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Queering Ritual
Friday 3 November 2017
(followed by conversations and provocations on Saturday 4 November 2017)

ATOM-r (Anatomical Theatres of Mixed Reality).
Gary Winters and Claire Hind (Gary and Claire).
Roberta Mock.
Kimberly Campanello.

Provocations by: Nathan Walker, Amanda Couch, Cassandra Davis, Fulla Abdul-Jabbar, Sebastian H W, Lucy Cash, Crisis and Denial, Liesl King, Amble Skuse, Louie Jenkins, Virginia Kennard, Alexandros Papadopoulos, Jessica Worden.

We identify with the term queering ritual in relation to a fluid heterogeneous attitude toward performance making and the practice and aesthetics of contemporary, multidisciplinary performance work. Queering ritual is also a lens in which to think through the composition of materials to create hybrid, subversive, augmented and indeterminate bodies, subjects, and territories. We consider the terms queering ritual as the structured recontextualising of pre-existing material. We propose queering as an expansive act and ritual as a return to an act through invocation, repetition, coded iteration, sacrifice, submission, custom, and rule formation. We consider the terms separately queering/ritual and together as a practice that embodies the form and content of a performance via the writing, shaping, and dramaturgy of a work. We draw upon ATOM-r’s performance Kjell Theøry that juxtaposes the writings of Alan Turing—a gay twentieth century computing pioneer with Guillaume Apollinaire’s 1917 play The Breasts of Tiresias and we think through the practices and subversive hybrid performance personas of Gary and Claire’s performance Lost in A Sea of Glass and Tin that examines the ghosting rituals of a fan base and the ‘ducks eye view’ of five David Lynch movies and consider how Lynch queers psychoanalysis.


Queering Ritual will host 10 minute provocations in the forms or interforms of live performance, poetry, electronic writing, real-time media, film, participatory event, academic paper, experimental lecture, other.

The provocations were proposed with the term Queering Ritual in mind either together as a phrase, or separately Queering/Ritual. The provocations will be shared by those interested in performance making and/or composition/intertextual/intermedia practices and from both makers and theorists.

Interventions will:

Address queer histories and identities or engage rituals of queer subcultures

● Construct ecologies of diversity and re-draw cuts and boundaries between subjects, genders, mediums and materialities; between the individual and the group, the human and nonhuman, nature and culture.

● Invent, appropriate, hybridize, or subvert ceremonies, protocols, or systems

● Use language, code, augmentation or virtuality to invoke queer poetic/embodied/spatiotemporal experiences

● Engage queer performativity through the lenses of art, science, literature, dance, theatre, history or theory

Provocations have also been designed around the following prompts:

How do you suspend a queer complexity?

How do you rake, harrow, rip and tear into your practice?

How do you channel the undead of information?

How do you tremble, shake and stumble through a ritual dance of delayed and accelerated actions?

How do sensors and algorithms create hidden rituals of automation?

Who is the stripling that will tease apart a site of grief?


Friday November 3 - From 4:45pm

Evening performances of ATOM-r (Kjell Theøry) and Gary and Claire (Lost in A Sea of Glass and Tin)

Saturday November 4 - 9:15am - 4pm
Keynote respondent by Roberta Mock (Professor, Performance Studies, University of Plymouth)
Invited provocations on the theme Queering Ritual. Chaired by Dr Kimberly Campanello.

Please note only those who attend the event on Friday evening 3rd November will be able to attend the events on Saturday (due to events planning and seating availibity).


You will need to register upon arrival to York St John University on Friday 3 November. Registration will take place in the Arts Foyer at 4:45pm. Please bring a copy of your Eventbrite ticket along to the registration.

A map of the York St John University campus can be found here. The Arts Foyer is located at number 21 on the campus map.

Directions to York St John University and details of nearby car parks can be found here.


Please note that we are unable to provide step free access to one of the theatre spaces that will be used for Queering Ritual.

This event has been organised by York St John University and The School of the Art Institute Chicago.