Preparing for Brexit and Funding your Business with #NatWestboost

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Jurys Inn Watford

Clarendon Road


WD17 1JA

United Kingdom

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Address and location details above and how to find the hotel.

I have been advised that the nearest car park is

up to 3 hours car parking costs £3.00 and up to 4 hours parking costs £4.00

Tea/Coffee - Biscuits will be available.

Preparing for Brexit presentation will start before the main presentation you are welcome to come to both please confirm on your registration.

Please note ***

***The Brexit presentation registration time will be from 9:30am with the presentation starting at 10am prompt and concluding at 10:30am***

***The second part of the event Funding with #NatWestBoost Understand your business numbers and improve your cash flow will start immediately after at 10:30am***


Before our main speaker NatWest invites you to this free event on Preparing for Brexit as part of the NatWest Boost programme.

At the event you will have the opportunity to hear from The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) about how businesses should prepare for Brexit, as well as the opportunity ask to any questions and meet other local businesses

How this event will benefit your business, we will discuss:

• Importing and exporting

• Supplying services to the EU

• Your Employees

• Using and transferring data

NatWest ‘Boost’ is about providing support for your business that goes beyond just finance. As your Business Growth Enabler, I can connect you with the right people, with the right knowledge, to boost your business and help it grow. We have a team of over 60 Business Growth Enablers in the UK who have supported more than 250,000 customers through free events, individual consultations and networking.

For further information on ‘Boost’, myself and other Business Growth Enablers and support material for small businesses, please visit:

NatWest Boost

Funding with #NatWestboost Understand your business numbers and improve your cash flow

Taking the plunge and starting a business can be an exciting yet terrifying prospect. The good news is there’s a wealth of useful and inspiring information available, not least from those who have been there and done it already.

Ask a business owner to describe the early days of launching a business and you’ll generally receive the same response. A mix of superlative statements – “It was the hardest but most rewarding year of my life” – combined with awed incredulity at how they managed to pull it all off. But for new entrepreneurs not blessed with hindsight or a crystal ball, preparing a business for launch can feel overwhelming – and expensive.

•Resolving working capital issues can be difficult for larger companies

•It’s important to make and update forecasts on a regular basis so any changes in circumstances can be taken into account

•New technology will help companies to access better cash-flow tools to maximise their returns and minimise working capital issues

So how can you get your business up and running successfully and maintain this, we will take you through the various ways you can access funding and finance to begin this journey.

Event outline:

Understanding working capital issues

The importance of making and updating forecasts on a regular basis

Using new technology cashflow tools

How to access funding

What will the speaker cover

In the workshop we are going to cover:

  • About the Balance Sheet

  • About the Profit & Loss statement

  • About the Statement of Cashflows

  • How to work out a Break-Even point

  • How to do a Cash Flow Forecast

  • …and How to make more money for clients – Quick Wins!

Money is a far more emotionally loaded topic than most people realize. Your feelings and how you relate to money can affect your decisions and your financial success.

Register and learn how to have greater confidence in decisions, take better ones. How to make logic-based implications of choices. Have a greater awareness of abilities, a proper examination of issues, effective billing, collecting & paying, and most importantly improved cash flow.

Back to basics, a finance MasterCLASS that will empower your business.

The Agenda for the event

9:30 am Registration

10:00 Preparing for Brexit - Department Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Presentation and Q&A

10:30 am Khalil Arouni - Understand your business numbers and improve your cash flow

11:45 am Q&A

11:55 am Close


A little bit about the speaker:

Who is Khalil

Khalil has worked with global brands, regional companies and SMEs, handling their media budget where he established a long-term relationship, ensuring their investment was measured and delivered the expected return on investment. Some of these clients include McDonald’s, SABIC, Hayat Kimya and AJVA Ford, General Motors, Mars.

Khalil is passionate about his clients’ success and long-term sustainability. Proactive in his nature, he will start by understanding your business goals and objectives and then work with you to craft a plan to deliver the aimed results. Testing and measuring are crucial in his formula for success.

Khalil is married to Sarah, and father of Yusuf, Mohamad and Karim. After graduating with an MBA in Project Management, Khalil worked overseas for 26 years where he acquired a wealth of experience in market research, business growth, marketing, media planning and management.

Personal Attributes

August 2007, he was allowed to manage a declining business in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia, which he grabbed and managed to stabilise the company, kept it profitable, started growing it. Khalil took over his responsibilities to lead the whole country instead of a single area; under his leadership, grew the business from £6.3M in 2007 to £33.2M when he left in 2017. He was up to the challenge, during tough economic downturn he retained two of his major accounts, acquired new ones, tapped into unthought off niches, rebuilt the operation, and underwent exponential growth. This achievement was only possible as a result of the fantastic team that supported him. He injected fresh recruits and sought specialised talents that helped him fortify the operation and provide a unique offering. He also invested in research, and training which provided his clients with unique insights to grow their business.

Khalil always goes the extra mile to understand and deliver massive results. He is a welcoming, transparent, action-driven executive. Starts always by improving his know-how to support everyone around him; became a certified business coach and a DISC & Motivators practitioner. He is also a British Swimming Licensed Swimming Official where he helps his local swimming club and community. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with his children and cooking.

Khalil's Approach

To understand your goals and what do you want to achieve is the first steps to commencing our work together. Putting an action plan for the journey, broken down into five years, three years, one year, and most importantly the next ninety days would set a path for our mission, and validate every milestone we embark on achieving. A simple checklist to confirm and reconfirm our successes.

Khalil's Mission as a Business Growth Specialist

To enable you to achieve your dreams, increase your business profitably, put systems in place and improve the work environment for you and your team. If there is a will, there is a way, and if there is no way, we will create one for you.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

All information used in this presentation you are registering for relating to the business topic ''Understand your business number and improve your cash flow is produced by NatWest and Khalil Arouni for information purposes only and is for the sole use of the attendees at the presentation.

Whilst we feel this topic is beneficial to business owners,the views expressed are not intended to be and should not be viewed as individual advice or as a recommendation. Any views expressed in the presentation are not necessarily those of NatWest and should not be viewed as individual advice or as a recommendation. You should seek independent advice in respect of issues that are of concern to you.

To the maximum extent permitted by law we expressly disclaim all representations, warranties, or assurance of any kind, expressed or implied, that are made to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this presentation and no member of NatWest accepts any obligation to update or correct any information contained herein.

During the event photographs may be taken on behalf of the host with a view to posting on social media to promote services offered to customers. If you do not wish to be included in the photographs please notify us.

For the avoidance of doubt NatWest does not produce the materials for all presentations. This disclaimer applies equally to any materials or presentations produced by a third party.

Date and Time


Jurys Inn Watford

Clarendon Road


WD17 1JA

United Kingdom

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