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The primary objective is ‘Industry Self-Delivery’, we encourage companies to deliver Project Griffin to their own staff and, that delivery must be free of any charges.

Our preference is primarily that Public Limited Companies deliver Project Griffin to their own staff.

A company or organisation must:

  1. have an existing corporate training structure using accredited trainers
  2. operate in the ‘Crowded Place’ environment
  3. deliver all or any part of the NaCTSO Project Griffin product free of charge
  4. accept the MOPAC Provision of Services Online T&Cs - Project Griffin Industry Self Delivery Course.

The NaCTSO criteria for ‘Industry Self-Delivery’ is a ‘check and balance’ to reduce possible misuse of the counter awareness terrorism product.

We are now able to accommodate some Private Limited Companies, and other organisations, wishing to deliver Project Griffin to their own staff. These may include for example, Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Universities, Colleges and Private Limited Companies, (with a significant work force and a corporate in house training department).

If your company meets this criteria please apply via the link below; when you reach the ‘Are You a PLC’, click ‘Yes’, and then when asked for your Companies House Registration Number, please enter it if you have one and follow that with the words ‘Not a PLC’.

Following authorisation companies will be provided with the NaCTSO Project Griffin package relevant to their sector and will be provided regular updates. NaCTSO will also offer assistance to trainers through a ‘Product Familiarisation’ program, enabling them to deliver the product to their employees, attendance is not compulsory.

Booking a place at a Familiarisation Workshop is password protected. The password will be provided once an organisation has been acctepted onto the scheme.

If the above criteria are met, companies will then be registered on the NaCTSO website and allocated a unique registration number. These details will be included on a NaCTSO Project Griffin Certificate of Attendance when employees have completed a module(s). Certificates will include NaCTSO and Company logos, name of the deliverer and their companies unique NaCTSO registration number.

NaCTSO will review all applications on a case by case basis, and we reserve the right to decline.

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