Randox at EuromedLab 2019 EduW 10

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EduW 10 | Development and clinical evaluation of an automated multi-analyte biochip array for rapid stroke diagnosis | Room 116

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Stroke is the second leading cause of death globally (WHO), with a massive 87% of all stroke cases accounting for acute ischaemic stroke. Early administration and treatment by thrombolysis can help to limit the damage that stroke can cause. However, this form of treatment still carries risks and inappropriate treatment through thrombolytic therapy can cause adverse effects including intracranial haemorrhage. Due to the potential risks involved, there is still an unmet clinical need for a rapid and highly sensitive test that will complement existing CT scanning approaches and facilitate the definitive identification of ischaemic stroke patients.

Randox will present its unique, proprietary, multiplexing, biochip array technology and how this has been applied to development of the stroke array. Furthermore, it will present the dedicated, Evidence biochip analyser platform, on which this array will be made available, the technical performance characteristics of the array and some preliminary data demonstrating clinical utility of the array in the diagnosis of stroke.

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