Python Programming Beginners Workshop

Python Programming Beginners Workshop

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Excellent Python Programming Beginners Course, from start to efficient in one session. Hands-on, practical.

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Day 1 Session 1: Python Data Types and Variables:

  • Primitive types; Characters & Strings; Boolean; Working with variables and its scope; Conversion and casting types in Python.
  • Operators and Expressions:
  • Introduction of operators; Arithmetic operators; Relational operators; Assignment operator; Logical operators; Increment and decrement operators; More in operators.

Day 1 Session 2 : Decision Making & Loops

  • If statement; If - else statement; If- elif - else statement; Nested if - else;
  • The while
  • For loop
  • Jump statements: break, continue;
  • Nesting loops.

Day 1 Session 3: Data Structures

  • Lists.
  • Tuples.
  • Sets.
  • Dictionary. Nested Dictionary.
  • Json Files.

Day 2 Session 1: Built in Functions: String, Regex, Math, Random, Dates

  • Python built-in functions:
  • Using Built-in modules and functions:
  • Strings functions.
  • Pattern matching with Regex.
  • Maths functions.
  • Random Functions.
  • Working with dates using Python date functions.

Day 2 Session 2: OOP

  • Using Modules and functions:
  • Creating and using custom Functions.
  • Creating a Module in class;
  • Calling a Module;
  • Using parameters;
  • Returning value from a Module.
  • Introduction to Classes and Objects:
  • Creating a Class; Creating an Object; Using an Object; Adding Instance variables; Controlling accessibility; Naming conventions for class members. Inner Classes.
  • Class Constructors; Parameterized Constructors.
  • Inheritance. Overload.

Day 3 Session 1:

  • Exception Handling, Exception types; Using try and Except.
  • Files, streams: Open, Traverse, Read and Create Files: Csv, txt and Json Files.
  • API: Connecting to API’s.

Day 3 Session 2: Databases

  • Connection details: Connect to a database using access codes.
  • Select Queries: Retrieving records and iterating results sets, using variables and parameters in queries.
  • Working with DDL comands: Create a database, drop a database. Create a table, alter tables, drop a table.
  • Working with DML Commands: Insert, delete, update records, query a database and display results.

Day 3 Session 3: Pandas Dataframe Basics

  • Getting data into a dataframe: Dict to Dataframe, Dataframe to Dict. Excel To Dict, Dict to Excel , working with Excel data, multiple Excel sheets.
  • Slicing Dataframes,
  • Getting information about the dataframe,
  • Filter, sort and query a Dataframes,
  • Duplicate values,
  • Working with null-values,
  • Sampling,
  • Group by,
  • Join.

Dataframe basics:

This is only covering an introduction to Dataframes, more is covered in the data anlytics course.


  • PCWorkshops's Python Programming Basics Certification
  • Course notes, exercises and code examples
  • Revision session after the course
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