would like but we will provide one for you. Please wear comfy workout clothes. Apart from that, just an open mind and we'll take care of the rest!

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Email us: pilatesfestivalscotland@gmail.com

How much experience in Pilates do I need?

All you need is a basic understanding of Pilates. As long as you have attended regular mat work classes you will be able to fully enjoy the day. These sessions have been designed to take into account all skill levels and experience.

Refund Policy

We are more than happy to provide a 100% refund on your ticket up to 7 days before the event. Unfortunatly within 7 days of the event we cannot offer a refund. This is due to us having to pay penalties to our venue provider. You are more than welcome to sell your ticket to friends, just drop us an email to let us know.

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Date and Time


Doubltree by Hilton Dunblane Hydro

Perth Rd


FK15 0HG

United Kingdom

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