Placing Project Evaluations in the Hands of Communities

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Placing Project Evaluations in the Hands of Communities: What Have We Learnt from Participatory Video in Bangladesh?

In 2017 InsightShare partnered with Action Aid and the CDAC Network to trial participatory video as a tool to evaluate humanitarian assistance in a way that puts the evaluation into the hands of communities. A six-month pilot project focused on the experiences of two communities in Northern Bangladesh during the 2016 floods.

Participatory video was used to capture a wide range of community perspectives on their experiences during the floods, the aid they received, and how they could be less severely affected by future flooding. Stories were filmed, edited into short videos, then screened back to the community and other stakeholders. To close the feedback loop, the responses of stakeholders – including local government representatives – were also captured on video and shared with the community.

The evaluation provided a clear overview of what the community participants considered the main impacts of the 2016 floods and what challenges they experienced as a result. It also provided insights into what community members did themselves in response and what aid they received from outsiders, such as government representatives and local NGOs. The process unearthed many issues with the aid provision in the two communities.

Having completed the evaluation, participants were engaged in a participatory process to imagine how aid provision could be better in future floods.

The project was supported with funding from UK Aid under the CDAC Network’s Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme. The project was commissioned in Bangladesh by the Shongjog Multi-Stakeholder Platform for Communicating with Communities.

Want to know more? Join CDAC Network Member InsightShare for our next online webinar on Monday 26th March 2018, 1pm GMT. Duration 1 hour.

Our speakers are:

Soledad Muñiz

Head of Innovation and Development

Soledad specialises in participatory communication with particular skill and experience in deploying participatory video in international development. She has over 9 years’ experience researching, planning and implementing numerous participatory video projects, with a strong understanding of the application and potential of the tool in a range of contexts.

Soledad has worked in projects in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia in a range of issues including environment, indigenous peoples, gender equality and youth. She has experience in capacity building, community development, research and monitoring & evaluation. She graduated with distinction from the University of Reading MSc in Communication for Innovation and Development.

Marleen Bovenmars

Head of Training and Design

Over the past decade Marleen has worked with a wide variety of groups ranging from indigenous communities in sub-Sahara Africa and subsistence farmers in the Himalayas to homeless people and refugees in Europe. She has delivered over 30 participatory video projects in 11 different countries and is currently InsightShare’s most active trainer. Her main areas of expertise are peace building, therapeutic processes, farmer-to-farmer sharing, M&E and training of trainers.

As Head of Training & Design Marleen is responsible for harvesting and disseminating methodological learning across our team. During her degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Sustainable Development she specialised in bio-cultural diversity conservation, sustainable agriculture, climate change adaptation and urban development.

Moderator: Chris Ford

DEPP Programme Manager

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