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Have you wondered if there's any value in thinking positively? What about trying to achieve a better state of happiness? Is it something that can be achieved, or is it just a fad spouted by motivational gurus? There's all that talk about measuring the level of happiness in society - I want to lead a better life, more fulfilled life. What do I have to do?

After a successful first workshop, a lot of writing about the topic of Positive Psychology, and growing recognition as a practitioner in this field, I'm now holding my second open workshop.

Positive Psychology is a well established field of research and methodology that helps people to think about what's going right in their lives, how they can increase long lasting effects of feeling good, and overall live better lives. As well as being a strong and still developing field in psychology, Positive Psychology offers a lot of applicability to daily life through careful and considered techniques. We might call them interventions, we might call them tools, we might call them behaviour change. Whatever we call them, they amount to the same thing, helping others to move from a position of not feeling 'good' in its broadest sense, and to a position of 'vibrancy'.

I've enjoyed taking learnings from Martin Seligman and his life, Sarah Lewis, who does work in the field, Tony Hsieh (founder of Zappos) who practises the theory on a daily basis with the people he works with, and from Henry Stewart (CEO of Happy Ltd and author of The Happy Manifesto).

I'm Sukhvinder Pabial, and I'm a Learning and Organisation Development professional. That's not important to this seminar and workshop though. What is important is that I have a strong interest in the topic of Positive Psychology. I have studied psychology formally through college and university, and kept a keen interest over my career.

I would like to spend four hours with you where you will develop your understanding of what this theory is about, its history, the methodolgies developed to help move others on their journey, how you can apply these in your practise, and have some robust discussion on its role in today's society.

You will be able to log your time on this session as CPD, and I'm happy to provide evidence for this where required.

We'll be covering the following:

  • The difference between positive thinking and positive psychology
  • The central philosophy of positive psychology
  • Development of the field from various professionals and practitioners
  • Methodologies and actions we can use everyday
  • Sharing learnings and discussions on applicability to our roles

This event is for you if you are:

  • A HR/L&D/OD professional interested in the topic and how you might be able to apply the theory to your work practices
  • A Therapist or Psychologist who works professionally with others and want to develop your understanding on how to use the theory for your clients
  • A Coach who wants to understand how to help your clients use the theory
  • Someone who might want to learn about the theory for your own personal development

I'm not one to deliver a four hour talk. Apart from being quite a feat to do that, I believe quite strongly in the power of conversation with a topic like this, and how it can help people move on their own journey with regards to being able to use the theory. Expect me to give a presentation at the start, followed by some focused exercises and discussion, a shared plenary, and some final thoughts and conclusions. We will be actively using social media to support and develop the learning before, during and after the workshop.

Any content used on the day, I will make publicly available through a variety of social tools.

Want to know what people who attended thought about the event? There are some fab blog posts capturing their own learnings here:

Follow the hashtag #ppia on Twitter for updates and live tweeting on the day.

So how about it? I'll see you there.

Contact me:

Email: sukh@challengingfrontiers.com

Phone: 07961700305

Twitter: @sukhpabial

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