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Product Mastery Workshop - Berlin

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ANTON & LUISA Rooms and Creative Space

Bettina Scheer Wöhlertstr.20

Berlin, Berlin 10115

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Take your product skills to the next level

The 2 day Product Mastery workshop is the Department of Product’s flagship product management course, designed for product professionals to take their product management skills to the next level.

The workshop is designed for product managers to acquire real world, practical skills. What does that mean? It means you won’t learn theoretical waffle about Steve Jobs and the iPhone. Instead, you’ll learn practical skills that can be applied every day in your role.

Explained in simple terms for managers who want to become more technical, over the 3 days you’ll get hands on experience with the fundamental technologies that make up the full stack of modern, digital products.

Such as? Such as building an agile product roadmap and developing a creative, coherent strategy, solving problems with confidence on a whiteboard and harnessing powerful communication techniques to get stakeholders and developers on board with your plans.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the 3 days you will:

  1. Be able to create a powerful strategy which clearly demonstrates why and how your product will be successful
  2. Learn how to distill ideas into a product roadmap that fits your business’ needs. Not all roadmaps are the same and some are more suitable than others. We’ll show you which ones work for your product.
  3. Get to grips with metrics, KPIs and experimentation; understand which metrics matter most to your product category and how to conduct experiments which achieve breakthrough results for your products
  4. Grow your skillsets in the 3 most important skills for product people: business, technology and design
  5. Become more confident communicating with both your non-technical stakeholders and your engineering teams about your product, your strategy and your roadmap
  6. Learn how to draw on a whiteboard with clarity, confidence and creativity so that you can create mockups, solve UX problems and explain technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders

Who should attend?

  1. Product Managers - Become more confident speaking to stakeholders and your engineering teams about your product roadmap. Apply practical skills in your day to day role as a product manager including UX / whiteboard skills, how to conduct experiments that matter and how to manage technical debt.
  2. Senior Product Managers / Heads of Product - Build a powerful, clear and coherent strategy for your product. Unlock your ability to create and curate product ideas to build and deliver truly creative and innovative products.
  3. Product Marketers - Learn how products are built and what the most useful technical concepts to know are in product management. Speak to your colleagues and stakeholders with more confidence and ask the right questions to ensure you're building the right product for the audience that wants it.
  4. Senior execs - Discover how agile and lean startup principles can transform your organisation and help you make your competition irrelevant. Get a fundamental understanding of technology foundations, product development trends and opportunities to ensure your organisation doesn't get left behind.

If your role requires an understanding of agile product development processes and web technologies, this course will help you.

How it works

We teach in simple, clear, easy to understand terms. Technology is often mind-boggling and we promise not to boggle your mind.

  1. High intensity - this is a high intensity interval workshop that is unlike other 'corporate training'. Each day works in 6 x high intensity 45 minute bursts. After each burst, there is a 15 minute break where you can ask questions or take a break.
  2. No waffle - there's no waffle, no 'ice breakers', no group activities and no post it notes stuck to the walls. Instead, you'll dive straight into the details that matter most through lessons and practical live projects. We want you to learn as much as possible in a short period of time.
  3. Learn beyond the workshop - all students get a full 1 year subscription to the Department of Product members area, which includes further learning materials, videos, hands on practical projects, exercises and real world examples of how technology and product development work.

Day 1

  1. Agile product management, roadmaps and product strategy
  2. How to create a roadmap
  3. How to develop an effective product strategy
  4. How to execute your product strategy and roadmap
  5. How to communicate clearly and powerfully with stakeholders and developers
  6. KPIs and metrics that matter to you and your product

Day 2

  1. Understanding business models, value creation and value propositions
  2. Market evaluation, marketing and monetization skills
  3. The 10 most important things to know about technology to earn respect from your engineers
  4. How to manage your technical debt
  5. The art of experimentation; why changing button colors is not enough
  6. How to draw wireframes and solve problems on a whiteboard with confidence

Day 3 and beyond

After the workshop, all participants get a free 1 year subscription to the Department of Product members area, including further materials, practical exercises and projects.

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Date and Time


ANTON & LUISA Rooms and Creative Space

Bettina Scheer Wöhlertstr.20

Berlin, Berlin 10115

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