Redefining masculinity: a discussion on toxic masculinity and men's roles.

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Growing up male in today's society comes with it's unique problems.

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Through male socialisation, society provides specific ideas of what being male means:strong, taciturn, stoic, immutable. Emotional literacy and vulnerability is not on the list. Men want intimacy just like anyone else, they long for it, but they are taught that if they are vulnerable they are not men.There's this cultural expectation that is innately traumatising. Wounded little boys that then become grown men that keep the curtain drawn, and the rules are very clear: as a man... that I deal with my insecurities, I deal with my fears, my anxieties, my sense of loneliness, my uncertainty, all of that I deal with on my own because that’s what a real man does. A real man makes it on his own. He doesn’t burden people with his problems. That’s what women do. That’s what sissies do. That’s what weak men do. You figure it out. The cost of this is high: male suicides in society is at an all time high.

Until these rules can be unpicked and broken down and have men understand that there’s strength in being able to reach out to other people; that we’re all born for intimacy; we are pack animals; and there’s ways in which we become stronger and better people when we can make connections with other people and let people into our lives. That’s not weakness; that’s wisdom. As we move into the future, we're moving into a connection economy, a service economy, where relationships are essential to being a fit individual.The conversation has to start in discussing how to cultivate a different kind of masculinity that’s not so rigid and narrow that leaves men alone and armoured and with masks on.


As a Healer and a Life Coach Practitioner, I work with balancing male and female energies,so I have a real interest in running this free online event and inviting both men and women to engage in an open conversation about men and their roles in society and how it affects both sexes.

•What does it mean to be a good man?Confident,embodied masculinity versus traditional, toxic masculinity?

•The high cost paid for the pervasive polarised male roles in society, and what can be done to change them.

•The role women can play in helping men change,as mothers, wives, sisters,friends etc...

A new generation of men are discovering who they are and finding new ways to express themselves.

Join as well for free the discussion on "Redefining femininity: Me too Movement-Can women have it all?A discussion." on 6 December -17:30-18:30:

If you would like to join further longer discussions on various topics, check out Hygge Chats by the Fireplace being run every Sunday.


My name is Lucia, I am a Healer, Mastery Facilitator, Life Coach Practitioner and Professional Stress Management Consultant.(For more info read Organiser's Profile section)


•The Zoom link to this free to attend online event will be sent after Registrations close to all attendees: usually a few hours before the event. Should you not receive a notification with this info, get in touch: but please do not wait till a few minutes before the event starts to get in touch as I will not usually be available to help then.

•I like to keep things simple, and focus on providing high value with a wealth of content and human connection (as much as is possible online). So this event is being run interactively which means all attendees will be required to appear and speak on camera. If you are not prepared to do this please do not Register as I will be running the events only with attendees on camera, as being able to see each other fosters a sense of connection and also because it is important to be fully present during the event to get the most out of it. I appreciate this might not be for everyone, but this requirement is important because of how I work. My online events are not recorded, to ensure confidentiality. Please have a pen and notebook ready to take notes and to complete any written exercises.

•Please be on time as the event starts promptly at the scheduled start time.

•Please be considerate and keep your Registration up to date.

•Disclaimer: Please be aware that this event is being run as a mixer/to socialise. It does not constitute a replacement for medical or psychological treatment.

•I have been running most of my online events for free this year to give back to my community during these difficult times. I have enjoyed giving my time, expertise and covering the costs of running these online webinars. I have had enquiries from regular attendees wishing to donate. So below is a link(with thanks) for any donations:

•If you have any questions feel free to message me! Follow me on Eventbrite so that you receive notifications of any of my new online events.

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