Plant PDRA/PGR Mini-Symposium

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Bower Seminar Room

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09:10 Welcome/Announcements (Giorgio Perrella)

Session I Chair: Jaynee Hart

09:15 Christine Faulkner (John Innes Center), TBA

10:00 Chantal Keijler (Milner Lab), “Plant virus particles as test subjects to model a novel spectroscopic technique”

10:20 Will Rooney (Milner Lab), “Generation of disease resistant transgenic plants expressing species-specific protein antibiotics”

10:40 - 10:55 Coffee/Tea Break

Session II Chair: Mhairi Davidson

10:55 Jaynee Hart (Christie Lab), “Engineering the blue light photoreceptor phototropin 1 for enhanced sensitivity and signaling”

11:15 Noriyuki Suetsugu (Christie Lab), “The blue light receptor phototropin regulates phosphorylation status of NPH3/RPT2-like proteins in land plants”

11:35 Ben Zhang (Blatt Lab), “ABA affects the SNARE protein related K+ channel regulation in Arabidopsis”

11:55 Emily Larson (Blatt Lab), “Clathrin heavy chain subunits affect endo/exocytosis coordination and stomatal function”

12:15 – 13:15 Lunch Buffet (Bower Tea Room)

Session III Chair: James Cooper

13:15 Dr. Martijn Van Zanten (Utrecht University), “Plant thermomorphogenesis; Understanding the epigenetic mechanisms underlying plant acclimation to a changing temperature environment”

14:00 Giorgio Perrella (Kaiserli Lab), “Nuclear interactions regulate photomorphogenesis”

14:20 Mhairi Davidson (Kaiserli Lab), “Investigating the molecular mechanism of the transcriptional regulator TZP”

14:40 Emily Armstrong (Amtmann Lab), “Identifying epigenetically regulated tissue-specific transcriptional networks”

15:00 Zaigham Shahzad (Amtmann Lab), “Quantitative Genetics of Root System Dynamic Responses to Nutrient Limitations”

15:20 – 15:35 Coffee/Tea Break

Session IV Chair: Zaigham Shahzad

15:35James Cooper (Nimmo Lab), “Toward the enhancement of low temperature tolerance in legumes”

15:55 Xinyang Liao (Jenkins Lab), “Investigating in vivo function of the UV-B photoreceptor UVR8”

16:15 Luke MackInder (University of York), “A spatial interactome reveals the anatomy of the algal CO2 fixing organelle”

17:00 End –Drinks & discussion

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Bower Seminar Room

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