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British School of Shiatsu-Do

Unit 3 Thane Works

Thane Villas

Finsbury Park

N7 7NU

United Kingdom

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Move more freely… feel more alive!

Would you like to feel profoundly relaxed, yet sparkling with energy? Do you want to let go of old, negative patterns and beliefs? Would you like to be more in touch with your body and your inner wisdom? To be more attuned to the flow of life? How would it feel to reconnect with the joy of being vibrantly alive?

Pulsing is a gentle, rhythmic bodywork that helps you reconnect to yourself, to let go of physical tension and emotional stress, to release old patterns and discover your authentic self.

Pulsing is a joy to give and sheer bliss to receive.These weekend workshops are a great way of immersing yourself into an experience of this delightful bodywork.

What is Pulsing?

Pulsing is an gentle form of body therapy that uses a continuous rocking of the whole body to enourage the receiver to let go. The continuous wave-like rhythm brings a sense of ease and flow, and coaxes the receiver to accept support and nurturing, to surrender to the motion and release physical tension and any blocks that are holding them back in life.

Within this matrix of continuous rocking, the limbs are gently stretched, lifted and swung to encourage the whole body to open up and rediscover freedom of movement.

The benefits of Pulsing

Pulsing provides a wide range of benefits to physical health and mental & emotional wellbeing. Like massage, it helps release stress, eases muscular tension and promotes the overall health of the physical systems of the body, such as the immune system, digestion, circulation and the lymphatic system. It also provides benefits that are generally more associated with exercise practices such as yoga and Pilates and movement-based modalities such as Tai Chi: enhancing balance, co-ordination and mobility, stimulating energy and a sense of aliveness. Pulsing may also be a very meditative experience, helping you connect to a deeper sense of self.

Who is the weekend for?

  • Anyone drawn to holding and moving bodies who has not yet found a way to do that, whether in a spirit of play or as a mode of joyful work.

  • People interested in their personal development especially through making a deeper connection with their embodied self.

  • Practitioners or students of any other form of hands-on bodywork who are interested in other approaches or want to add a new skill to what they offer.

  • Counsellors and psychotherapists with a desire to learn how to use touch to facilitate deep emotional work and support the working through of preverbal experience in a regression mode.

  • Students and practitioners of performing, movement, and martial arts who would like to introduce hands-on work into their practice.

  • Searchers and researchers interested in the interface between the transpersonal and the prepersonal.

What will I learn?

The core of each weekend will be short demonstration sessions followed by supervised practice in pairs. There will be time for sharing experiences arising out of the work together and encouragement to relate these experiences to your personal and/or professional background. The weekends feature plentiful hands-on practice, interspersed with feedback processes that enhance your learning. You will learn a basic thirty three moves with which will allow you to:

1) Give a whole body session for an hour. This repertoire is expandable and the sequencing variable.

2) Give short form sessions focusing on one or more of the mini-sessions within the long form (head and neck, arms, legs from the front, legs from the back, torso from the front, torso from the back)

3) Introduce single moves or short sequences into your existing mode of bodywork.

Additionally, those on the qualifying track learn extra moves on their third and fourth weekends, and can expect by its completion to take away whatever is personally relevant to their learning curve and future application of Pulsing from a range of advanced practitioner skills.

Interested in professional training?

The workshops also form part of a professional training. Attendance at 4 weekends leads (subject to satisfactory completion) to certification by Pulsing Associates. This qualification is recognised by the Pulsing Association and by professional organisations such as Embody and the FHT. This makes it ideal for any practitioner of hands-on bodywork wishing to add another skill; or for practitioners of performing, movement & martial arts who would like to introduce an element of hands-on work into their practice. It is also useful for psychotherapists and counsellors wishing to explore how to use touch with clients.

Previous course participants have included shiatsu practitioners, aromatherapists and reflexologists; deep tissue bodyworkers and practitioners of holistic and intuitive massage; nurses, healers, and social workers; practitioners of Reiki, Bowen Technique and Polarity Therapy; counsellors, psychotherapists and performing arts practitioners; Tai Chi teachers and dance movement therapists.


Pulsing is such a unique form of bodywork that it is hard to do it justice in writing. You may be wondering what it looks like in practice. The simple truth is that Pulsing has to be experienced. So if you're curious or intrigued, come along and find out for yourself. Most weekends usually include a number of people returning to get a top-up of this delightful experience.


I have no experience of giving bodywork - can I attend?

Yes, of course. We welcome anyone who is open and willing to engage with both themselves and others in a spirit of play, exploration and acceptance.

I have some health issues - will I be OK?

Pulsing is a gentle form of bodywork, so most everyday health problems will not be an issue. If you have any significant musculoskeletal injuries or any other concerns, please email Richard Lawton at richard@bodymind-integration.co.uk or telephone 07502 136 692.

What should I wear?

Pulsing involves movement, so please wear or bring clothing that is comfortable and does not restrict movement; t-shirt and jogpants are recommended (preferably cotton, as Lycra tends to be too slippery).

Are refreshments provided?

Hot drinks and pure water are available on the premises. Lunch may be brought or easily purchased nearby.

Are discounts available?

Reduced prices are available for anyone who signs up for the qualifying track of 4 weekends, or for anyone already qualified who returns for a refresher. More details are available on the website: http://www.bodymind-integration.co.uk/pulsing-training

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

The venue is about 7 minutes walk from Finsbury Park Underground and British Rail mainline. There are frequent bus services along Seven Sisters Rd. On-street parking is available (metered Saturday mornings).

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Email richard@bodymind-integration.co.uk or telephone Richard Lawton on 07502 136 692. More details on the event are available on the website: http://www.bodymind-integration.co.uk/pulsing-training

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Date and Time


British School of Shiatsu-Do

Unit 3 Thane Works

Thane Villas

Finsbury Park

N7 7NU

United Kingdom

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