Planning for The Future: Gender Pay Reporting & The Pay Transparency Agenda

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Join us for this unique webinar aimed at moving public sector organizations beyond gender pay gap compliance and into greater pay transparency, ethnicity pay reporting and - planning for the workforces of the future.

In this free webinar key public sector voices will share their experience of what they have done to go beyond the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 compliance requirements. They will share why and how they have undertaken deeper analysis of the data, how they have communicated their pay gaps and engaged their workforce; what actions they have taken to address pipeline issues, produce action plans, agree targets/aspirations and their approaches to monitoring progress. Additionally, they will help to expand your understanding of the pay gaps for other employee characteristics e.g. ethnicity, why they have done this and any challenges faced.

Why you should be planning for the future of pay gap reporting and building pay transparency into your overarching strategy

According to research, 55% of potential employees would consider an organisation’s gender pay gap when applying for a job, 64% of women would view their organisation more negatively if they have a large gender pay gap. On flip side, it has also been shown that better diversity within your organisation pays off, research repeatedly shows that diverse teams are more productive, effective and innovative. With the public sector expected to lead other industries on pay reporting and diversity & equality analysis, and other sectors looking to them for action and inspiration, what is the best practice response to the gender pay gap reporting and pay transparency agenda?

Join us to learn what is currently taking place around the regulations and how some organisations are leading the way in engaging with and beyond the gender pay gap reporting requirements and seeking ways to achieve pay transparency an building more equal, open and representative workforces.


We have an incredible line up of speakers who will be discussing their experience with gender pay

  • Samantha Allen; Chair, Health & Care Women Leaders Network and Chief Executive, Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust.

  • Hamida Ali; Workforce Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager – Greater London Authority

  • Charlotte Billington; Pay Gap Strategy Lead – Equality and Human Rights Commission

  • Patrick Alleyne; Business Development and Public Sector Engagement Manager – Gapsquare

About Gapsquare

Gapsquare provides intuitive software that enables organisations to produce their gender pay gap reports which are fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 and beyond. Our ambition is to apply data science combined with insights from economics and psychology to improve decision-making in HR. This can optimise hiring, promotion, diversity and inclusion, and spending in rewards and incentives. We want employers and their teams to be empowered by using data to build fairer and more effective workplaces. You can see a short introduction our Gapsquare Pro tool here.

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