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Qi by the Sea -- Qigong day workshop Saturday June 30th Beginners welcome

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Cornerstone Community Centre

Church Road, corner of 1st Avenue



United Kingdom

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Flowing health—Qigong

Gathering our energy to the centre, Switching off and resting the mind, self-healing. Improve sleep, calmer emotions, more mental clarity and creativity.

self healing form,

Would you like to: Learn simple ways to let go of stress?

Learn to re-connect more deeply with yourself and others?

Transformation through the practice:

You will feel more energized and positive

You will learn to rest the mind

Advanced breathing techniques for relaxation and dissolving stress quickly

Re-charge and re-balance your energy system

Calming practice leading to a sense of inner peace.

A simple self-healing form (Hua Gong)

“When you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at changes” Wayne Dyer.

So what is Qigong? (Pronounced Chi Gong)

Qigong is an energy practice from China with a 2,000-year history of helping to re-balance the body and mind. Qi (pronounced Chi) means Energy.

Energy makes any being feel alive. Hence Qigong awakens and improves physical and mental health; re-balances your energy system; switches off the mind and facilitates inner peace by re-charging and nourishing your body on many levels.

Qigong is mainly practised through simple energetic body movements and breathing techniques. It is suitable and adaptable for all levels of fitness and all ages.

I founded Flowing Health to help you stay healthy, vibrant, joyful and inspired enabling you to fulfil your true potential in your life.

I have been studying with Master Zhixing Wang, the founder of the Hua Gong style of Qigong for more than 25 years and have been teaching Qigong classes and workshops n London, Brighton and Canterbury for over 10 years.

Hua in the Hua Gong style means transformation and this is what you can expect from these modules.

Introduction to Qigong, what is Qi/energy, human and Universal explanation.

Yin/Yang principles. Heaven and earth, humans in between the 2 and all about balance. Energy must flow to avoid illness and for prevention.

Standing meditation to sense connection with the Qi around us, , sensing feet in Earth connected to earth’s energy.

Re-balancing and re-charging your energy (learn the self healing form.)

Preparation, go through self healing form, explain principles.

Switching off and resting the mind. (Holding the ball meditation).

Allowing the energy to guide you, inspire you and open you up more with movement.

Clearing stagnant energy, connecting with the insubstantial.

Effortless idea of the practice. Qigong digestion demonstrate to improve and speed up digestion etc Q and A.

Breathing for longevity. Sitting well aligned, aware of posture. Sense of stillness, relaxing internal organs etc closing meditation, pacifying the heart.

Discourse, Q and A about energy work, connectiong to source.

Free Access to facebook group “Connect with the Qi” for support and sharing from fellow students

Email: Tel: 07747 113305

Online group and 1 to 1 sessions also available

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Date and Time


Cornerstone Community Centre

Church Road, corner of 1st Avenue



United Kingdom

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