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The Parkside Building

Birmingham City University

Cardigan Street


B4 7BD

United Kingdom

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• A celebration of 30 years since the closure of BSB • An insight into the career of one of Britain’s most endearing character actresses

About this Event

• A celebration of 30 years since the closure of BSB

• An insight into the career of one of Britain’s most endearing character actresses

• The first transmission anywhere for material made, but never shown

• Recently rediscovered lost material

• The launch of four new DVD titles from the Kaleidoscope range

For a brief but brilliant moment at the dawn of the 1990s, a new broadcaster emerged with the promise of high quality, high brow and high fidelity programming beamed down direct from the skies.

That company , British Satellite Broadcasting, made its final transmission barely six months after its first, but during those memorable months between March and November 1990 gave an early TV platform for, among many others, "everyone who was anyone in Nineties comedy".

The likes of Chris Morris, Steve Coogan and Armando Iannucci got their big TV breaks on BSB, as did respected sports commentator Jeff Stelling. Jools Holland had his own show, as did Keith Allen on the Galaxy Channel - one of five offered with the BSB package.

Ultimately, in a battle reminiscent of the famed Betamax versus VHS showdown a decade before, the economically struggling BSB would be forced to merge with its lower brow competitor Sky, to form British Sky Broadcasting. The only things to remain would be rusting Squarials on the sides of houses and a bulging archive of quality shows ripe for repeats and home release. Sadly they were not kept and wiped as early as 1992. What remains is now held by a few private individuals, the BFI National Archive and Kaleidoscope.

Your Master of Ceremonies for the day is Wesley Smith.

9.30am Before BSB arrived on our screens it broadcast a test card and a promotional film extolling its virtues.

9.40am The Discretion of Dominick Ayres

A superb, creepy Victorian thriller, with a hint of the supernatural. A pilot for a Southern Television series that never happened.


Written by David Butler

Dominick Ayres Ronald Pickup

Mary Sharon Duce

Inspector Waterfield Robert Lang

Freddy Challis Hugh Walters

Lord James Kirk Benjamin Whitrow

Charles Farmer William Humbert

Lady Shelford Judy Campbell

Crusher King Robert Russell

Mrs Majors Joy Shelton

Mick Crawley Terence Davies

Sergeant Ramsgard John Cording

Edyth Ballard Katherine Rosenwink

Emily Lawson Sheridan Fitzgerald

Patsy Somers Paul Arlington

Seaman Mark Boyle

Waiter Frank Tregear

Based on characters created by Matthew Vaughan

Story consultant Rae Knight

Film sound Graham Fitzgerald

Film sound Ron Hussey

Lighting by Hedley Versey

Film editor Alan Waller

Film camera Les Roberts

Film camera Ian Griffiths

Casting Carolyn Bartlett

Make-up Marion Durnford

Wardrobe Christine Wilson

Designed by John Dilly

Executive producer Beryl Vertue

Produced by David Reid

Directed by David Reid

A Southern Television production.

Originally transmitted 29.03.1978

10.40am Lochinvar

An untransmitted TV pilot from 1968, made by Peter Diamond the stunt arranger. Definitely in the mould of the ITC adventure serials!


Written by Michael Stanley

Lochinvar Eric Flynn

Forbes Alexander Doré

Gargan Michael Brennan

Lord Buckland Noel Coleman

Mary Gillian Hawser

Jed Gerry Wain

Old Man Reg Lye

Bart Godfrey James

Jem Frazer Hines

Gentleman Denis Cleary

Landlord Will Stampe

Captain Salvin Stewart

Additional dialogue by Denis Cleary

Stunts arranged by Ray Ford

Music by Terry Johns

Sound Peter Woods

Sound mixer David Innes

Lighting by C. W. Burst

Editor John Kelly

Production assistant Ted Wallis

Director of photography John Keeling

Still photography by Joan Williams

Camera Bob Bolt

Continuity Pauline Black

Costume Caval Cade

Art director Trevor Paterson

Executive producer David Dunsdon

Associate producer Michael Stainton

Produced by Peter Diamond

Assistant director Gus Angus

Directed by Peter Diamond

A Peter Diamond Productions production.


11.50am Comfort Break

Midday Hislop Back to Stiffen County?

Regional drama about a cricketer coming back to save a team. Believed lost, this play was found at the BFI National Archive in 2019. Originally only shown in Wales and the West, this will be the first national screening.

Written by A. C. H. Smith

- Frederick Jaeger

- John Horsley

- Desmond Llewelyn

Produced by Patrick Dromgoole

Directed by David Boisseau

A Harlech production.

Originally transmitted 19.06.1969

Kaleidoscope is delighted that this screening will be introduced by A.C.H. Smith.

12.30pm A.C.H. Smith

Anthony Smith talks about his love of cricket that led to the play; his novels, films and other television adaptations.

1pm Comfort Break

1.15pm Up Yer News

Topical sketch comedy. BSB was the channel where many well-known names today got their big breaks.

Written by Mike Barfield

Written by Ian Brown

Written by Mike Coleman

Written by Malcolm Williamson

Presenter Brett Butler

with Jon Glover, Geoff McGivern, Caroline Quentin and David Schneider

Series editor Richard Hearsey

Line producer Sally Debonnaire

Produced by David Tyler

Directed by Paul Wheeler

A Noel Gay Television production for British Sky Broadcasting.

Originally transmitted 18.10.1990

1.30pm Into Space with Jupiter Moon!

Filmed in Birmingham, Jupiter Moon was BSB’s very own science-fiction soap opera. Today four members of the regular cast reunite to reminisce about making the series.

Kaleidoscope is delighted to be joined by Daniel Beales, Richard Hainsworth, Phil Willmott and Nicola Wright.

2.15pm Comfort Break

2.25pm Coronation Street

An early role for Francoise Pascal in Britain’s formative drama series.

Written by Brian Finch

Ena Sharples Violet Carson

Len Fairclough Peter Adamson

Stella Randell Pearl Catlin

Dirty Dick Talfryn Thomas

Bet Lynch Julie Goodyear

Ray Langton Neville Buswell

Irma Ogden Sandra Gough

Lucille Hewitt Jennifer Moss

Minnie Caldwell Margot Bryant

Hilda Ogden Jean Alexander

Stan Ogden Bernard Youens

Miss Nugent Eileen Derbyshire

Mr Spinks Stephen Hancock

Betty Turpin Betty Driver

Ernest Bishop Stephen Hancock

- Gareth Thomas

- Françoise Pascal

Created by Tony Warren

Theme music by Eric Spear

Story by Harry Driver

Story by Esther Rose

Story by John Temple

Designed by Eugene Ferguson

Executive producer H. V. Kershaw

Directed by Eric Prytherch

A Granada production.

Originally transmitted 02.06.1971

2.50pm Comfort Break

2.55pm Francoise Pascal herself. An interview with the character actress who stole so many hearts in numerous film and TV roles in the seventies and eighties. Now a director of films and TV she talks about her life.

3.45pm Tea with the RNLI. Lots of scrummy cakes from Mrs Miggins’ pie shop.

4.10pm Celebrity Squares

In 1978 Francoise was at the height of the fame, with a prominent role in Mind Your Language. This led to many other spin-off TV appearances.

Series 3, Episode 16

Written by Dennis Berson

Presenter Bob Monkhouse

Voice Only Kenny Everett

with Linda Lou Allen, Arthur Askey, Larry Grayson, David Hamilton, Paul Melba, Arthur Mullard, Françoise Pascal, Willy Rushton and Christopher Timothy

Devised by Merrill Heatter

Devised by Bob Quigley

Music by Jack Parnell

Produced by Paul Stewart Laing

Additional material by Ian Messiter

Additional material by Colin Bostock-Smith

Designed by Ray White

Designed by Michael Eve

Directed by Paul Stewart Laing

An ATV production.

Originally transmitted 15.04.1978

4.50pm Squarial: The Best of BSB

Selected moments from The Happening including a tribute to Neil Innes; and Tim Firth appearing in And Now in Colour. Moments from the BSB Comedy Weekend with Kenny Everett on top form; and features on 31 West including a behind the scenes look at continuity announcers on Channel 4 and BSB. Plus more goodies including 31 Who, Take That on Cool Cube and Chris Evans on Power Up.

Ian Greaves, who has spearheaded Kaleidoscope’s attempt to recover lost BSB material will talk about the campaign to find more material aswell.

5.15pm The BBC Belgium clips.

Extracts from Sherlock Holmes, Mogul, Girl in a Black Bikini and Hit and Run, recovered from Belgium in 2019.

5.25pm Heil Honey I’m Home

Controversial pastiche of I Love Lucy.

Hitler in the Closet

Written by Paul Wayne

Adolf Neil McCaul

Arny Gareth Marks

Eva Maria Friedman

Rosa Caroline Gruber

Schlubb Robert Gillespie

Goebells Michael Crossman

Heinz Handelmann Leonard Friedman

Created by Geoff Atkinson

Executive producer Paul Jackson

Executive producer Harry Waterson

Script associate Bryan Blackburn

Animation by McCallum, Kennedy, D'Auria

Creative consultant Rob Dames

Story editor Eric Geen

Theme music by Kate Robbins

Sound Keith Mayes

Lighting by John Halpin

Production assistant Gill King

Camera supervisor Peter Edwards

Casting Jane Davies

Make-up Sharon Walsh

Costume Frances Haggett

Stage manager Jane Cotton

Art director Amanda Ackland-Snow

Designed by James Dillon

Associate producer Justin Judd

Supervising producer Paul Wayne

Production manager Jeremy Connor

Associate director Janet Stewart

Directed by Juliet May

A Noel Gay Television production for BSB Galaxy.


5.55pm 31 West

The Last Ever Edition

A prestigious final guest for a show that is worth watching all the way to the end of the end credits!

Kaleidoscope is delighted to be joined by Chris Stacey who worked on 31 West.

Presenter Remy Blumenfeld

Presenter Debbie Flint

Presenter Shyama Perera

Presenter Simon Potter

with Stephanie Calman, Chris Stacey and Trevor Ward

Margaret Thatcher Steve Nallon

Editor Michael Kavanagh

Production team Terri Anderton

Production team Sue Barnard

Production team Anthony Browne

Production team Ann Craig

Production team Dominic Cyriax

Production team Daphne Daly

Production team Nina Davies

Production team Bridget Dyson

Production team Lulu Haggerty

Production team Pauline Headlam

Production team Nicky Hegarty

Production team Julia Hobsbawm

Production team Gill Hornby

Production team Tanya Jackson

Production team Shirley Jardine

Production team Irene Levin

Production team Allasonne Lewis

Production team Roger Livingston

Production team Gloria Morris

Production team Manique Ratner

Production team Paul Reizin

Production team Dave Rust

Production team Alison Sharman

Production team Olwyn Silvester

Production team Geoff Small

Production team Tim Steel

Production team Maria Stewart

Production team Celia Taylor

Production team Nicky Van Den Berg

Production team Samantha Wilson

Production team Deborah Withinshaw

Series editor Stephen Phelps

Executive producer Susan Gau

Produced by Jonathon Holmes

Directed by Mike Hand-Bowman

A John Gau Productions production for British Sky Broadcasting.

Originally transmitted 30.11.1990

6.25pm The Closedown of BSB Galaxy

The final moments of the channel before Sky Television took control.

Produced for BSB Galaxy

Originally transmitted 30.11.1990

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Date and Time


The Parkside Building

Birmingham City University

Cardigan Street


B4 7BD

United Kingdom

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