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Rainbow Programme 2020 with Say Anything

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Do you wish someone reminded you every day to take a few minutes of your time for yourself? And, that someone would tell you exactly what to do every day?

Well, we will do just that, for 14 days, for FREE! We will help you to take care of yourself so that you can look after the people you love.

Starting on the 1st of each month, this 2 weeks Programme will help you manage overwhelm and create a good habit of finding quality ‘me’ time every day. Register with Eventbrite and we will send you more information in email.

Who is the Rainbow Programme for?

This programme is for all situations in life which leave you feeling lonely, hopeless, often raging or crying, and when you no longer know what to do.

For example:

- when your baby does not want to fall asleep despite multiple attempts and multiple tactics

- when your toddler throws a tantrum because he/she doesn’t want to wear ‘that top’

- when your teenager just refuses to talk to you

- when your partner asks you ‘why are you angry/unhappy/snappy’?

- when a stranger tells you to keep your child quiet

What is the Rainbow Programme?

It is a Journey from Overwhelm to Love - Selflove

  • 14 days long

  • One task emailed every morning

  • Designed by experts in Mum’s Wellbeing

  • The tasks are simple to complete (less than 10 min each)

  • You do them if and when you want (they are not assignments)

  • All you need is the Say Anything App on your phone (download)

Why did we call it a Rainbow Programme?

The Programme is formed out of 7 Segments, all reflecting each colour of the Rainbow.

Red - reflects your personal barriers, stopping you from being in emotional control

Orange - reflects your pains which you are feeling (critical voice and guilt)

Yellow - reflects your triggers which are your thoughts and feelings

Green - reflects you, your body, soul and mind

Blue - reflects your energy, breathing, patience resilience and balance

Purple - reflects the control you will get back

Pink - reflects you finding yourself back

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