REDS Healthy Relationships Workshop

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University of Sussex, various locations

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REDS Healthy Relationships Workshop

University of Sussex, various locations | map of Sussex campus

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Understanding the boundaries of healthy relationships is key to having an enjoyable and safe time at Sussex.

The REDS Healthy Relationship Workshop has been developed in partnership with Sussex students and is delivered by postgraduate student trainers who are already have vast experience in this area. It is designed for any University of Sussex students who would like to increase their understanding of healthy relationships. During the workshop we’ll think about different types of relationships including romantic relationships, sexual relationships and friendships.

The workshop lasts for 2 hours. It’s designed to be interactive, engaging, and to promote discussion and learning between students.

By the end of the workshop we hope to:

  • Increase your understanding of healthy relationships and consent

  • Increase your understanding of unhealthy relationships including sexual/domestic violence and abuse

  • Make you more aware of how to find help and support

  • Identify steps we can all take to help build a positive culture on campus and in our community

These workshops are part of the wider REDS programme, deigned to promote the values of Respect, Equality, Diversity and Safety within the Sussex community

Event Location

Workshops will run throughout the term on the University of Sussex campus, in various locations. Here is a map of Sussex campus

  • Thurs 6th Feb - 5.30-7.30pm Jubilee 143

  • Mon 10th Feb - 5.30-7.30pm - Fulton 114

  • Weds 19th Feb - 5.30-7.30pm - Fulton 214

  • Thurs 20th Feb - 5.30-7.30pm - Silverstone 317

  • Tues 25th Feb - 5.30-7.30pm - Silverstone 317

  • Thurs 27th Feb - 5.30-7.30pm - Silverstone 317

  • Mon 2nd Mar - 5.30-7.30pm - Fulton 114

  • Thurs 5th Mar - 5.30-7.30pm - Silverstone 317

  • Tues 10th Mar - 5.30-7.30pm - Silverstone 317

  • Weds 11th Mar - 5.30-7.30pm - Fulton 214

  • Mon 16th Mar - 5.30-7.30pm - Fulton 114

  • Tues 17th Mar - 5.30-7.30pm - Silverstone 317

  • Mon 23rd Mar - 5.30-7.30pm - Fulton 114

  • Weds 25th Mar - 5.30-7.30pm - Fulton 214

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University of Sussex, various locations

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