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Professionals working with Deaf & Hearing Muslims

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Carrs Lane Church Birmingham City Centre

Carrs Lane


B4 7SX

United Kingdom

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Important note:

Birmingham City Centre, next to Marks & Spencer/Travelodge). There is parking opposite at Moor Street Station Car Park. Or 10 mins walk away for larger, all day car parks at around £3.00 per day. (See Map at the Bottom).

LIMITED NUMBERS: Book Now before its too late!. Tea & Coffee Included.

Delivery : ENGLISH with a Presentation & Informal discussion.

The training is set in a relaxed, non-judgmental and informal setting and is aimed at anyone who is a hearing, professional from any field working with Deaf and Hearing Muslims of all ages.

This training is for all professionals regardless of whether you are a Language Service Provider or not.

Individuals are free to ask questions in an open and welcoming atmosphere.

'There is no silly question. There are only questions, answers, sharing and understanding'

This program offers a unique opportunity to get an accurate and deeper understanding into the daily lives of Muslims, their language, community, religion and way of life.

This is added with a ‘Real Life Dimension’ with real life experiences and perspectives.

The program considers and covers:

Issues and barriers faced by individuals whilst trying to access information and professional services.

The problems of communication arising from the need and desire for more qualified professionals especially multilingual Interpreters.

Complex use of languages in the community.

The use of British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters and the question of whether BSL alone is able to convey meaning from a source language that switches simultaneously and constantly between English and Arabic?

How to avoid offending anyone during any assignment?

How to remain professional with knowledge of rules and etiquette.

Religion, Culture Tradition.

Simultaneous BSL interpreting whilst switching between Arabic & English

Multilingualism, Lexical Terminology & dynamics.

Religious history & why this is important in every Muslims life.

Rules, Etiquette and Protocol.

A greater awareness of these complexities will enable you to further develop and enhance your professional skills allowing smoother cross cultural interaction and service.


Testimonials from previous participants

Once again, a sincere 'thank you' for the excellent session you delivered last week for the interpreting and deaf studies students at IRIS. It was highly informative, engaging and relevant to all students concerned and managed very successfully to balance fact with humour and introduce a complex and broad area of knowledge to a mixed student body. We have received extremely positive feedback so far with students commenting on their like for the range of areas given, style in which you delivered, cultural and linguistic awareness, historical knowledge and practical elements of how to prepare and sign in relevant environments…University of Wolverhampton November 2013 (IRIS Program).

Tariq, what a thoroughly enjoyable day, every minute was spent learning something new, in a relaxed and friendly environment, with laughs along the way. I will definitely recommend it to others…. Birmingham. 2014.

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful training you set up. It was a valuable insight into the Muslim religion and it de-veiled the myths that the media portray. Whilst I have never worked in this arena before, after now establishing facts from fiction, it would make me more inclined to do so. I learnt new things about the Muslim culture and also recognised similarities between this and others cultures which was very interesting to discover. I would highly recommend your course to others and would strongly encourage them to do it........I look forward to part 2, once again a very big THANK YOU. D B. Birmingham Workshop 2014.

Was very informative and nicely presented. I have learnt a lot today. It was absolutely fab. Thank you . If there is a follow up workshop I would definitely come again…A. Bham. 2014.

Great variety of vocab and definitions – Eng/Arabic/BSL.Informative, regarding the linguistics and dynamics that arise when interpreting within the Muslim Deaf community. Useful coping Strategies. Very much worth coming to and would most definitely come again as I found it intriguing…Y. Birmingham 2014

Hi Tariq Thanks for the workshop. I enjoyed the day enormously. I particularly appreciated your willingness to answer all our questions and to tailor the workshop to our needs. I learnt a lot from you and I hope you will continue to be a real blessing to your community. With thanks….A. London. 2014

Thank you for a very interesting day. I have learnt such a lot about Islam and the belief system. I do think id be confident to undertake an assignment for a Muslim Deaf person now….E. Birmingham. 2014

Hi Tariq can I firstly say that sat was great, really interesting....Great training day. Would def recommend it to others' :) L.K. OpenHandCommunication. February 2014.

I really enjoyed the day and found it really interesting. It has definetely given me more knowledge of Islam and its culture and I feel more confident about discussing topics that arise in my daily job. G.J. OpenHandsCommunication. February 2014.

I really wanted you to know how enjoyable, informative and good your workshop was for me.
Working with a vast amount of deaf Muslims I thought the workshop was a 'must' and it defiantly was :-)

I really enjoyed it. I'm sure your ears must have been burning ever since as I've not stopped talking about how good it was, saying how interesting, open and friendly you made the day......
I also think the reassurance you gave in regards to interpreting was an added bonus, and just the type of positive encouragement that's needed. I thought you to be open, honest and very supportive. K. Manchester. February 2014.

Tariq's presentation about Islam and the challenges faced by deaf Muslims was both interesting and useful. He is clearly passionate about sharing his experience of providing communication support for deaf Muslims and whilst the focus of his presentation was on working in a religious setting, I felt that his explanation of the religious and cultural practices of Muslims would also be of benefit to me more generally if I were to be booked to work with Muslim clients. Association of Lipspeakers. Nov 2013.

I found the workshop and Tariq himself most inspiring. I thought it would be interesting but it has been much more than interesting and I'm still thinking of things in the workshop several days later. Tariq was a lovely Muslim man, very honest and open and genuine. It wasn't just what he said but the way he said it that made an impact on me. Loved every bit of it and learnt so much more about Muslims and Deaf Muslims than I ever have before. "It was a real privilege to have the opportunity to be there.....". V.G. London November 2013.

It was very interesting and informative. I have already used some of the signs we learned when I was interpreting this morning. K.M. London November 2013.

I loved the history and cultural aspect and could of listened to that all day as that is how I understand and respect people. I would have liked to know the differences between the different branches and schools of Islam and what that has happened, as this is something that confuses me (still). ..What it has helped me to do is demystify Islam, it is no longer an unknown entity for me that is scary as I do not want to offend anyone. I understand (on a simple level) the Islam theories and workings - thank you. K.G. London November 2013.

It was good in de-mystifying Islam and I do feel more confident and have a few more tools in my box with regards to actual signs, which are the things that I will take away and feel I will be able to use.. .A.S. London 2013.

I found it very interesting.....The workshop felt to me like a very open, accepting space for anyone to ask anything - which you stated several times. I think you made it a very safe space for people to ask questions, not be afraid if they didn't know something - this was a really outstanding feature of the workshop Also the way you shared and expressed your own faith and experiences gave the workshop a human, lived dimension which I really liked. Keep up the good work, Tariq, I will certainly recommend your workshop.......". C. Birmingham. 2013.

The presentation was full and informative. I'm glad you gave us background knowledge as well as the essentials, so to speak, as I feel I can now work with my clients from a more informed perspective….the information being delivered from you, an individual with personal knowledge and experience, I felt was far more appropriate, it yielded a rare opportunity to ask questions that maybe we would find a mediocre answer to, at best, on the internet. One last thing I just want to share...I was asked at the last minute to cover a contract today and this is the feedback forwarded to me this evening (verbatim) : "Thanks, my support work today great, never met before, feel nervous but sign BSL very good. wow! support worker sign know me Muslim etc .. I like feel trusting her, we chatted long time.. hope support again". The things some of us think are small and trivial can sometimes have the biggest impact. C.L. Birmingham 2013.

I really enjoyed the day and found it very helpful. Thank you for such a well thought out presentation......"…J.G. Birmingham 2013.

I just wanted to say that I thought you did a fab job with your training session, it was really informative and you presented it all so well. I’m really glad that I was able to attend J. I liked the size of the group, it kept it quite intimate and it meant that we were all able to make more of a share than we would have if it was a much larger group. I thought that all the background info about interpreting within the Muslim community was invaluable and helped to make things make much more sense......". J.H Birmingham 2013.

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Date and Time


Carrs Lane Church Birmingham City Centre

Carrs Lane


B4 7SX

United Kingdom

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