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Richmond Building, Boardroom 1.15

Portland Street



United Kingdom

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For all University of Portsmouth Research and Academic Staff

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Summary of Session

Scriptoria's one-day course in Project Management for Researchers offers critical capacity building for researchers in leadership roles. This course is aimed at researchers who are leading projects and/or managing collaborations. Whether the team is small or large, project management requires a high degree of organisation and good communication skills. We recommend this course as a foundational overview of formal management theory and tools for all researchers looking to advance their career and manage teams in academia, industry or other sectors.

This course brings together the most relevant and implementable ideas for project management from business adapted for a research setting. Using our experience serving as consultants and project managers on large international programmes, we guide participants through the theory with many real-life examples and exercises to develop practical skills.

Scriptoria courses are highly interactive and engaging, combining exercises and discussion with presentations. All participants receive a comprehensive set of course notes to take home.

Course Outline

Understanding the project cycle

1.1 The project cycle: what’s involved?

The grant writing process

2.1 Planning your proposal

2.2 Building the right team

The preparation phase

3.1 Putting the right resources in place

3.2 Managing your team

3.3 Using consistent terminology for setting goals

3.4 Impact/outcome setting

3.5 Setting targets and work plans

3.6 Making sure your goals are SMART

3.7 Data management plans

The implementation phase

4.1 Work plans

4.2 Building a culture of meeting deadlines

4.3 Communicating with your team

4.4 Terms of reference

4.5 Role/job descriptions

4.6 Writing emails as a manager

4.7 Running meetings as a manager

4.8 Monitoring staff performance

Measuring and monitoring project performance and closure

5.1 Monitoring and evaluation

5.2 Gathering evidence for project impact

5.3 Project completion

5.4 Knowledge transfer and project legacy

Target Audience

Postdocs: The training will focus on managing small projects with in-house teams and some international collaborators, rather than large multi-partner external/international projects. The course would seek to deliver information already relevant at the postdoc level when supervising graduate students working on a common project and developing collaborations but would also be useful for planning the transition from postdoc to PI (or industry manager, for example) in their future career.

PIs: This course would also be highly relevant for relatively new principal investigators who may not have received any formal training prior to opening their own research group.

Links to Researcher Development Framework

Domain A: Knowledge and intellectual abilities

• A1: Information management

• A2: Critical thinking; Evaluating; Problem solving

• A3: Innovation; Argument construction

Domain B: Personal effectiveness

• B1: Integrity; Self-confidence; Self-reflection; Responsibility

• B2: Self-management (all skills listed)

• B3: Career management; Professional development; Networking; Reputation and esteem

Domain C: Research governance and organisation

• C1: Respect and confidentiality; Appropriate practice

• C2: Research strategy; Project planning and delivery; Risk management

• C3: Funding generation; Financial management; Infrastructure and resources

Domain D: Engage, influence and impact

• D1: Working with others (all skills listed)

• D2: Communication methods

• D3: Teaching; Enterprise

(Because we recognise that not all post-graduate researchers will go onto careers in research, for the purposes of our skills training assessment, we have included a fifth domain.)

Domain E: Business

• Business culture and standards

• Management tools from business and industry


In order for the trainers to be aware of the kinds of projects the participants are leading, all participants will be asked to complete this short survey:

Please note:

This event is being delivered by an external organisation. Whilst the cost of delivery, facilitation and refreshments is covered by the University, as part of the Research and Innovation Development Programme, we request that those booking a place ensure they are able to attend for the full day. Our events always have large waiting lists and priority must go to those who can fully commit their time to the day.

Training provided by:

Scriptoria has worked with many different clients to deliver training in project management across sectors, from agricultural scientists to professional communications staff in government to humanities researchers. Their trainers have a diverse mix of academic backgrounds and professional experience. Scriptoria training courses deliver an interactive learning environment for participants with a mix of lectures, exercises, group discussion, and one-to-one support. Participants receive a full set of printed, interactive course notes to supplement the lecture material. Their experienced trainers have extensive real-world experience in the subjects they teach and are keen to share their knowledge and practical skills with participants.

Date: 27 February 2020 | Thursday

Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Location: Richmond Building, Boardroom 1.15, Portland Street, PO1 3DE

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Date and Time


Richmond Building, Boardroom 1.15

Portland Street



United Kingdom

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