Power & Influence 1 - Her Invitation workshop

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Quarrell Room, Exeter College, Oxford University

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  • Scoring yourself on how comfortable you feel using the word 'Powerful' to describe yourself and what you might look like if you felt more powerful

  • Understanding how and where you might be giving your personal & professional power away without realising it

  • Recognising Little Girl Syndrome, how to ditch any effects this may be having on you as an adult and how to vaccinate your daughters against it

  • How it all works…the 18-30 realisation, the media and its effects and how to rise above it

  • Tiara Syndrome….most women have this and it’s holding you back, understand how to avoid this and shine in your own right.

  • The value of being positive, how it impacts on your energy, body strength, your career and personal life

  • Controlling and owning your 'self-doubt' with a view to diminishing its negative impact

  • Understanding your own internal Emotional Guidance System and using it to direct your career and personal life with greater power

  • The Art of Negotiation, with valuable insights from top lawyer Natalie Reynolds…perfecting your negotiation skills with bosses and loved ones for greater impact

Date and Time


Quarrell Room, Exeter College, Oxford University

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