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Reiki Level 1 • LGBT Comunity in London

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2 Neal's Yard Therapies

Neal's Yard



United Kingdom

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Reiki Level 1 Certification special for LGBT Gay Comunity in London

This is a LGBT Community low fee / concession course to support the LGBT community in London. All our fees are reduced more than 60% OFF

"In a ward-AMAZING! I am truly touched by the whole experience. Would recommend it to anyone eagerly. London needs more days & experiences like this one"

Dimitry. LGBT Reiki Class Review

More reviews and full information: www.reikimaya.com

Would you like to learnReiki Level 1 surrounded by a group of like minded LGBT people in a very safe space? Exploring energy healing?

*This is a special Reiki workshop for LGBT community in order to connect deeply with other people and experience healing energy together*

Would you like to have the tools to love unconditional all the parts of yourself and feel free and at peace? Release: stress, anxiety, guilt, shame, worry and step in your own power with a healing technique that brings feelings of being safe, loved and at peace?

If so this 1 day Reiki level 1 workshop is for you!

What is really Reiki? - the spiritual stuff....

Reiki is Unconditional Love!

Reiki is an energy that is already within us, but some times we don't remember how to access to it.

What is really Reiki? -The more technical stuff....

Reiki is a energy healing technique that works holistically; on the whole body, mind and spirit. Reiki is simply a relaxing treatment whereas natural healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of a Reiki practitioner (acting as a conduit) to the body of the recipient. The purpose of Reiki is to relieve stress and pain, induce relaxation, release emotional blockages, accelerate natural healing, balance subtle bodies energies, enhance peace, joy, self love, prosperity.

Reiki is that part of us that is already complete, Full, heal, at joy and at Peace. It is a part of us that don't need anything from the outside world in order to feel good, to feel happy to be at peace; that is already what we are, our true nature... our true self (Being) But sometimes we don't longer remember this. We are looking for happiness outside us, where is all already within you. Reiki is a very deeply reminder of what we really are. It is Energy Healing that appears just after the Reiki Initiation (Attunemnet). It feels like a very gentle and warm "Love Shower" all over the body... immediately the palms of the hands start to become very warm and just by placing your hands in your own body or some else we pass the same sensations (love shower) to others... and feelings of peace, calm, joy, been safe, loved immediately arise in the whole body.

During this class you will experience:

-Deeply feelings of total peace

-Deeply healing in your body, emotions, thoughts

-Sensations of being lighter and free

During The Reiki Attunemet:

-The Reiki Master will open your Chakras: crown, heart and palms in order to channel Reiki energy (Life force energy: prana, chi, ki)

After the Attunement: (Reiki initiation)

-You will be able to feel every single chakra in your self and others, to feel which chakras are more open than others and help to balance all the chakras system. -

-You will be able to balance emotions, calm the main and thoughts

You will learn:

-How to do self healing and how to heal others (friends, pets, family, plans)

-How to balance and unblock the chakras and recognise the energy of every chakra.

-How to feel Auras, and how to protect and balance your own energy field.


-Reiki Level 1 Certificate- International recognise certificate - Reiki is a qualification in the UK, after the completition of Reiki level 2 you will be able to be insure and work as a Reiki practitioner.


All our fees are reduce more than 60% in support to the LGBT community

Early bird discount: £77 Regular Fee: £170

General Admission: £99 Regular fee: £170

Reviews for the pass LGBT / Gay Reiki courses:

"Thank you so much! The class was magical and I'm still on my cloud :-) It is very beautiful up here"

LGBT Reiki Level 2 class

"It was an fantastic day and really lovely people. I'm still reverberating! Thank you everyone for making the day so amazing and thank you Miguel for your fabulous inspiring teaching. Big love X"

C. LGBT Level 2

"Thanks to Miguel and all of you for an inspirational time yesterday. A lovely group with which to share the Reiki 2 training. Now we can go and spread the magic. x"

K. LGBT class

"That was beautiful! To achieve so much in so little time! Thank you very much. And thank you all for being there. Good to meet everyone :-)"

Gayki level 1 class

"Many thanks Miguel for an inspiring workshop and it was particularly special to share the experience with a lovely group of men. Also looking forward to Level 2"

Gayki level 1 class

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Date and Time


2 Neal's Yard Therapies

Neal's Yard



United Kingdom

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